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    1. Fluffy but Deadly

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:34 PM
      I woke up at about 3:20 AM. I felt a little drowsy but stood awake until about 4:00 AM. At around 5:26 AM, I slipped in to sleep paralysis.

      I laid on my right shoulder facing one of the bedroom walls. At first, it was really hard to tell whether the scene was real or not. I stared at the wall and tried to understand what the actual texture looked like. There was an obvious difference but I had a hard time trying to remember what the real one was like.

      After soon realizing there was something wrong, I began feeling the strong sensations taking place. I started panicking. I jiggled around trying to get out of this state but knew I needed to start moving my fingers first, but that was too long of a process. Suddenly, after losing control of myself and feeling more of these powerful sensations, I heard somebody's voice behind me, someone seemingly standing besides my bed.

      "Step" a woman in a soft, vividly voice spoke out to me, "Step in."

      I cried out for help. My body quaked in fear. There was nothing I could do. My lips were sealed shut and whatever was inside the room with me had the power to make me cry out some more. The vividness of these scene was so intense for me, I couldn't believe it was fake until I was able to wake up and move my muscles. Fortunately, I was able to experience this paralyzing ability again but it wasn't as strong as the previous one. However, the third time I performed this fearsome technique, was just as creepier as the first one, probably worst one.

      I did just as I did in the first one this third time going through sleep paralysis, but there was a little bit more sunlight in this one. I stared at the wall in front of me and observed its texture. I didn't question my current mental state until I tried getting out of bed. The sensations started taking place. This same familiar feeling made it obvious about what was to come next. This time, however, I rattled my body around the bed to prevent hearing the creepy lady again. I heard her voice a few times, but it wasn't as loud as the last time. That wasn't the worst part, though. My mind started to imagine more dream elements.

      As I was keeping my eyes closed, pressing each eyelid down towards each other as hard as I could, I heard a gentle, yet uncomfortably noise bouncing at the opposite end of my bed just below my feet. I couldn't make up of what it was, I could only tell that when it bounced, it sounded a lot like a beanbag chair. In between jumps, this object, whatever it was, would pause for a very brief moment and continue hoping away. It wasn't until I heard this strange sound coming near my bed when I started to panic tremendously.

      I was afraid. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. The closer this unknown creature came to me, I begged the dream to be over. The sound came closer and closer, and when the figure finally jumped up just inches away from my face, I felt it. This thing moved its head up towards mine as if it were observing me. It pulled itself in closer and I felt its furry, rabbit-like skin on my chin. The vividness of this moment made it so I didn't wake up a 4th time and perform this technique again, for the day. I kept my eyes closed as I noticed it sniffing me.
    2. Mrs. Kelly's Science Class

      by , 02-02-2015 at 06:57 AM
      It was the first day back at school. I was laying down on the warm carpet floor with my back against the wall inside an office-like building. I stood right next to the classroom door, which was only a few inches away. Me and the other 15 or so individual students were waiting near the entrance waiting for our teacher to open up the door. I stood there observing the environment around me, absorbing the same depressing, atmospheric feeling of the first day of school. One of the students walked up to me, a girl. She stand down right next to me and, if I remember correctly, she asked me if there was anything wrong. I don't remember what I said to her.

      When the time finally came, a moment difficult for me to recall, the door opened and we were all able to walk in to the class. I got back up on my feet and slowly walked through the doorway. The crowd of the students followed. As I was walking in to the classroom, I noticed a similarity of what I had seen in one of my previous dreams. The same classroom layout. Every single object within the room looked exactly like it did the last time I was here. Everything was in order. The desks, walls, carpet, and window were all recycled elements of my past. I never questioned whether I was dreaming or not.

      As everyone was deciding where going to sit for the rest of the year, I quickly walked over to one of the tables laid out just right next to the front podium of the teacher's work area. I sat down facing her right side. I waited there for a few seconds and then a few other students decided to sit at the table. I stared at the front of the class and waited for the teacher's introduction.

      When the whole class was set and everyone placed in their seats, the instructor begun teaching. I looked up at her and realized the person teaching us was going to be Mrs. Kelly, an old science teacher back at high school. I wasn't sure whether I was die of boredom or see something in class I probably have never seen before. As soon as she started talking to the class, she already started pointing out the different meanings of each term that was laid out on the overhead projected just behind her podium.

      I sat there in my seat wondering when she was going to be done teaching. My eyes began drowsing off to sleep. That's when I questioned whether or not the subject material she was teaching us was boring or not. I spent a couple of seconds trying to focus on what she was actually talking about. After a few more seconds of listening to her, I begun understanding what she was actually talking about, making learning a little bit better for me.