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    1. Evil Stuff

      by , 07-20-2015 at 05:16 PM
      The whole world was coming to an end. Every body around me was panicking and was quickly rushing out the exit freeways to escape the city. The city, one next to a mountain and the freeway, was filled with a wide open space of something I didn't bother to look at. I never looked at it. I just sort of assumed it was filled with tons of people and parked cards with people running all over the face. Moreover, there was a boundary that separated that side of land and the side I was standing on. I didn't cross it, so I just went ahead on with the nearing extinction of human civilization.

      Before I knew it, I now appeared inside a absurdly crowded jungle filled with what seemed to be an amusement park. I through a quiet building trying to see what I can scavenge to survive longer. Eventually, I found a room that was filled with fearful people, some of which I knew. From what I could tell, most of them didn't know how to survive. I noticed one of them sitting in one of the chairs near one of the exits and until I walked up past them, I realized that it was Jen, or Quynh - whatever.

      I didn't want to stay with these weak ones and become fearful my whole life. I wanted to go out and and see what I else I could find. I walked back towards the empty exit doorway and walked back in to the jungle. After making it to the river, out of one of the buildings across from me, I see a huge baldly shaped man charging at me with eyes of danger. To my surprise I didn't know what to do. I didn't think it would hurt me. The rest was just a blur.

      I do remember what happened after. Me and a few other people were inside a red car. The person driving, which I assumed to be a stranger, was driving out in the desert with the intention to kill the man who screwed his wife on a video I saw on the internet(that video was on my mind for a while). When we finally went past his place, he drove past his place and started firing at the wife screwer. Then he fights back. I had my head ducked down to prevent from being shot. I heard shots fired near the door. The driver finally got a hit on him, shot and killed him. I became relived.

      We made a inspection stop on our way on to a tall bridge surrounded by cops and mountains. We slowly reeled in next to what looked like a prison. The cops were stopping us and told us to get out of the car. That's when I realized that I forgot to take the revolving gun out of the car before we came here. Fortunately, the cop didn't care. He saw the gun and didn't arrest me. However, that wasn't it. There was an attractive looking game center right by the inspect location. Me and the others walked inside to see what we could find. They went along and in to the inner circle of fun while I stayed on the outer side where I spent thinking over my thoughts. The room was lit up by red ceiling lights and multicolored entrance lights. I walked around to see where I could think but I didn't find anything.

      As the dream was finally starting to come to an end, I became confronted by some evil spirit. It was testing me to see whether or not I am fearful of it. I challenged it by teleporting myself through a series of mind-blogging events that led me in the back yard of my home. I was alone. I ran up to the evil spirit and enraged all of hatred I had for it and released it in to a show of fireworks. What seemed to be an unknown figure was Darth Maul. He wasn't the only evil being, though. I too became one of the evil ones. He didn't like me though. I pulled out a double edged lightsaber, like him, and started waving it at him and his defenses. He had more skill, which caused my lightsaber to split in to 2. I continued fighting and then lost when I threw both of my lightsabers at him and then was attacked by the piercing force of his own saber. I felt the pain. I imagined my body not splitting in to pieces, and it worked. However, when I grabbed a hold of my saber, I through it at him which turned him in to little pieces.

      I then rushed back to the game center using the teleporter and left the dream because of the burning mark Maul left on me.
    2. Raptor vs Raptor

      by , 07-14-2015 at 11:11 PM
      First dream: I'm out dressed up as a grizzly bear out in my backyard chasing after a male attempting to tackle him with my weight. He runs and screams until we run out in to the front yard where I nearly got a grasp of him but he slips away and we both end up in the backyard again. Unfortunately, this time he gets help from another grizzly bear who happens to play the role of a mother. While watching these two pair up, I'm up on top of the roof of the garage deciding whether or not to brawl with this heavy beast.

      As it's climbing up the roof, I start to lose interest in this conflict and run away from the mother bear. I climb up as fast as I could to the next higher level of roofing and right as soon as the mother bear reaches the roof, I charge towards the edge of the roof and start flying off in to the depths of the dark narrow street I live on. I flew faster and faster, enough to get me out of the zone of danger. I was afraid. Not only afraid of the mother bear but the darkness accumulating the whole street I flew in to.

      As I flew with great ferocity in to the dark, narrow street, I noticed a light at the end of the street. A home. This home was the end of the street - a source of open peace. Once I reached the end of this street, I would escape from the evils lying within it. Instead, I got the opposite of that. After flying for a while, I noticed an eerie looking abandoned home standing right next to the street. Bad experiences came of it whenever I visited it in previous dreams. I decided to go ahead and look what's inside it anyways in hopes that something different would happen.

      I walked in to the dark residence and slowly crept up inside the the interior of the building. What I heard was a few people engaging in a quiet conversation in the middle room of the home. It was a discreet conversation, so whatever they were talking about wasn't supposed to be heard by outsiders. I walked past the small the room and the first thing I noticed was its large size and open spaces. I was scared up to the point when I saw how dark it was in the areas surrounding it. I slowly walked out of the home unnoticed.

      Second Dream: There was a school somewhere inside a huge open field of grass. I was walking alongside my classmates figuring out where our next destination would be. On our way, I saw several crowds of people walking from class to class(unusual for me) and many of them were waiting outside entrances of unique classrooms. For example, one of the classrooms presented a small zoo where the students could learn about the species living in them. I look in to this one for a while because I thought it was curious. After a while, it was finally time to go back to finding our unknown point of interest. I followed both of my friends through the halls of the crowded school in to the school on to the entrance of the school office and confronted the principal for help. This is where we discovered a secret fear underlying the school's boundaries. What was it? I'm not sure. The principal stood and gave us a motionless stare and knew something was out to get us if we didn't leave the campus on time.

      All three of us quickly jumped down on to the stairs of the school to what was a large scene of green mountains surrounding the entire school. My friends and I transformed ourselves in to creatures. Dinosaurs. Raptors, I think. We all moved ran through the open plains at great speeds. We still had the minds of a human which meant that we knew a lot more than the Raptor's do. However, there were other raptors as well.

      We eventually ran in to what seemed to be nearing the edge of a really tall cliff. The leader, one of my friends, told us to get down on the ground and turn on our night vision. Both of my friends rested down in to the grass but I had a little trouble doing so. There were upcoming enemy raptors walking ahead of us. I tried to lay down but I couldn't. It wasn't until one of the enemy raptors came up near us when I finally had the power to bury myself in to the ground. But that was when I accidentally moved my body and alerted the raptor walking right past me. It roared. Me and my other two friends quickly got up from the ground and ran off to the edge of the cliff. I ran right behind the leader and my other friend besides me. The raptor behind us roared out and was about ready to eat us. Our leader jumped off of the cliff, over what seemed to be a river, in to the small village right next to it. He made it safety to the ground. When I jumped, however, I fell off and was hurled down in to the flowing river. The friend besides me followed.
    3. Racing with Friends

      by , 03-08-2015 at 07:17 PM
      Me and several other students were on a race track preparing for a long, competitive race. It was about a whole classroom of students scattered around the starting line. The race track wasn't your typical dirt themed one, but it was one covered with air compressed pillows. It went all the way to the finish line. It was indoors and outdoors. The race was just about to begin.

      The race started right as soon as the first person started running. The whole set of students began hopping from one section of pillows to another. Most of them were left off in the middle, with only a few of them up front. I was stuck behind the middle ones. I wasn't how the game worked at first, so I observed some of the other races before I decided to actually give it a try. It turned out, everybody was hopping to get ahead of the game. After noticing this, I started to take my way past the middle races.

      Eventually, after making it through the indoor part of the race, we reached the outside world. I continued hopping as best as I could to try and win. At this point, I was just about getting on the line with the really good hoppers. I also observed the environment surrounding me. We were all what now seems to be a huge racing stadium, though most of it being taken up by empty fields of grass and small buildings. There were also no barricades on the sides of the pillows, meaning there was no protection if any of us fell by accident.

      After a while of hopping, I notice this girl hopping up next to me, seemingly trying to catch a glimpse of who I was. I spent little bit attention to this person until I took a quick stare at them and noticed who they were. It was Quynh, the same girl who went to piano class with me in high school and the same girl I thought a lot for three years. She was still wearing that same green sweater she'd almost always wear to school. Quynh and me were the only racers closer to the finish line.

      Quynh wanted to win just as much as me. For a moment, I even noticed her trying to push me off the track because of her facial expressions she had while staring back at me. I did not intend to lose. If she pushed me, I thought, I'd have to counter it and make her fall off the pillows instead. Fortunately, she never did. Instead, the two of us were in first place, desperately trying to jump over a large gap from one large set of pillows to another.

      When we finally reached the finale of the race track, both of us took a long hop over a bottom layer of grass floor. As me and Quynh were both making the jump, my only thoughts were, "I have to win!" We both landed on the set of pillows, seemingly at the same time. We both stopped ourselves from hitting the wall in front of us and took a moment to notice each other. I stared at Quynh and she was staring at me. What seemed to be an outrageously, long conflict between us, one that lasted for so long, it finally felt like we were on agreeing terms to give each other one more chance at friendship.
    4. Furry Demon

      by , 02-27-2015 at 04:57 PM
      I woke up in sleep paralysis and felt something furry sitting on the side of my bed. I had my eyes closed because I didn't want to be more scared than I already was. This furry creature was talking to me about myself. He pointed at different areas of my body using his claws. I was hoping he wouldn't stab me with one of them. I got to feel its hand even though the rest of my body was trapped from moving. I think it was a giant bear. I imagined it white.

      I tried to imagine a new dream scene my picturing my self escaping my dream body out towards the exit door in front of me. Often times it wouldn't work because I kept losing my train of thought. I even pictured myself sinking in to the bed and popping up in to a new dream scene. None of that work. One positive thing did come out of this, though. I never yelled out for help. However, I did wake up mad.

      When I woke up, or I thought I did, I found myself in my parents room. I was confused. I got up from bed and immediately walked over to the living room to ask her why she laid me in her room. I was angry with her. I didn't get her exact answer. It wasn't until I woke up again when I realized I had a false awakening. I woke up upset really about it(for not reality testing) and tried going back to sleep but couldn't because both my sisters and nieces started making noise.
    5. Mrs. Kelly's Science Class

      by , 02-02-2015 at 06:57 AM
      It was the first day back at school. I was laying down on the warm carpet floor with my back against the wall inside an office-like building. I stood right next to the classroom door, which was only a few inches away. Me and the other 15 or so individual students were waiting near the entrance waiting for our teacher to open up the door. I stood there observing the environment around me, absorbing the same depressing, atmospheric feeling of the first day of school. One of the students walked up to me, a girl. She stand down right next to me and, if I remember correctly, she asked me if there was anything wrong. I don't remember what I said to her.

      When the time finally came, a moment difficult for me to recall, the door opened and we were all able to walk in to the class. I got back up on my feet and slowly walked through the doorway. The crowd of the students followed. As I was walking in to the classroom, I noticed a similarity of what I had seen in one of my previous dreams. The same classroom layout. Every single object within the room looked exactly like it did the last time I was here. Everything was in order. The desks, walls, carpet, and window were all recycled elements of my past. I never questioned whether I was dreaming or not.

      As everyone was deciding where going to sit for the rest of the year, I quickly walked over to one of the tables laid out just right next to the front podium of the teacher's work area. I sat down facing her right side. I waited there for a few seconds and then a few other students decided to sit at the table. I stared at the front of the class and waited for the teacher's introduction.

      When the whole class was set and everyone placed in their seats, the instructor begun teaching. I looked up at her and realized the person teaching us was going to be Mrs. Kelly, an old science teacher back at high school. I wasn't sure whether I was die of boredom or see something in class I probably have never seen before. As soon as she started talking to the class, she already started pointing out the different meanings of each term that was laid out on the overhead projected just behind her podium.

      I sat there in my seat wondering when she was going to be done teaching. My eyes began drowsing off to sleep. That's when I questioned whether or not the subject material she was teaching us was boring or not. I spent a couple of seconds trying to focus on what she was actually talking about. After a few more seconds of listening to her, I begun understanding what she was actually talking about, making learning a little bit better for me.
    6. Twisted

      by , 01-24-2015 at 06:08 PM
      I didn't prepare too much to try and achieve a lucid dream last night, not like this past week where I spent about an hour thinking about having one. I did have one last night after falling asleep a few minutes before 2 AM.

      Like many other of my dreams, I was back home when I first realized I was dreaming. It was already dark out, which is one of the scariest moments I noticed in my dreams. I had this sudden urge of fear that haunted me while gazing around the parameter of my home. It was really dark and there was nobody else with me. I was alone and afraid.I knew there was something out to get me, but I just wasn't sure when or how they'll catch me. Something was bound to happen if I stood a little while longer.

      I hovered above my backyard and noticed my neighbors backdoor lit up by a lamp just above the door. My first thought was to head there in hopes that I would find someone who could help me throw these feelings of creepiness away. I disapproved of it and immediately flew towards the side of the my house out towards the front yard. My flying abilities were weak at the time. I wasn't able to ascend to a higher position until I got enough run speed but as soon as I did, I quickly flew out of the backyard and landed on the front yard on grass.

      I began to calm down a bit, though still a little scared about what might happen next. That's when I was reminded that there was one way I could make my fears go away. A meteor. I wanted to summon a meteor. I wanted a big ball of roaring fire to come hurling through earth and destroy everything and everyone in it. I raised my right hand up towards the sky and ordered the dream to give me that meteor. Moments later, the meteor came hurling down earth and big waves of fire came mowing down everything and everyone across my field of vision. What happened next is a mystery. I woke up to yet another dream(after waking up and falling asleep again).

      This time I appeared to be inside my bedroom, along with both of my parents drunken out of their minds leaning against a wall while on the bed. I laid there right next to them, drunk as well. We were all just laying there having a good time until one of my dad's friends came walking in to the home for a visit. I didn't really want to talk to him at the time but seeing how I was drunk, I decided that perhaps I'll have a few good laughs and have a good night. I placed my drink down nearby and followed both my parents out the door. When I walked outside, I noticed two kids sitting on the couch watching television with my dad. They were my dad's friends. They looked bored out of their minds. I went up and talk to one of them but they didn't seem to care about what I had to say. It was a good think I was drunk, so it really didn't matter.

      I then walked over to the kitchen where I see my older sister and mother. My mother was sitting at the table near the backdoor enjoying her drink while my sister was near the sink cleaning some of the utilities. At that moment, somehow, it struck me. I became lucid. I'm not sure how but, I felt this sudden urge to do something insane(one of them being too strange to type). One of the things I done second was to try and summon a dream character. Unknowingly, that's when the dream felt like it was slipping away from me. I immediately used the spinning technique to help me prolong my dream time. I turned around and around like a top as I felt the movements of my dream body move in a vibrating-like motion. It took a lot of spinning to get it to work. It wasn't until a few moments in when I felt amazed at how much this technique was working for me. It got even better. After a while of spinning, the dream started to fade a lot more quickly. It came to the point where I couldn't see anything. I started to panic and yelled out something like, "Keep me in the dream!" or something along those lines. I also spun quicker. It worked, surprisingly. I might have not lasted long after all that turning but it's definitely worth practicing with.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Blood Hungry

      by , 01-15-2015 at 06:40 AM
      It dream started off somewhere an abandoned suburban neighborhood I've been to before in one of my previous dreams. I went walking down a two-way street towards a corner and around there there were more homes. I walked down that street and found a small factory building ahead.

      I walked in to the property and passed a barricading fence that led inside the facility, or at least that's what it looked like. There was a narrow passageway just besides this houses that surrounded a few other homes just along the way. This area was also dirty and old. Many of the walls on the buildings were torn up and intensely damaged.

      I walked in to the narrow passageway just along these homes and right before I passed the small factories' door fence, a man opened the gate with a set of zombies running through the fence. I helped the man and quickly shoved the zombies away as he was trying to close the door. What happened next, I couldn't recall, but the next area I walked in to was relevant to the scene that happened here.

      Me and a couple of other guys were teaming off and fighting against the zombies. We left that big suburban neighborhood and ran off in to one of the old abandoned factory/vacant and tried to find a way to get out of that mess. On our way there, I lost track of my two other friends. I was stopped by these two cops. They tried and get me to raise my hands so they could detain them. I don't remember exactly what happened but as one of the cops came walking towards me, I was somehow able to run out of the area I was in and appeared to be hovering above one of the abandoned buildings where I found two interesting people roaming the building. It was Sydney and Madison.

      Neither one of them knew I was hovering above the empty roof on top of this small building. Both of them were wearing their uniforms and didn't seem to care that the city was being torn down by flesh eating beasts. I didn't try and get in front of them for them to notice, instead I was in the mood for something different. I slowly flew above them. Madison went off deeper in to the building faster than Sydney where as she was left behind, a perfect time for me to get her.

      I slowly landed my feet back on the ground. I grabbed a big rock laying on the ground and slowly leaned towards Sydney. I held the rock up high and slammed it against her head. I slammed her head a few times until I finally realized the only way for her to go unconscious was to imagine it. I hit her head one last time and saw her collapse to the floor. No one in the scene noticed. I left her body lying there and left Madison walking off.

      After killing her, I appeared to be be inside a safe house mechanic shop where Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon were helping me fight off this zombie apocalypse. We were all inside the mechanic shop where Rick helped sort out an escape out of this place. He sent me and Daryl off towards the back of the shop where we had to clear out an area of zombies lurking just around the building. Unfortunately, we were stopped by an enemy, someone big. It looked a lot like that auctioneer from Storage Wars.

      This unknown individual had a pistol pointed towards me and Daryl. He was talking to us about something, but I'm not sure what he was going on about. His talking did make the scene a lot more dramatic, though. After he went on about whatever it was he was talking about, I quickly grabbed his gun and pointed it up straight towards the ceiling. He fired off a few shots until Daryl shot him a few times. It still didn't seem to stop him from letting go of the gun. That's when I grabbed a screw driver behind me and stabbed him in the stomach. That didn't seem to bother him either. That's when I tried again, but this time I aimed for his head.

      He finally went down judging by the lack of strength he was using against me, and then died. I woke up seconds later.
    8. One More for Old Time's Sake

      by , 09-15-2014 at 01:45 PM
      I fell back to sleep at around 3 AM in the morning.

      I'm back at the preschool classroom I used to volunteer in a couple months ago. The lights in the classroom were off, so I assumed it was nap time. The classroom didn't look like the real one, though it did feel a lot like it. I was sitting on the far right side of the classroom watching the children napping while I was talking to one of the teachers - Mrs. B.

      Mrs. B and me didn't talk so much in waking life but we did a lot of it in this dream. I didn't know what my intentions for being here were, but it made more sense when I asked her a question. I asked her if she knew the person who signed the certificate I got in the mail(in waking life) and who got the gift card for me. She didn't know who. Despite not knowing who the generous person was, I thanked Mrs. B for also having her name signed on my volunteering award. I was telling her how great it felt to receive this gift. I felt honored that they would do something like this for me.

      I sat still on the chair I was sitting on and I noticed a child in front of me trying to catch my attention. It was M. He probably just wanted me to talk to him seeing how he wasn't feeling sleepy at the time. I stopped and tried to get him to stop talking(talking wasn't allowed at the time). Because I was a very timid person in waking life, even in my dreams I had the fear to go beyond just telling him to stop talking. I hoped for the best and maybe he'd stop after I ignored answering him. That is when another child to my right, gets up from their bed and walks up to me and laughs, almost as if I was being taken advantage of seeing how I'm very shy. She then walked back to her bed and the dream was over from there.
    9. You're Never Over

      by , 09-11-2014 at 11:39 PM
      So, it's been about two years since I last had a conversation with Jenn - ever since I went back to school. Since then, I slowly stopped having dreams about her(mostly because I stopped viewing her stuff on social media sites). But that I have almost nothing to do again(classes were full/struggling to get a job), I found myself thinking about her and checking her online profile to see if she is with another guy.


      I was back in Pacific High School(which was about 2-3 years ago), and the whole school were already walking home. I was standing near the sidewalk where I was able to see the streets very clearly. I had no idea what I was doing here - I never questioned it.

      A few moments passed and I start paying attention to my surroundings. One area I used to always stare at during waking life was the front left corner of a sidewalk across the road. I saw Jenn there, talking to someone - a guy. I was shocked. This guy was almost like me except he was changed in cacky light brown shorts and a back t-shirt.

      I stared closely at them to see what they were up to. Jenn seemed to be interested in him, judging by her facial expressions. I was not happy of this, especially after she told me in reality that she wasn't looking for a relationship. I had faith that if either one of them would of kissed the other, I would of killed them. I had so much anger for her.

      After a while of watching them talk, the boy began walking towards his house. Surprisingly, I turned out following him opposed to Jenn. I moved through the crowds of students saying 'excuse me' and 'thank you' while keeping a close distance to the boy. After I got out of the crowd, I saw the boy walking in to a one-way street. I slowly moved in for a closer look and crouched down to avoid being seen.

      During this moment, I had strong thoughts to commit murder on this boy. I just wanted him to die and knew he didn't deserve Jenn with the type of personality he had(but somehow some girls dig that). I ignored killing him this time. I got back up and left.
    10. Through the Wild

      by , 03-01-2014 at 08:09 AM
      I had dreamed of Pacific High School, again:

      - I was inside history class, having trouble with my shyness.
      - I noticed a sad, depressing feeling while inside the classroom.
      - I was looking over my shoulder, making sure there were no threats.
      - I rode a bike all the way towards the quad.
      - While riding the bike, I saw a lion, it didn't even try to chase me while I was on the bike.
      - As soon as I got off the bike, one of them attacked my bicycle, so I rode off quick.
      - Pacific High School now turned in to a jungle, I was looking out for predators.
      - I rode a bike on to a ledge of a steep hill and fell in to a square hole.
      - I tried my to sneak inside the mud to prevent from being seen by the predators.
      - I then disconnected from the game before any of them found me.
    11. Honey, We Got the Wrong Niece!

      by , 10-31-2013 at 07:19 AM
      The dream began at the front entrance of a grocery store, one where I have been to before but I cannot recall its name. Me, my mother, and my five year old niece walked in to the store and were heading towards the frozen foods section in the back. I then began to recognize the sad, friendly atmosphere of this place when I saw the crates of boxes, forklifts, and bright white lights around this big factory. I saw several people and families walking around the store and going on about their business, or at least that's what I thought. I paid more attention to the people walking to or standing around the check out lanes.

      When we finally got to the frozen foods section, my mother decided that it'd be a good idea if I took my niece towards the children's play area located right next to the frozen foods. And so I grab my little niece's hand and walk her there. When we finally got there I noticed something strange about my niece. I slowly let go of her hand and saw a smile pass by her face. She usually has tantrums when she sees something appealing to her. This could probably be one of the reason I woke up after this moment.
    12. A Gateway to Death

      by , 10-05-2013 at 11:46 PM
      I'm just outside the front gate in front of my home. I'm going inside one of the families' cars and going to be waiting for the rest of my family to get inside. It's going to take them a while for all of them to get in.

      I waited a bit longer but they still didn't show up. I then decided to start the car up making it easier for us to ride on the road already. Suddenly, something happens. A few seconds after I turn the car on, the car began moving. It moved in reverse for a few seconds and the mirrors on the front seat passenger's side was torn apart by a nearby wall. I was in trouble.

      I immediately took control of the wheel to try and get the car to stop. Unfortunately for me I have a tendency to afraid of being insides cars in dreams. The car begins to take off by itself. I begin to worry, but still, I must make sure I do not crash as bad as I did before.

      The car begins to ride itself down the road and I begin to panic. I have always been afraid of being left alone in a car in dreams. While inside this moving car, its speed begins to increase. There were a few cars coming my way but I tried my best to get out of their way. I hit a few other obstacles on the way such as trashcans.

      I eventually found out this wasn't real but I was not fully lucid. I then began to think. There's a good chance that I may die now and if that's a possibility, I'm going to make sure I crash in to Trinh's home.

      The car begins to go as fast as it can and eventually I knew I was going to die soon. I felt a sense of adrenaline and excitement, almost as if I wasn't afraid to die. I was soon able to see Trinh's house. Before the car could reach the home, I closed my eyes and began to think it was a mistake. I wanted to wake up, and so I did.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Revenge of the Killer Baby

      by , 10-03-2013 at 06:35 PM
      This dream contains sexual interaction. Viewer discretion is advised.
      Spoiler for Please keep out kiddies!:

      Because that didn't work out, I decided to explore this back yard. I'm walking to the garage but then I suddenly see something floating in the deeper part of the yard. There were a couple of flies, and not the normal ones. These flies weren't friendly. I later found out that if these new uniquely flies flew near you, they would stick their wings on you, which were very hard to remove. I felt pain trying to take the wings off, so I ignored it.

      There is something else I see in the yard. It's a little puppy. I immediately thought about killing it with an axe I had in the garage.I quickly walked in to the garage and started looking for the axe. I saw it on a table near the window. Before I could get to it, I see a baby running towards me. I quickly jump on one of the tables and find any other tools to help me kill the puppy/human. This baby was no human. I saw its evil eyes and decided that I'm going to have to kill it with the only weapon capable of doing it, the axe.

      Unfortunately for the baby, it couldn't reach me from the ground. I kept throwing random tools at it to see if it would die. There was one time when the baby got so close to me that I yelled like a girl. This is a baby you don't want to mess with.
    14. White Demon

      by , 09-23-2013 at 08:38 AM
      This was a very short dream, or probably just another moment of sleep paralysis.

      It happened around 5:00 AM in the morning, usually the best time of day for me to go through sleep paralysis. I woke up for a few minutes, and very tiredly, sat up to see if there were any monsters around my bed(what I always do). I didn't see anything but I heard the television playing in the next room. I heard my niece and father. I felt so tired I didn't even want to get up and prepare for the day. So I went back to sleep.

      As soon as I feel asleep, I fell in to a dream(one of those dreams where I appeared lost some where in the wilderness in Alaska or some other forest-consumed land). I woke up and automatically opened my eyes. It didn't feel like sleep paralysis but I do remember being inside my room. I was able to move a few parts of body. Not knowing that I was in sleep paralysis(not sure if it's a false awakening either), I saw a tall, skinny figure standing towards the left side of my bed. It had no clothes on, pure white skin, and no hair! It wasn't chasing after me, so I wasn't sure if I should of felt scared or sexually aroused. After a few minutes, I decided to close my eyes.
    15. Shooting for the Stars

      by , 09-17-2013 at 01:13 PM
      I been here before... This was a home where I resided after a long drive through the great plains surrounded by a tremendous forest filled up mostly with roads! There were so many layers one could come by driving all the way through it. Each layer of road would take you higher up until eventually you reach the clouds fogging some of the roadways up there. Fortunately, I was at the very bottom and at the center of this gigantic stadium of roads.

      There was a home located there, I've been there before. It made no sense to me how I got there, but I paid close attention to how it felt being back at this same place.

      Unlike the other dream, there was no one at the residence this time. This time, I'm leaving the land and I'm only back here to make sure everything is fine before I go. I saw the same layout of the home as I did in the other dream. I didn't have time to check for specific items or details of the room, so I continued my way outside, where I had discovered a new place to explore.

      I walked outside to see if I found anything interesting. I saw parts of the gigantic stadium of roads, and I also saw a group of women outside the home performing religious chants. I also noticed the weather changing slightly from sunny to a bit misty. I walked past the religious people and made my way towards one of the most beautiful scenes I see in a lot of my lucid dreams!

      Once I entered a new scene, I noticed a whole class of students walking towards the area I was heading to. Some of these people, I already know but a few others, I do not. We were walking on grass now, beautiful, brightly green covered grass. We walked alongside a fence that eventually led us to a dead end. At this dead end, there was a wall set horizontally from it. This wall had a faded yellow color to it. I also noticed that this wall led towards a gap between one side of a fence, the one where me and the class where standing by, and one end that was about 20 feet away from the fence next to us. This made me recognize something. I looked up to get a better look at the view across the other fence and noticed a big green, grassy field, along with a set of buildings and playgrounds beyond it. At that moment, I realized I was at Fairfax Elementary School.

      Fairfax is like the death bed for me. Dreaming of this place over and over again, experiencing astonishing events with past relationships with people, and remembering it to be the beginning of my timeline, I am truly motivated to keep lucid dreaming to keep my spirits up.

      I stood on this field and witnessed its wonderful moments of peace. Me and the others had then finally decided to go back home. There were people I seen across the field around the playgrounds. They all clapped their hands as we were heading towards the back of a school. We all clapped as well. I raised my voice and began shouting out of happiness. My voice raised the excitement from the others on the playgrounds. We would longer able to see them after entering the exits of school grounds.

      Although it may not seem so beautiful now, this next moment had me really joyful minutes after waking up from the dream, especially when I was in it. I saw one end of the school to my left and the other classrooms at my right. There was also a forest in the direction we were heading. I noticed a lot of vividness at this time. I paid close attention to the quietness of this area, as well as how many people were there at the time. There was a janitor walking around the back of the school and a few other students walking towards their classes. I heard almost nothing while I was walking past this scene. I ponder over it only because this was the first school I ever attended, and I happen to dream a lot of it. If I could, I think I could thoroughly remember what it all looked like...

      Before I knew it, I entered the forest and discovered a new set of fears that eventually made me want to wake up out of the dream.
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