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    by , 04-01-2013 at 12:37 PM (324 Views)
    It started a little bit different this time. I'm inside a cafeteria just under a multiple story home and I'm not sure how but, I became lucid when I was facing a set of drinking machines. It's creepy how some of the mantras worked before early this morning. I was laid on my bed, under the sheets and just to give it a try, I whispered to myself, "I'm going to have a lucid dream" a couple of times. I used to never believe they'd work.

    Now that I was lucid, I tried to maintain my cool. I didn't want to lose lucidity so fast, so I relaxed and tried not to do anything big at the second. At the time I also thought about being in a actual dream and how amazing it felt knowing my body was still in reality. I escaped the real world to take a break from it and explore a whole new world filled with all of my wishes.

    After calming down for a bit I started to try and destroy the world around me. I tend to use my magical powers to destroy things in dreams. It's not really one of my goals to use in dreaming. There was nothing much in this small cafeteria to destroy so I moved up to the higher levels using EcoCityCraft's compass powers.

    I decided I wanted to do something in the dream, like steal. I walked down the hall of a nice, cozy suburban home. The rooms were silent. I walked in to a room that was almost empty. To my left was a closet room. I walked towards that area, open the door, and found something to steal. Maybe not so much steal but breaking too. I saw a lot of candy bags on top of the closet shelf. I started grabbing some of them but couldn't tell whether I should rob them or rip the bags apart. It sort of gave me a feeling of excitement.

    There was a door behind this area I first walked in to. I made sure it was closed so no one else would walk in. But as soon as that happened, I noticed someone coming. I didn't get a chance to do much, but to fight with baseball bats. Neither of us got hurt, but that's how the dream ended.

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