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    14 Oct 18 - Flying on a broom

    by , 10-14-2018 at 12:20 AM (336 Views)
    As I am falling asleep, I feel my dream body begin to roll over. At first I'm rolling slowly then I start to roll faster and faster to the point where I feel more like I'm spinning rather than rolling. I find myself in a dream scene and do a reality check. I realize I'm dreaming. I start moving towards the garage but suddenly the dream goes dark and blurry. I immediately shout "CLARITY TIMES TWO!" Nothing happens. I try again and cry "INCREASE CLARITY!" Again nothing happens. I am annoyed that it doesn't do anything to improve the clarity of the dream. Nonetheless, I decide to continue on my way, hoping that the dream won't collapse soon. I enter the garage and to my relief the room is brightly lit and stable. I look around the room for a broom. To my dismay there is no broom in the room. I feel a sense of desperation and imagine that there is a broom just out of my field of vision. I turn to my left and am surprised to see a broom there although I don't question it. I grab the broom and rush outside.

    I climb onto the broom and start flying upwards. At first I'm flying up at a rather horizontal angle. Shortly afterwards I'm flying straight up (literally vertically) into the sky. As I'm flying higher and higher I can't help but notice that the clouds aren't getting any closer and that I'm flying at a very slow speed. I decide to trick my mind into thinking that I'm already at an extremely high altitude. I look down and can see that I am indeed far above the land as the buildings look like small insects. I turn back around just in time to see that I am passing through the clouds. There are two huge hot air balloons there. One is red, the other is blue. I wake up.

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