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    2017-01-22 11:27 -- Square-root attempt, gather stones, vast ocean, gargoyle sensei

    by , 01-22-2017 at 09:06 PM (713 Views)
    =play guessing game with g, she gets them all
    I look at various objects only I can see, and ask her to say what it is. Did it ~5 times, and she got every one. This made me very excited, thinking it must be telepathy or something, till I realize, "Oh, I'm probably lucid dreaming."

    =look for another test, check kitchen and fridge
    I realize this is an opprtunity for lucid dream tests now, so I look around the kitchen, on the counters and in the fridge, for things of interest.

    =think of number test, get pen and write sqrt(1616) on it
    While looking in the fridge (I forget what was there now), I realize I should do a math test I'd been wanting to do earlier.
    I get a paper and pen from the right counter area, and start writing. The writing is rough, but I manage to write "sqrt(1616)" (except with the actual square-root symbol). G says the number and square-root operation themselves, but when I ask g to say it as a whole, she laughs and deflects the question.

    [memory gap]

    =approach new work area
    Apparently we're on some sort of work crew, and we've been assigned to collect large stones from a rocky mining cliff place. I let the others think of and implement a plan, and suprisingly they get a good system going where they have a constant, assembly-line-like setup.

    =swing on ropes of setup
    Toward the end, I decide to jump up on the ropes they set up for the miners, and then jump back--similar to what they were doing except without a purpose. I think I flew some to get as high as I did, but I may have just jumped, so I won't count it.
    I got scolded a little for this, but not seriously

    =try to give warning, but other leader talks too much
    Group is very pleased with quick success, but I try to warn them not to tell our supervisor or it'd mean more work or something similar. When I try to speak, however, the dc leader started talking and overrode me.

    =look out on cliff over ocean
    Now that our "work" was done, we walked over to the cliffside a few yards forward from the stone area, and looked out on a vast red and blue (from the sunset) ocean. It was beautiful and surreal, cuasing me to again stand in awe thinking of what our minds can spontaneously create.

    =knight guy turns into gargoyl, I tackle it, and claim its sensei
    I eventually turn to the other people in the group, and notice someone in knight's armor acting abnormally. I decide to cast it as another dream-view member being in a shared dream, and pick Sensei. (since he's one of the more active posters -- that and, he does anime stuff )
    I watch as the knight then transitions into a gargoyle!
    I tackle the character to the ground, and hold him in an arm lock.
    "Is that you, Sensei?", I say. As I hold him, he makes struggling motions, but I keep him for a bit.
    "Are you a man, a beast... or a third category?", I ask him, implying "a lucid dreamer". At this he makes more violent motions, and successfully breaks out of my hold.

    =chase and bind gargoyle, get scared by stairs with sense of malevolence
    I chase after him, and yell for the others to help me capture him (and, not kill... like we'd done earlier in a fight, which I no longer remember the details of). We come and mostly surround him, and I use my hands to emit rope segments, which fly out and help bind the gargoyle in a mesh near a building.
    Now satisfied with this, I walk over and notice another rope that we hadn't placed there. I'm curious what it's for, so I reach down and grab it. A sound signals when I do this, and I hear something like a distant laugh. I look to the side and see that the rope leads out into a flight of shallow stairs heading down a dark hallway (inside the building). This makes me nervous, enough to actuslly attempt wake-up.

    Well, I returned to bed, but suspected it was a false-awakening. I decided to look around, at least, in the assumed limbo state. I look at the ceiling and walls, and saw many bits of text and numbers. And the numbers were very suspicious, I thought (and said), in that they seemed to have patterns and special cases in them. For example, "0", "100", sequences of the same digit, etc.
    I kept looking for and pointing out these oddities for about 30 seconds, until I heard a clear voice speak a number prompt, snapping me back into the real world (as verified by that I successfully turned off my speaker and have had no transitions since). I then began recollection.
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