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    1. 2019-09-29 12:30 -- Choice sim/game; store fly-through; ominous hallway; Lego city; snipers in trees

      by , 09-30-2019 at 04:46 PM
      In simulation/game of some sort; restarts several times, with me taking different path each time. (like a choose-your-own-adventure game)

      At large Costco-like place, flying through as part of a group, but not buying anything; reach end, and they say to pay; I say I didn't realize we were supposed to buy as we went through; ask, and guy lets me go back in without paying.

      At small clinic/food place; I make wrong choice while talking to a woman there, despite feeling I'd made good ones up to that point, and want to reload from right before that choice; instead, I have to restart the whole thing.

      Talking to lady at start of game, who is apparently aware of being in a simulation; she brings me to place down in a lower-story hallway (looks like old house hallway to garage), and she says to go with her to see what she's talking about; it looks ominous so I refuse; I say we should just talk about it; she says not, since I'm not "one of them" or something; I say we should meet up again to discuss, from opposite parties/groups; she seems okay with that.

      Starting out in city (like in Lego game); I start exploring, but guide person says I should be careful and not go to a certain part of town (further from the waterfront); I struggle back toward where I started, but make it and regain movement.

      Find young person who maybe would join with the task I was set toward, except he seems untidy and pretty obnoxious. (he also had blemishes on his face of some sort)

      Am with some real-world family and friends (mom and dad, siblings, A, C, and S); we are exploring again, in area with lots of trees; I head off a bit to follow something I think, and find that there are tons of snipers and such in the trees; I find that I'm equipped with the same vehicle and weapon (gun, I think) as them, but I don't use it; instead, I start trying to leave the area back to my group; while speeding away in the semi-flying vehicle, I wake up from someone calling me in real life.
    2. 2017-02-13 11:30 -- Voice prompt oddity, unstable walk, disintegration before dream goal question

      by , 02-13-2017 at 10:20 PM
      Was lying in bed. Heard some extra sound in voice prompt that wasn't supposed to be there.

      Realized I was dreaming. Got up and went for door, while doing rc (which confirmed dream). Started yelling out for friend for dream goal.

      Kept walking downstairs. Vision destabilized, but I got it to return with focus/expectation.

      Had thought of other people hearing call and coming instead. It happened, with stranger appearing. He asked me something.

      Went to the front door. Vision faltered then came back. Saw friend. Walked up and started saying greeting.

      Recollected and prepared to ask him the dream goal question. Just as I was set to start speaking it, the dream swiftly weakened and disintegrated.

      I did not get very far. But I tried, and even lucids like this are fun. ^_^
    3. 2017-02-08 05:58 -- Sermon, flying, blue shirts, ocean dive, island, fort, zombies

      by , 02-08-2017 at 03:17 PM
      =listening to sermon
      It started nice/emotional, but then he started making bad jokes.
      =flew around with DW and SV
      DW was having a blast.
      =became teams
      Someone came up, pointed out that I had blue shirt.
      =people started fighting with people flying (since others had joined)
      For example, they started throwing tacks at the people on walls--some trying to get down, but too slow.
      =flew around discouraging fighting
      Tried yelling telling to stop, and just distracting them. (especially other blue shirts, since same team)
      =voted for self
      Landed among my own blue group.
      They were voting for leader.
      I asked who's who.
      Woman started explaining numbers, I asked for very fast summary.
      She said three with more votes, I was one of them.
      I asked which number was mine, and voted for it by circling, as time was lamost out.
      Friend to my left got mad/sad, felt was taking away chance.
      False awakening, with me sleeping on stomach.
      =letting sink into ocean
      Tried getting back in-dream by letting myself drift more deeply into a halfway-imagined halfway-perceived ocean with waves.
      Daniel Love was narrating the instructions and expected events as though it were a youtube video.
      =on tropical island
      I felt disconnected/only-seeing my body at first, so for a minute or so, I was just trying to reconnect. I eventually did so by banging a metal and wood piece against a wooden post.
      I saw a cool wooden fort, and decided to climb up it.
      =on rotting wooden fort
      I construct something with wood pieces lying around.
      I climb to top of tower.
      The environment is beautiful, but dreamy and hazy.
      It's late evening, and matching with the sense of potential danger, zombies slowly appear on the beach.
      I'm not really scared, more of just don't want to deal with them.
      I decide to wake myself up.
      Before I do so, however, I hear a number prompt--which fades the dream scene.
      I sense that I could still get back in, but decide not to--in part because I didn't want to forget what had already occurred.
    4. 2017-01-15 12:30 -- Dark sky and cloud dream powers, crossing river, fighting courier

      by , 01-29-2017 at 10:28 PM
      [I was already lucid by the point, but don't remember the earlier parts as I fell asleep while recollecting.]
      It's dark out, and I'm with a group of about a dozen, in an apocalypse-type scene. The buildings are worn down, and we're evading an unknown danger.
      I head into a shed with a couple others, and see a medium sized animal (threat!) on the ground/floor. I decide to test out my fire-emitting abilities, so shape my hands, and focus on the feeling of something being released from them. It takes a few tries, but remembering back on earlier times causes it to briefly/weakly work (I get a small flame to form on the ground).

      I head back to the group, and decide we should get weapons to defend ourselves with. I look around, and find a pile of wooden bars and long panels. I pick them up, and distribute them amonst the members. I take one of the nicer ones, and take a minute to just go around basking in the beauty/awe of the situation. I remember, in particular, wifts of cloud/fog passing by, andnpassing my wooden bar through it, and seeing it dissapate the moisture some.

      At some point, more threats come nearby, and, with the others, I engage in combat with a few -- still practicing some dream abilities. (for example, using the stick as a catilyst for sparks and flames on the target behind it visually)

      I wake up after a couple more minutes, and begin recollection. However, I wanted to turn on my other side because it would feel nice, and though I knew this greatly increased the chance of falling asleep aaccidentally, I did it anyway -- and in fact did fall asleep. (with the app turned off)

      I plan to reduce this occurence in the future, either by learning to keep my app running while recollecting, or by doing faster recording by using a bluetooth keyboard or the like with text entry already set up for the night (so I can just start typing at any point in the night).

      After this was a vivid non-lucid dream, followed by a relatively short period where I did become lucid -- though with a focus on the situation at hand since by that point I'd gotten in combat (of sorts) with someone.

      The background for this second dream was our living in the equivalent of a civilization ship, where everyone we know lives in the same megastructure (not sure if it was actually in space).

      One part had me with my sister and old friend passing over a river, and me getting a bit wet when I fell off the floating dock-like platform. (the water was very shallow, however)

      Another part had me running down the halls to various places iwl from my memory (like our old house). Eventually I reached a situation that sparked lucidity, after our garage had been broken down earlier and my dad was rebuilding it. Someone from the rest of the dream had run down to our garage as well, and suspecting the guy a threat (he was like a courier from the government or other group it seemed) I got in a pseudo-combat situation, but eventually managed to defuse the situation by staying calm and actually reasoning with the person. (he had a knife, and I had general dream powers, so we had mutually assured destruction/discomfort and were motivated toward peace)
      It was fun accomplishing this, but before I could go on to other goals (which I actually remembered this time), I woke up.
    5. 2017-01-28 18:03 -- False awakening, listening in, wrong dream goal "mute"

      by , 01-29-2017 at 03:18 AM
      I realize I'm dreaming, either just before having a false awakening, or because of the false awakening transition.
      Try rocking/phantom wiggling.
      Try listening in.
      The noise gets really loud.
      Try rocking/phantom wiggling again, with basically no results.
      Go back to listening in.
      Noise peaks again, and I then visualize/feel myself standing from bed and walking toward door. I feel light touch sensations when grabbing handle.
      I walk toward stairs yelling to family, but decide to go other direction to parents' room.
      I wait near their bed a sec, and manage to get my vision back by grounding myself and focusing on trying to see them in bed.
      I see them in bed with my younger brother, however, they appear to all be dreaming/just on the verge of waking up.
      I wait a few seconds, trying to remember my dream goals, and then manage to get them awake by touching them lightly.
      I now think I remember my dream goals: "dream guide, mute, pencil, and something else" (correct, other than the second, which was "massage" instead of "mute")
      I get confused by this, as I don't know what "mute" means, but I assume it means, "Pretend that you're mute."
      I then stop talking, and point at my mouth, making gestures and mouthing words -- pretending I had just gone mute.

      I really want to go on to the rest of the goals, but sadly it begins breaking up again, and I'm shortly back in bed. My body still feels rested, but my mind feels too awake, so I decide to just get up. I may have tried anyway if I'd instantly realized that I misremembered the second dream goal, but only did so about a half minute later.
    6. 2017-01-27 17:29 -- Running through fields, restaurant visit, barn ship and bees

      by , 01-28-2017 at 03:08 AM
      I'm running at high speed (about that of a horse) along a large field, as I realize I'm dreaming. The landscape's really nice, but I keep running up the incline to a pass in the hills/mountain.
      I reach the pass, and see another valley on the other side, which is apparently where I had been heading (though I forget what the mission was--I think it may have just been finding a peacable place outside the range of influence of some enemy in the area).
      However, I look around and see the small figure of a knight on his horse in the distance, down in the valley. I turn to the right and try to evade him, but he ends up seeing me, and comes up to fight/block me.
      I believe I manage to escape him without any serious combat, and then continue on my mission as I lose lucidity.
      There was another lucid here, but I won't count it for the comp, as all I remember (besides some other more abstract memories) is that:
      * It was longer than the above one.
      * It involved a friend's family, as well as some sort of government/authority figure which was visiting.
      * Part of it occurred inside a restaurant.
      * Part of it occurred at night outside at our college campus.

      [I wake up, and turn off my speaker, but a minute or so later, realize I'm still very close to sleep, so I stay still and try for a re-entry.]
      Non-lucid dream with me playing a game like Donkey Kong Country on a gameboy-like device, and then after that considering playing a board game with my siblings, with my brother-in-law driving a full-size open-top car around our living room as an alternative to walking around it! (the game required accessing all areas of the board)
      Realize I'm in-dream again!
      See that I'm in a large gathering of people in an upper story of a barn-like building--actually, like on a deck of a ship in that barn.
      A friend is getting rowdy toward the corner, and I warn them to be careful, otherwise... that happens (a similar thing had happened in an earlier dream). They break the brace for that corner, and the platform starts falling to the floor there.
      I see it's not that far to the ground, and yell to people that they can jump down if they want--or wait till a better path is made. (others I know from wl are doing so)
      I walk around the frame of the upper story/ship platform, but have to jump up shortly to pass a tight spot. Someone gets mad, saying I shouldn't obstruct the path, so I quickly keep going, and finally drop on the side near the exit.
      I try to think of what to do next, but I had apparently disturbed some bees in a section of the path (I heard them buzz when I fell over one part), and see that one had followed me. I get annoyed, and though remembering it a dream, still don't want it to buzz me. I try swatting it away, with limited success, and then transition (sadly) to a false-awakening.

      I have one of those false-awakenings where I think part of my dream has been recorded automatically... in fact it had, as confirmed as I read it on my computer screen (and started making real formatting edits to), but of course only in-dream. Got annoyed when I awoke for real about a minute later, and realized I'd have to rewrite that text.
    7. 2017-01-26 12:54 -- Bike trip, talking with ai/subconscíous, warping paper and obqc

      by , 01-26-2017 at 10:13 PM
      I'm on bike trip, just having gotten on the bus. Someone says, "If you forget your bike, you lose it." I run out and say "Wait", and start pulling my bike to the trailer, when my dream fades.

      The dream reforms shortly into a scene in like a train station. I now know I'm dreaming. From this part, I only remember the part toward the end.
      Someone is sitting to my left and right, as I talk with a "voice" who's controlling a very large screen on the wall in front of us. It's either understood as my subconscious, or something close to it, like a powerful AI--either way, it was asking me who I should summon back from the dream that had just ended.
      I scroll through the list and pick someone. The person on my left then starts pestering me, and then I think that led to the false-awakening below.

      I'm now back in bed. I think I'm probably awake, but when I open my eyes, then close them again, I notice that my "eyes-closed" vision/imagination of the room around me is unusually sharp, and contains not real element (like a large tin on a shelf above me). I decide I'm probably in the in-between state where part of it's from my senses, and part from my dream generation.
      I thus begin the break-back-into-dream procedures. I try rocking left and right, but it doesn't seem to have much effect.
      I try imagining the feeling of there being some object on the ceiling. This one starts working. The vision of an object forms, and sharpens. I can now see a large white sheet of paper on the ceiling, with writing on it as of some official document.
      I try reading the text, but only get a few words as I decide it's better to focus on the overall picture for use as a dream-reentry tool. (the part I read had "Property of [something]" as the title)
      So I focus on the vision and try to deepen it, and it begins warping and animating. I also start hearing some noises--something like wind, and then more distinctly, a voice saying some letters. They were repeating, like of a rhyme. They were: "o b q c" (may have gotten the first one wrong, but the rest are correct)
      I feel that I can make the paper warp even more and become more wild, but this makes me slightly nervous as I don't want it to start talking or something (still a lucid scaredy-cat), so I decide to shift to another type.
      I start doing the rocking again, or something motion or hearing based, when I then hear a familiar sound, of a number prompt being spoken.
      I then realize it had awoken me for real, as verified by rc shortly after. (which is fine; I prefer continuation, but getting a lucid each day (as has been true lately) greatly reduces the pressure)
    8. 2017-01-25 19:41 -- Evading ranged attacks of island inhabitants

      by , 01-26-2017 at 04:46 AM
      Sorry, this one has very little context as I was interrupted and couldn't return my thought immediately, so I only distinctly remember the part just before waking. (which is sad since I know most of it was from an earlier section)

      We'd just made it to the island somehow. I had flown up onto a wooden platform about 300 feet in the air, and was surveying the scene, when natives on the ground began firing at me with small flute-like weapons (they'd use them to shoot small arrows, I think poisoned). I was successfully evading them, but was simultaneously attempting to coordinate some procedure with the rest of my group.

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    9. 2017-01-25 12:24 -- Mind control tank, mystery, chasing enemy, many dcs, room distortions

      by , 01-25-2017 at 10:13 PM
      Realize I'm lucid, in one of the rooms below.

      Control a tank toy/object with mind control--mostly just for function.
      Jump on counter with younger brother. My hands are in use, so I ask them to move obstructions to jump down. They take a while, but do.
      I jump down, and shortly after, something snaps, and I shift to a "different level" where I can't see them, but can barely see a tank thing I'd been controlling earlier.

      Follow it, and it leads me somewhere; I think to the next remembered section below.
      Enter into a library in the building, to see my older sister and her husband and my two younger sisters there.
      I see that they're researching the mystery from earlier, looking for the location of the unique object. (it was like a penchant with powers or something)
      I look through their findings, and some books, and they're interesting.
      I see suspicious man walk up to younger sister, and start talking.
      While talking, he grabs an item we'd been using to track down info!
      We start chasing him, with me yelling out "Stop that man!"
      By the time we got to the doors, 3 dc's had tried to help chase him. However, one on the left was too slow, and one on the right slammed into the door that I was opening. The third one got through with us.
      In the next room, I yell it again and an older married couple just watch as we run by. (they were in a restaurant room)
      The third dc passes us up now, as I got slowed down by the feeling of something around my body (perhaps blanket irl), and barely makes it in time before the locked door he ran through closed.
      I'm glad, however I see a large room up ahead in the "resitricted area", and I fear an untimely end may be approaching for the dc. (who had become a cop in that last part)
      Yep, I hear and see the light of an explosion. Not only that, but I see that the path to leave has a spark of light pass down it implying it's set to go off and explode as well.

      We rush out down the exit path, and find it leads us outdoors, down a long waterslide-like channel!
      We run down it, but stop in a side-area, so the explosion doesn't hit us if he fires it early.
      We wait for some time, but nothing happens. Eventually we hear a motor start up, and assume he's coming in-person.
      We decide to run for it instead of clashing, so we run to the ground level, and see a *ton* of people clustered near the large building we'd been in earlier. And I mean tons, probably the most I've ever seen in a lucid--like 100+ visible at once.
      Apparently they're scared and awaiting our defeating the enemy or saving them.
      I fly over the crowd, and land down near the closer-to-building side. I talk with some of our friends/family.
      I pick one dc, a baby by itself, and decide to help it first and fly it to "safety" (further away fand higher rom the water channel, on decks just outside the building--oh yeah, the fear was that he'd use electricity and flooding)

      Something then happened that caused us to be in the building again. Memory is very odd here, and actually almost feels like it was a second set of memories for the end of the dream--thought I doubt this.
      Anyway, apparently the enemy had began control over the building making passageways obsolete, and empty/leading to bad places.
      I and those from earlier came back from a path, and found we couldn't go on that path again because of it.
      Now having made it back to "civilization"/my family friends and other dcs, I look around some with mom for some of the other rooms from earlier (as a house/hotel).
      While we do so, we found that the room distortion has increased further! Now every few times we move, the distance at which the "mirror" effect exists becomes closer. Soon nothing is stable but our small room, and after that, nothing is stable for me but the small area of vision where my mom is!
      She's scared at this point, and actually looks somewhat scary having that expression as she looks increasingly unrealistic.
      Lucidity increases here, naturally. (I had clear lucidity earlier, but mostly lost it for much of the plot, as I became interested and did not do persistent stabilizations)

      I tell her not to move, and that we should stay locked on each other. We do so, and I walk to her.
      As I reach her, I see that she's in a small "safe room" where the distortion hasn't reached. and that there are several other dcs there.
      Here it gets neat because it switches into movie-like mode, with music starting to play like the end of a first episode of a series. It does a cutscene of zooming in on the dc group, with them huddling thinking of how to get free, and then zooming out briefly to a neat sci-fi image of our being in some large space rock, at its center in a labyrinth-like structure.
      I get caught up in the emotion, and feel very fefreshed by it as I find myself back in bed.
      I pick up my tablet to begin the recording process, but as I'm getting it set, I hear the noise of a helicopter, a door slamming open and closed like from the wind, and a man's voice on speakerphone saying something about "not landing".
      I realize this is probably still a dream, so do an rc, and confirm that I am.
      I try using mental focus shifting to wake up. It feels like it may have worked, but an rc reveals I'm still dreaming.
      I remember the advice of forcing yourself awake by moving just the tips of your fingers. I decide to try it, however one hand is still holding my tablet. I tap the power button, and place it down. I then put both my hands out open, then tense the fingers in both simultaneously. I think I did it more forcefully than suggested, however it works, as I awake for real. (as confirmed by rc)
    10. 2017-01-24 19:40 -- Square root n2, coworker hmm

      by , 01-25-2017 at 04:58 AM
      I realize I'm dreaming while walking up stairs to lookout platform on top of building.
      I rush with excitement to the edge, and look out. As usual, the landscape is beautiful and vast, and I can see with crystal clear vision at any point miles away.
      I see: a forest to the left, a field with neatly placed trees but long/unkept grass in the center, buildings and roads to the right, and a lake in the distance (looked kind of like the Great Salt Lake in how the ground around it eased in so gradually).
      I think, and remember that I'd wanted to do some math questions for my dcs.
      I look around, and see about 3 dozen people on the platform, and on one below.
      I yell out, "Hey guys, I have a question for you!".
      They all pause momentarily, and then resume walking. I decide to instead single someone out.

      see guy that looks like professor, ask him what the square root of 110 is
      he ignores me, as he's talking with someone
      once he's done, i ask him again, and he says "8".
      In a half-second or so, all the dcs start laughing.
      He gets mad, and defers, saying "Well that's not my speciality. Ask [...].".
      That person then walks out of a limousine, and comes up an escalator to whwre i am
      I ask her, and she laughs and says something, and then "2 over a times 1 over b"

      back in bed
      rock and force my way up, but my blanket's still on me
      open the door, it's dark but i turn on the lights (can only see a little light from the edge of blanket)
      jump downstairs, talk with sister while going
      open door and go out
      its full brightness of day now
      I see dozens of fire trucks with lights flashing.
      I have my blanket still, and it's obstructing my vision.
      I manage to get it off, but while I do so, I here the fire trucks leave.
      I walk down the road while remembering my dream goals. ("Oh yeah, coworker, massage, pencil, headstand")
      I start looking for my friend to ask him his coworker names.
      I car comes onto the street from the intersection, and as it comes closer, I fly up for a few seconds, and pass over.
      Landing again, I look around the corner, and the next, but then realize he's less likely to be here than normal.
      I decide to "fake it". I reach my hand up and shape it like I'm holding a cell phone, then start talking, and ask, "Hey A, what's the name of some of your coworkers?"
      He responds! He says, "Hmmm...".
      I freeze ans await his list of names, but get super mad: I can feel my dream is fading. "Hurry it up!", I want/try to say, but I can't, because I'm already back in bed.
      I try a bit to reenter, but sense that it's too far gone now, and give up to begin recollection.

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    11. 2017-01-23 12:38 -- Volleyball, nascar swim race, barnes and noble, chinese inventors

      by , 01-24-2017 at 01:31 AM
      =jump into volleyball game
      I'm walking near a fenced field when I notice there are lots of people there, playing volleyball. Despite not being very good, I know I'm dreaming, so decide it would be fun to try jumping in and playing with them. I receive a few passes, till it gets hit way out. I run after it--and forget what happens next.

      =drive home with dad and sister
      Not sure where this part was. I think it might have been shortly after the above section.
      I get called to get in the car and drive home with my dad and sister. Like is common, getting in the car is kinda difficult (they tend to be a little smaller than wl), but I manage. I forget what happens after this.

      =see event dad and I decide to watch, in vr-like setting, but we have to "join the team" to get to see the story-person's career
      I go to a section of interest on a digital map, and click it. It says it's for a nascar competition, which dad and I don't find that interesting, but we decide to try it anyway.
      I navigate through the menus, and find that it only lets us start it if we role-play that we're members of his team.
      It was originally a nascar guy's career, but when we entered the story/experience (it's vr, remember), it became a pool like at the ymca.
      We see people swimming in lap-pool, including my older sister. I put my legs in and kick, as it feels nice, while they do a relay race. (our team is losing, however)
      I consider jumping in, but am content as is. (and don't want to disrupt the race)

      =go to barnes and noble shop in mall
      Decide to go here to relax, and to try something new in a lucid.
      Guy gets mad at me for not qualifying for something, and eventually starts threatening me. I try to reason with him, but he starts harrassing me somehow, and I fly out of the shop in the direction I had come from.

      =get steps done for inventor things
      In the same mall, I get interested in an inventor's show or something, and do a number of "prerequisite" steps for this.
      Get place at front of mall, porcelein containers (don't ask me what it was important...), etc.
      Talk with chinese company leader, and it shows and explains why their production is so efficient. He says they don't do it for income, but for national prestige.

      Read google news text on the above topic (chinese industry), which was largely actual text from news articles I've read.

      There was more, but I accidentally fell asleep while doing further recollection. (still hope to improve this ability considerably)
    12. 2017-01-22 11:27 -- Square-root attempt, gather stones, vast ocean, gargoyle sensei

      by , 01-22-2017 at 09:06 PM
      =play guessing game with g, she gets them all
      I look at various objects only I can see, and ask her to say what it is. Did it ~5 times, and she got every one. This made me very excited, thinking it must be telepathy or something, till I realize, "Oh, I'm probably lucid dreaming."

      =look for another test, check kitchen and fridge
      I realize this is an opprtunity for lucid dream tests now, so I look around the kitchen, on the counters and in the fridge, for things of interest.

      =think of number test, get pen and write sqrt(1616) on it
      While looking in the fridge (I forget what was there now), I realize I should do a math test I'd been wanting to do earlier.
      I get a paper and pen from the right counter area, and start writing. The writing is rough, but I manage to write "sqrt(1616)" (except with the actual square-root symbol). G says the number and square-root operation themselves, but when I ask g to say it as a whole, she laughs and deflects the question.

      [memory gap]

      =approach new work area
      Apparently we're on some sort of work crew, and we've been assigned to collect large stones from a rocky mining cliff place. I let the others think of and implement a plan, and suprisingly they get a good system going where they have a constant, assembly-line-like setup.

      =swing on ropes of setup
      Toward the end, I decide to jump up on the ropes they set up for the miners, and then jump back--similar to what they were doing except without a purpose. I think I flew some to get as high as I did, but I may have just jumped, so I won't count it.
      I got scolded a little for this, but not seriously

      =try to give warning, but other leader talks too much
      Group is very pleased with quick success, but I try to warn them not to tell our supervisor or it'd mean more work or something similar. When I try to speak, however, the dc leader started talking and overrode me.

      =look out on cliff over ocean
      Now that our "work" was done, we walked over to the cliffside a few yards forward from the stone area, and looked out on a vast red and blue (from the sunset) ocean. It was beautiful and surreal, cuasing me to again stand in awe thinking of what our minds can spontaneously create.

      =knight guy turns into gargoyl, I tackle it, and claim its sensei
      I eventually turn to the other people in the group, and notice someone in knight's armor acting abnormally. I decide to cast it as another dream-view member being in a shared dream, and pick Sensei. (since he's one of the more active posters -- that and, he does anime stuff )
      I watch as the knight then transitions into a gargoyle!
      I tackle the character to the ground, and hold him in an arm lock.
      "Is that you, Sensei?", I say. As I hold him, he makes struggling motions, but I keep him for a bit.
      "Are you a man, a beast... or a third category?", I ask him, implying "a lucid dreamer". At this he makes more violent motions, and successfully breaks out of my hold.

      =chase and bind gargoyle, get scared by stairs with sense of malevolence
      I chase after him, and yell for the others to help me capture him (and, not kill... like we'd done earlier in a fight, which I no longer remember the details of). We come and mostly surround him, and I use my hands to emit rope segments, which fly out and help bind the gargoyle in a mesh near a building.
      Now satisfied with this, I walk over and notice another rope that we hadn't placed there. I'm curious what it's for, so I reach down and grab it. A sound signals when I do this, and I hear something like a distant laugh. I look to the side and see that the rope leads out into a flight of shallow stairs heading down a dark hallway (inside the building). This makes me nervous, enough to actuslly attempt wake-up.

      Well, I returned to bed, but suspected it was a false-awakening. I decided to look around, at least, in the assumed limbo state. I look at the ceiling and walls, and saw many bits of text and numbers. And the numbers were very suspicious, I thought (and said), in that they seemed to have patterns and special cases in them. For example, "0", "100", sequences of the same digit, etc.
      I kept looking for and pointing out these oddities for about 30 seconds, until I heard a clear voice speak a number prompt, snapping me back into the real world (as verified by that I successfully turned off my speaker and have had no transitions since). I then began recollection.

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    13. 2017-01-21 11:29 -- Map, meteors, wake-up, pink triangles, back in apartment

      by , 01-21-2017 at 09:09 PM
      I'm looking at a map of the earth. We're planning out something. (I think this came from similarity to strategy games like Axis and Allies)

      At some point, there's an announcement on TV I think, saying there are 5 large meteors coming to earth. I look outside the window, and see one of them approaching!

      I realize I'm dreaming. However, I'm still in the situation, so watch to see whether they will hit us. One, two, three, four, five--I see them come into view at various angles.

      I watch as they all come close but pass overhead, except one which instead veers to the left and hits into the apartment building just one over. ("slightly bad luck, those people had", I think)

      However, this is where it gets more concerning because I think of the possibility of them containing aliens. (dream theme anyone?) I see the meteor begin to crumble, and gesture to my dad that we should maybe find a better room to hide in.

      He agrees, and brings us to a questionable room with four large windows at the top. I sort of object, but notice that at least we're hidden if right by the wall, due to the angle, so give in.

      We wait there a while, as we here something exit the meteor outside. At some point, I look over to see how the others are doing, and see that the room has now changed to have the wall be a glass panel in that area. "Oh come on...", I think to my dream, and tell my dad. He gets shocked, and begins to move away, but then we see a large shadow creep up from outside the window.

      "Okay, exit time", I think. However, I don't like leaving "friend" dc's completely point blank in situations like that, so speak as though they're just dreaming themselves, and give them instructions on how to exit. "Defocus your eyes, tense up your body, and vibrate yourself while sending occasional movement shockwaves through your body."

      After a few seconds of this, I find myself back in bed. I do a nose-plus rc, and am still dreaming. I'm about to get up, when I notice some visuals at the top of my field of vision. I focus on this, and it becomes a full-screen effect, and I'm able to explore the field with my will. I will to zoom in continually to areas of interest, and it unwraps like an unending fractal. I will to move to the side, and continue doing so until I start seeing what look like letters! Indeed, they are letters. I try to make out the words, and see the following (one small part at the top of a page):

      TEH BEH TI

      I notice the "Sensei is" part, but that's all that seems recoverable with likelihood.

      Anyway, I find this really cool, because my memory is faulty and I believe this to be part of a message I'd written on my tablet earlier, with this being an access to "subconscious memory". So I get up and wake my tablet, and open the text file to compare. Indeedm it really was the same! Well, the top part was, but a couple paragraphs toward the bottom were missing.

      Anyway, I run to show my dad (not realizing the house layout is different), but find dad not in his bedroom. Instead, my younger brother is there alone. He seems scared, so I comfort him, and dad comes back shortly.

      At this point I realize I'm still in dream, so walk back out into the hallway. I then try to decide what to do. On the one hand, I (apparently) want to wake up so I don't forget what's already happened, on the other hand, it's a nice opportunity to do more. I end up deciding to just end it (perhaps because I'm still nervous from alien theme).

      I open another door, and see the neutral figure of someone in the kitchen area. I then decide on whether to end it gradually by mental focus, or by doing something reckless to end it with a bang. I decide (surprisingly) to end it with a bang, so I open the door and run excitedly toward the frozen figure. As I get closer, it seems to subtly get more menacing, but I keep going, and finally turn around the corner and look straight where it would be.

      However, I now seem to be back in bed. I half except to see something menacing above me, but open my eyes and see nothing. I do a nose-plug rc, and find I'm still dreaming, though. So I then proceed with a quick mental wakeup procedure, and feel a shift in ~8 seconds. Do a nose-plug rc, and am now awake for real.
    14. 2017-01-20 11:26 -- Play, fly through ground, drive car, fly and fight in forest

      by , 01-21-2017 at 09:03 AM
      =watching play, checking back room, climb stairs, fly through ceiling, stop biting thing, fly to city, get involved protecting hurt person, correctly guess person in car with, drive on wrong roads to park with water, walk/fly over copper, fly into forest avoiding enemies, explain belief that just dream, help friend who thinks his family died (false memories), walk with him downstairs

      We arrive at a large room in the museum, where a play seems about to start. I realize it's a dream. (actually, I think this was an increase in lucidity from earlier segments of lucidity, but I no longer remember the earlier so can't know for sure)

      I decide to watch the play anyway, but do so while floating 15 feet feet in the air. I know the people are going to act differently if I do that, so I go around a corner, where there's a huge hallway that's heavily shadowed further down. I turn around, fly up 15 fee5 (really high ceilings!), and prepare to watch the show. Only, I can't; the man running it did a shout out to me, telling me to get down and stop trying to get attention or something. I sigh, and decide it's not worth fighting, so go to do something else.

      I explore a couple other areas of the large room, behind curtains and stuff segmenting the areas, and see a health unit as well as possibly a cafeteria. I decide this doesn't interest me, and look for a way to get outside. I see stairs, and head for them.

      I go up the first flight of stairs, but notice that it then extends into an annoying labarynth of cave-like passageways. I proverbially roll my eyes, and decide to try a dream control to rectify this situation. I brace myself, and fly straight through the ceiling.

      Now interestingly, it works--I get through the ceiling, however now I'm apparently tunneling up through solid ground. I just keep my focus (I can feel the ground I'm pushing through some), and eventually push out onto a brightly colored plain.

      I recognize it as a location I've been to in a previous dream, which I think was also lucid (I could go back and check my journal, but am too lazy). Anyway, I look around, but while flying over a section of water, an annoying jumping clam thing starts biting me. And it hurt a little--just enough to be annoying and force a response. It takes a few tries, but I end up striking it down, and removing it's biting equipment (by this point it'd turned more into an ant-like creature with large jaws). I accidentally knock it into the water, and feel bad for it, and fish it out. (I don't like killing things even in dreams)

      I don't remember for sure how I left the scene, but I think I just flew off in a direction till I came to a city.

      Now in the city, it's late evening or very early morning, and I somehow get entangled in a situation where someone is injured and needs to be taken to the hospital. I jump in the driver's seat, and get going, as an enemy group is shortly coming. The car's kind of small, but I manage to fit.

      I drive forward for a while, but realize I have no idea where I'm going, and that it doesn't make sense to since it's a dream. I feel the sense that someone else is in the car, and ask who's there. An man in his forties or so answers, and says he's an ally. Anyway, I ask him to help direct me to the destination, but we end up failing anyway, going down a ramp that ends in a remote park near the water.

      We get out, and walk along a passageway over the water for a while, I believe conversing. At some point, we decide to head back, except our path is obstructed and half broken (old metal planes, with many fallen into the water, and the rest badly rusted and corroded). We eventually make it back, passing my dad and brother along the way (this caused strong feelings of having seen them just earlier in the dream, lucidly, which is part of why I think there was an earlier lucid section)

      Anyway, this is getting long, so I'll try to wrap up. We get the sense that the enemy is approaching, so quickly head to the forest and fly up. I'm slow in horizontal movement at first, but use my hands as "engines" behind me, and start moving at a good speed. The enemy catches up (arriving in a bus), so we begin battling while continuing to fly forward. At first I have no weapons, but think back to times I've used my hands to create spheres of energy, and propel those toward the enemies. Some taunting between groups occurred, and I joined in just for a change of pace.

      [Hazy section where we fight more, and a dc tries to make me concerned that if I die, I die for real, but I accept none of it. It does still make the fight seel more serious, however.)

      Long story short, my ally gets defeated, and the scene changes as I go to help him. (he has the personality of one of my dad's close friends at this point, so I feel more connected than with random dcs)

      Now awakening from a coma (or equivalent), he expresses sorrow, saying his family had all aged without him and left him alone. I don't like this turn of events, so tell him those are fake memories, and his family is fine. This cheers him up greatly, and allows him to remember our "promise" that when one of us save the other, the other has to do something in return. I think about what this should be as we head relaxedly downstairs, during which time the dream fades to a 30 second or so false-awakening, while I begin recollection.
    15. 2017-01-19 10:59 -- Alien battle, number prompt, checking goals on tablet in bed

      by , 01-19-2017 at 08:24 PM
      I don't really have a body at this point, but I'm floating above a large plain with many sections, with walls mostly separating them. It's like an RTS game, and I'm in control of one army.

      This section of the dream was fairly long, so the order of events is muddled, but I know at various points I switched between floating above the battle, and being on the ground with the troops.

      The enemy team was composed of many different unit types, one of which were the common ant-like alien form. Another were transformer-like droids. And then there were also more exotic alien types like those seen in movies and games (particularly mobas).

      At some point the battle ends (I think we won), but now I'm on the battlefield with my family, and apparently by its lake. We had been trying to protect the lake as it supplied water for the corn we were trying to plant. However, they had been pushing us back (so yeah, on second thought, neither side had won, the battle just faded/become obsolete dream-wise). This endangered the lake, and changed the dream to us standing there talking about how this meant we had to leave this place--which was apparently in Japan.

      Now here's the point where, shortly after someone spoke (a female), I heard a four digit number spoken in the same tone.

      At first, I was just confused. "Uhh, what does that even mean?". I thought about it, and after a few seconds, I remembered! "Those are my number prompts!" (thus triggerring lucidity)

      At that point I then accessed my short-term audio memory (you know, the special type you can access after-the-fact even if you hadn't been paying attention), and, after some effortful thought, realized they were all odd. (I remember it having the digits 5, 9, and 7)

      At this point I was now "lying in bed", however I knew it was most likely a false awakening. I checked with a nose-plug rc, and this was verified. I also looked around, and could see my closet and bedroom door, through my blanket (which is too opaque irl).

      It was dark (which was inaccurate), and I could feel I was close to waking, so I tried to remember a dream goal that wouldn't require me to get up. I thought to my quick-list of four, but none of those would work very well in-bed. Then I remembered the questions I had for my subconscious. Those would work well! Except I couldn't remember what they were, and wanted to see if my subconscious would remind me if I looked them up on my tablet.

      I grabbed my tablet quickly, opened the Wunderlist app, and started scrolling through the dream goals list. However, most of them were fake ones. The two I remember were: "Get your brains... sucked.. out" and something involving screaming. Obviously those didn't sound pleasant for someone not as skilled with dream control, so I decided to keep looking through (and anyway, those were fake).

      I realized though that I *could* do the reality-check goal (forgetting I'd done it a minute earlier). I start reaching my hand up to plug my nose--shoot! I feel my body in a different way, and I know I just broke my dream. I'm dissapointed until I realize, well, at least I had a lucid dream, and remembered three digits of the number prompt that triggerred it. I then started the recollection process. (which didn't take long for such a short lucid segment!)
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