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    1. Calea zachatechichi + melatonin

      by , 08-05-2010 at 01:52 PM
      1:30am - finished one cup of Calea tea and went to bed
      2:30am - still wide awake, take ~2mg melatonin
      3:30am - still awake, lying still and trying to sleep
      4:30am - still awake, lying still and trying to sleep
      4:45am - move to couch, hoping to sleep more easily there
      5:30am - still awake, get up and read, make a cup of catnip tea hoping for sedative effect
      5:45am - sun is rising, drinking catnip tea, wondering if it will be possible to sleep yet
      6:15am - go back to bed, cat takes an interest in my catnip breath, kneads my pillow, cute but whiskers tickle
      6:20am - cat lies on top of me as I lay on my left side, comfortable and obliging me to be still
      6:30am - around here I go to sleep at last
      7:15am - wake up and recall two dreams, clarity good, content and recall average
      7:16am - focus on remembering the dreams for later, need sleep too much to write them now
      7:17am - carefully extricate myself from cat and blankets and visit bathroom
      7:18am - discover cat is now somehow hogging entire pile of sheets, blankets and pillows
      7:19am - grab another comforter for myself and try to go back to sleep
      11:15am - wake terminally and write down the previous two dreams in bedside journal
      11:20am - as I'm writing, suddenly recall two more dreams I had during second sleep period

      Conclusion: Results negligible apart from the sleeplessness, since I normally remember multiple dreams when keeping an active journal.