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    10-20 seconds to end my dryspell, but it is a start (WILD)

    by , 07-03-2011 at 12:49 PM (477 Views)
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    03-07-11 I slid out of bed during WILD attempt and knew I was dreaming as I never lost consciousness. When I feel a tingle down my right arm I recognise it as paralysis. I start experimenting. I start off by being able to move a phantom arm outside my normal arm and then things pick up speed as I rotate within my body. After this I slide out of the bed somewhat falling somewhat levitating.

    My room had a wall where the windows normally are and there were two tellies. Another difference is that there is a guitar hanging above the computer table accompanied by some strange decorations. I start falling through the floor and my breathing is impaired, which frightens me a bit. Although I am fully separated from my physical body location wise I can still feel my breathing and I draw in a deep breath. I decide to brave it and although the image is fading I shout out “I want to remain lucid” (I actually scream this in English though it is a second language). At first my voice is blurry and I am having trouble getting the words out. This isn't new to me however so I scream it again and again. Might do it 4 times in total. As the dream stabilise a bit I notice it is sunny outside so I go towards the window intending to find Mitzu (to clarify if that yellow eyed man eater is actually my dream guide). I start calling her name and start flying through the window. For a brief second I expect problems with the window, but to my surprise I manage to go through it with no issues, however it is as if I am looking from inside the glass for a substantial amount of time, which distorts my vision a bit blurring things. My flight is working fine and as I look down I notice a lot of clutter on the terrace below, some of it is plants the rest I don't figure out in time as the dream ends.

    Notes: This was an unintentional WILD. I had tried for an hour before with no success after 2-3 hours of pre-sleep. Think I was too caught up in awareness when I compare the first try with this. Second time I kept sorta singing the Hakuna Matata (LK-WILD FTW!! ^^) mantra as I really wanted to rest, seeing I am ill and all. There were some few spontaneous breath focusing when I saw HHs, but very limited awareness compared to the almost meditative states I experienced before. This mini-awareness was enough for me to recognise though when SP kicked in and I just went for it.

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