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    Chasing an Ex, quite pathetic - Seriously missing dream signs

    by , 09-08-2010 at 09:19 AM (488 Views)
    non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

    08-09-10 Many dreams involving Sisse and the grand scheme to win her back. I cannot recall the first encounter. I remember there being an episode where I seeing her at a party one night, I speak with her, quite opposite to the way I normally approach girls as my intentions are clear and I go for her. Actually the first situation I just approach her and tell her I would like to see her one of the days. In another situation I am on the phone with her asking when we were supposed to see each other and she tells me it was on that very day. She is not too disappointed and agrees to another time. I think I meet her at a party and flirt with her, there is definitely chemistry, but I do not pursue it that given night.

    Something about Ruppert from EIMS is willing to give me a lift, I drive off on my own, remember I don't know where I am going turn around quickly and find Ruppert waiting at a restaurant, he sort of gestures that it is about time I turn up.

    I am trying to remember the name of a bar or restaurant I am supposed to meet Sisse...

    Something about my mum telling me that yesterday I said I wanted to go to a particular restaurant the following morning, but I tell my mum that it was only a dream (not realising that then of course so must this be if my mum knows about it ). I think there is about 3 dreams where I arrange to go somewhere to meet her, but never does. I am sitting at a diner looking through the window across the road into the restaurant my mum mentioned, just in case I actually did arrange for her to be there, she is not. I am recalling to myself the previous 3 dreams in which I arranged to meet her (not thinking the slightest about doing a reality check >.<).

    Jes Dorph is on the news explaining how the media tends to utilise fearmongering as a way of creating news that are interesting. Then he switch the scene to a place where snow is still on the roof although the temperature outside is 28 degrees. I am all of a sudden at the place and I am telling (my dad I think) that it isn't really snow, but more of a foam like substance.

    Something about violence in Danish football either a newsflash shows or I am there to see it happen by the corner flag.

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