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    Destruction and growth intertwined

    by , 09-28-2011 at 09:19 PM (401 Views)
    28-09-11 Intending to get lucid and share a dream. Should find Mitzu and learn about portals.

    “Things are starting to grow”

    I am in a farm yard or similar walking into a little garage or annex style building. There is a very dark feel to the dream even outside the shed. The building is rugged and crude and could look like it is about to come down.

    Inside there are two rooms, one in complete darkness and one with windows high on either side. The floor is pretty much destroyed and there are plans of it to come up and be replaced. Jesper Å is teaching me how to grow these plants, by throwing seeds into the dark room. Inside the dark room the wooden floors are equally as rugged as in the room with light.

    The plants reminds me of chamomile in that they have loads of green sticks and branches, meaning they will form a sort of network when they grow to full size. I get a glimpse of how they will look superimposed on the scene itself all the way to the roof top with the white flowers in the top and all the green forming a massive network beneath.

    So I just throw in the seeds not even needing to cover them with dirt or anything. Then they need water so I pull out the hose and start spraying water in to the dark room. I do this from the other end of the room with the windows and all of a sudden get concerned because right next to the door into the room where the plants are there is an electrical device and I get afraid of getting shocked.

    “Tearing down eaves gutters”

    I am tearing down these gutters and there are wooden planks in them. There is a purpose for doing this that seems very Martin Luther King (ish) (can't really explain).

    I am doing it to give place to something new about my personality, creativity filled and innovative.

    At one point a nail sticking through one of the planks in the gutters pierce and cut through a part of my upper lip, though I don't recall pain.

    “Weird camping grounds”

    I am standing outside a tent attached to a trailer. I am there with my dad and it is dark. all of a sudden fireworks go off. I have a distinct feeling that there are 5 pieces going off. the first three goes off as they are supposed to do, but the last two on the ground around us.

    I just observe the fourth one as it goes off over to my left. However the last one I have to run behind a car, I think this car is the Mitsubitshi. Apparently the fireworks have been sabotaged by southern Iranian extremists.

    There is a minor skip or the scene flows over to show a prison cell, which isn't really a prison cell but rather a relative confined area with a 14 year old guard wearing a baret (spelling, one of those military hats) in the middle holding an AK 47 keeping the unarmed prisoners at bay.

    There is a narrator proclaiming that she has seen some pretty shocking images of him hitting the prisoners with the hilt of the gun. I get the feeling she is a reporter of some description.

    “You're moving into this shit?”

    Two girl friends of mine are moving back in together. The house isn't in Århus, but rather seems to be in Hornslet. The house is in a shitty state and some heavy reconstruction is required if they are to actually live there. I am helping them out doing this, though I take a rather sceptic attitude towards their decision of moving I there.

    I am trying to get upstairs, but they have already crammed the place full of so much stuff that I am having trouble getting upstairs.

    Upstairs we are trying to clear out a lot of garbage. Some of this garbage consist of some soft metal maybe led or something. The reason this is important is that Marie is trying to get this long piece of metal out of the window down into the garden where they will be making a pile of rubbish. I show that it is quite a lot easier folding up the metal and throwing it out.

    Looking out the window I can look down upon a rooftop window in the part of the house that doesn't have a second floor. We walk outside on the roof and continue. I dunno how but we end up on a wall having to jump back on to some plastic pipes to get back onto the roof and back in the building.

    I jump over but I slip and I try and cling on to these pipes, but am unable to do so. There is a brief moment when I am looking down in concern, but then I realise that the fall is far from dangerous so I just let go.

    We are now back in the building. There are a lot of people helping building and Ronja and Marie in particular just end up being in the way. This is particularly demonstrated while Ronja is walking along faffing with plastic as if she was putting up curtains over the walls. My dad is walking behind her looking annoyed as he always is when people are doing something in good faith, but eventually just ends up slowing him down.

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