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    Few short ones prior and while traveling

    by , 07-08-2011 at 12:42 PM (602 Views)
    07-07-11 I am at a bridge somewhere, it is raining heavilly and I am with a couple of people. One of them is a black man who apparently likes to play football. At the bridge he is greeted by the coach of one of the teams, it comes to my attention that one of his personality traits is ”luck” (like the sims) and for that he is prone to fortuitious events occuring to him. In the rain and darkness he slowly turns his head to one side. I am expecting to find a tatoo that will indicate that he has been in the same army unit as the coach greeting us. I don't find it, but due to his personality trait the coach påerceives it and asks him to join the game, not as in watching it but actually playing it. We somehow communicate with one of our white mates (Not that skincolour is important to the plot of the dream, though I am trying to identify if I have any colturally inherited biases from my parrents, who would be described as borderline racists, hence I try and pay attention to these clues when I can) who is a mixture of happy and pissed off that this particular guy always get these opportunities.

    I am in Hornslet, in the street where the baker and old bar is. I am with my parrents and agin it is raining. We are packing up tents. I have a silent battle with my dad about who is better at this particular task, though I sense no hostility.

    Notes: Though I don't remember how I turn lucid in the latter dream it is possible that it is a further development from one of the above. They all share the dark rainy atmosphere, though I don't remember which occured first. I do however remember a period of wakefulness in the morning, where I think about how long I have to sleep before I have to wake up to go traveling. It is possible that I have done a DEILD without really trying it, though I did repeat my MILD mantra in the morning wqhile awake. I also did this prior to falling asleep, though not with much ferocity.

    08-07-11 I am lying in the bed, much as I am in waking life. I am moving slightly closer to ida until she starts laughing at me. The reason she starts laughing is because I apparently am making hand movements playing with my erect penis. It take me a while to wake up from this seing as I have dreamt about her and I tell her this and the fact that I haven't actually know I have been doing it. She laughs a bit more. And tells me I am doing it again. I have no idea and asks her if she is sure. She is. She decides that it is better to just come closer to me and lie in a spoon, which I am really happy about, I start stroking her body all over and notice that she is really soft, also I wonder why she isn't wearing a top, cause I am sure she weant to bed without one. I am happy cause I dared not ask this, due to ilness and was not sure I would be coming on too strong.

    I am in the same room and there is a brunette next to me, I believe it is ida, though as soon as we precede with the rather rough intercourse I believe it to be Anna from my study.

    I am with a blonde in a bed, she doesn't really wanna fool around, but end up wanting to give me a blowjob. She does so while the door to the room is open. I am not really feeling anything and wonder if I can get time to ”help her out” while she is not around. She ends up goong over to the door to close it a bit or at least look out and see if there is any immediate danger of us getting noticed. She thinks not. I notice it is Per Engholm standing outside and he is discussing with my granddad on the mothers side, who appears to be the hotel manager. I see him later fully dressed in a referee's outfit and he is gonna brandish out a couple of yellow cards to my gran as he has done something super illegal. This gives me time to get my blow job resumed, though as it turns out I aint all that up for it anymore.

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