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    Fragments and a moment of incredible details

    by , 10-11-2011 at 05:34 PM (603 Views)
    11-10-11 Was a bit hyped, so did my best to cool down a bit while going to sleep, which meant not a lot of focus on goals. After the first couple of dreams I decided to go free running, though it didn't happen.

    “Designing Games – City in the skies”

    I am setting up a computer game, and I somehow have a sunny background on a road called Tendrupvej in the town I grew up in. The background to the game is blue for now, and the intention is for my friends to join up with in this game. The primary focus I have for now though is to turn it into 3D and make it into full screen.

    The game is a simple mix between shooting above blocks away while avoiding the shots fired against you. The main difference to classical “shooting blocks away above you while the blocks are shooting at you” games is that the shots are fired from the side and the game itself is progressing to the right in a linear fashion. I keep resetting it to get my friends to join and get it all rolling.


    I am getting a mental image of a futuristic city in the light of sunset with quite a fair amount of clods in the background. Furthermore the buildings themselves are emitting quite the amount of light. I get the feeling that there are three main roads leading in and out of the city from and to the centre, in the shape of peace sign.

    Pretty much like this, though without the river and the mentioned roads leading into the centre where the tall building stands and most of the building emiting more light. Otherwise pretty much exactly like this the natural light looking very much like this picture.

    This image is presented just after having discussed setting up the game on the point of what to allow people access to and what not.

    “A perceptual moment”

    (Short dream with a lot of detail, not that interesting)

    I am lying in my bed and there is a television in the upper left corner of my visual field. In this television there is a presenter wearing a tie. I pull the television towards the center of my vision wanting it to encompass my entire perceptual field. However the picture disappears and then something strange happens.

    I get this really warm feeling in my entire body accompanied by some slight pressure. The feeling is really nice and I am thinking to myself that it is probably some effects of sleep paralysis. This feeling keeps intensifying up until the point when I feel like I can leave. So I sit up while noticing that I am leaving my physical body behind.

    I am thinking to myself that this reminds me more of an AP (Though admittedly I have no experiential basis for thinking this) than a WILD and I have more confidence in my abilities than normal and I start crawling my way out of my body. To my surprise I am able to fully leave my body behind.

    “Holy shit! I haven't ever done this!” I think to myself, at least not while being conscious about it being a dream. My dream body is really heavy and I have to sort of drag myself across the floor. I am in my room (obviously) and it is really dark. I notice that where the TV normally is there is a smoke alarm. Furthermore there is quite the amount of blue light intermingling with the natural darkness of the dream. Everything looks a bit off due to this.

    I get over to my coffee table and it looks like it does in waking life, with loads of papers scattered on the surface of it. I try and use the table to stand, but as I am placing my hand on the table in order to use it as a support to get up, the weight of my hand makes the table warp downwards, inwards on itself. Meaning that my hand is causing the table to sort of stretch downwards in the centre warping all the papers and stuff lying there as well. As if the stuff is all of a sudden made of rubbery materials.

    I manage to get up and I look out of the window. Down on the right hand side I can see a starry sky joining the horizon. The funny thing is that I am actually looking downwards on this and also the sky (or the other way around) is superimposed on a pattern. Basically think the windows logo but with triangles all pointing towards the centre and a bit more vibrant. Although the stars are out the lighting is fairly bright outside.

    There is a dark curtain on the window with square holes in it. Like a mosquito net, though the holes are a bit bigger. I am trying to get out the window, but as I am making my way towards the window it seems like there is an infinity between myself and the curtain so it takes quite a lot longer than anticipated to get to the window. I find that a tad strange, but when I start thinking more about it I arrive at the window and climb through the glass and curtain, quite confident I can do this based on the fact that I have just crawled out of my own body and jump out.

    I jump down and notice that I am not really flying and gravity seems strong enough. I notice that there is a building to my right and there is a roof over my head supported by some thin white columns, yet I am outside.

    There is grass under my feet and the scenario is fairly different to how I normally perceive the outside of my flat in dreams starting inside. I look down on the grass and out over the lawn to see the flowers. There are quite a few and I notice that they have spherical heads in white and purple, though I also notice that the detail of these flowers are not good. Though upon closer inspection the level of detail increase.

    The grass on the other hand is fairly rich in detail. I can see dirt between the straws indicating that it has been recently sewn. I kneel down and start running my arms through the grass and as I am doing this the density increase. The grass feels soft and chilly under my skin, but no way unpleasant, in fact it feels like it is somewhat sentient and reciprocating my gentle strokes (AWSOMENESS!).

    I now look up to my right looking for the flowers, which again have taken on additional detail. Furthermore I can see the wind is making the flowerbed form into small waves, like ripples, and as I am seeing this I feel the wind on my skin (by the way think I am naked as I jump out, but decide not to care about it). The wind feels like a chill breeze on a warm day that could never be anything but pleasant.

    Notes: The dream was in fact fairly short, but I was somehow more present at every moment, meaning the detail and perceptions I encouraged makes the dream look like one of my longer ones.

    “Brief beach adventure”

    I am having quite a lot of mentations involving Carsten J. Some in particular strike out to me where also Ronnie is included.

    We are on holiday and we are comparing beaches.

    I am at this one beach and the water is looking rather milky, though it is very warm. The air is stupidly hot like 70 degrees Celsius, you wouldn't be able to be there and I somehow notice this, though I don't “notice” it. Around in the edges of the water there are brown volcanic stones, or cliff formations might be more accurate due to their size.

    I am jumping around making an effort not to land on one of these stones as I understand them to be immensely hot and will burn me quite severely should I touch them.

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