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    Girls, Guns and heorism, Altered Bus plans

    by , 09-20-2011 at 01:59 PM (443 Views)
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    20-09-11 Fell asleep at about 01:00 GMT +1 (woke up at 07:30) after having burned through some neurology pages, intending on meeting up with Kaomea.

    Shoot Out: Save the girl!

    We are in a warehouse and we are aware that there are armed men. My female companion take point and take out a couple of guards on the way into the warehouse. We

    We are wielding M16s, the woman goes in shoots the first and the second, but gets hit. I am at the point of view behind the shooter and I see that where she gets hit isn't lethal, rather on the hands or arms.

    I think I have changed into Fox Moulder and I get really upset at the bastards taking down my partner. I empty the clip into the bad guy, maybe a bit more vindictive than I need be. I take point, I make contact with the little girl behind the desk, there is a fair amount of light coming through the windows.

    I think we might be in there for the girl, I try and establish if there are more bad guys, don't think there is.

    Alternative Bus Route

    I am on the bus on my way to Århus, think Ramskov or another of my friends are with me, in fact I think I have to punch in for him. I have to run across the street in order to catch the bus, and the driver seems anoyed (probably because I run out in front of him, breaking his take off) but he decides to stop and let me on board.

    We have to take an alternative route, our driver seems pissed off as he doesn't like the neighbourhood he has to go through. It becomes apparent for a couple of reasons, first off al there are a lot of narrow corners and sharp turns that is almost impossible to make for a bus and secondly there are a lot of middle eastern people in the streets unwilling to move.

    We end up having to go through a garage where all of us bar the driver has to get out of the bus in order to go under some wall. While in the garage a kid is acting up and I end up giving him a slap before I go back in the bus, he seems a bit upset by that and he has some friendly communication with the bus driver and I give him a remark that he should come and work at Falck when he comes of age as he clearly has some mechanical skills, he seems happy at this.

    Tiny Tennis Game

    I am standing at a gas station or similar, think I might be chatting to someone when all of a sudden a tennis ball come flying over a fence across the road to where me/we are standing. I run a bit in order to throw the ball back in, but before I can reach it I see a little girl in, I believe, a pink dress/tennis outfit.

    I throw the ball across the street and I see that it bounces slightly off the wall and starts running down the hill. I sure hope it won't get out on the road too much, but at least now she won't have to cross the entire road endangering herself.

    Ruminations of the waking state activation

    I am falling asleep and waking up quite a lot in the beginning of the night and my thoughts are on the way my brain is activated. It shifts from being a blue rectangular area to a larger red (not sure of the shape) area. Unfortunately I can't remember which state was witch though I think the larger activation area was the sleeping state.

    Notes: Tanks to Kaomea and Nephanim for the new and enhanced dream format.

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      haha no problem. Also, I've been thinking about putting the time in Universal time... but that seems like a lot of effort. I'll just manually convert it if I need to reference something.

      Nice bit about the buses and the girl by the counter. Obviously not a direct sync but close enough to motivate me, haha.
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