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    Just how evil is Ben Affelck? (non-lucid)

    by , 11-02-2010 at 01:29 PM (415 Views)
    non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

    02/11/11 I was in a forest setting with multiple vehicles around me. Something about having three appearances to choose from I can only remember 2 of them, the first being Ben Affleck, who was also a supreme angel of darkness and the other I can remember was that of the guy supposed to be the temporary vessel for Lucifer in Supernatural (Nick). I speak to a black horse with a fierce set of teeth, it remembers this zombie servant that is escorting me and my companion around. He is allowed to touch it. Then I switch to the appearance of Nick and ask if the horse has ever encountered this before, which it hasn't and it is confused as to what it is supposed to do. I run into Ben Affleck in a doorway and quickly have to change face as I apparently have changed to his.

    Something about a seriously bad ass Mexican officer chasing me and a woman through the same little forest military compound as before. I end up switching on some nifty awareness tricks I have to find secret aspects of buildings and hidden spots in the level.

    Flying somewhere to bomb the living crap out of it. Think it might be during second world war as the people we are “borrowing” the planes from are “don't know” that we are doing it. We are successful to an extend. A massive Hercules type plane coming over the horizon of the docks/airfield we are at.

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