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    Magic, Sprinting competition and narrated lessons on nature

    by , 11-10-2010 at 12:09 PM (478 Views)
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    10/11/10 Party at the top floor, entered via fire escape, dancing as part of a spell, have to leave for a moment, I keep swirling and believeing, Pil is somehow better and more experienced than me, transfer of knowledge through breaking of the spell and the bond shared within, blood bond?, symbolic knowledge, knowledge of letters, someone there, knocking in the ceiling as part of the spell, call Daniel so he knows it is just part of the spell, mette and friends invite me in second time around, bump into Casper/Sauer on the way in second time, they are leaving, I care little, go inside Mette's place and make sure I invite peeps from upstairs, I am offered food, not the cheese as it really taste like cheese and mette thinks that is bad, I try and explain it is ok and she should give it to me, pil says the sameand is eating some of the cheese.
    I am in the woods climbing trees, the primary part of them are badly mutilated, there is a narrative going and I am being educated about the trees, some trees change as you get closer to the crown, others have parasitic entanglements native to them (and as such grow quicker!). I have a small retractable knife with me and I am cutting in the trees, I don't have malicious intent and what I am doing doesn't seem wrong (this logic later baffle's me and I remember I find it strange that I had to use a grass sort as the perfect wood for a bow). The season is a bit off for learning I decided and exit the woods right out into the streets where Thure is waiting. He explains that I should try and get Pil to teach me Magic as I might get experience and progress I tell him “Hah, so I can become a level ½ wizard!?” in a jokey tone although I contemplate telling him about the surges of energy I have been feeling lately. I say “If it was a fight where anything goes I would probably beat him.”
    “Well actually I don't know” I continue sincerely
    Thure joins in “Well he is actually quite strong.”
    “Yeah and I have lost quite a bit of my mojo since the last time I worked out”
    I challenge him to a sprint and he agrees. I almost beat him, but something happens towards the end that make me slip up. Some random guy asks if we are to do it again, I say yes, but I don't really feel like inviting him in so I select a distance that is narrow enough that even 2 people would have issues in certain points of the course. There is a countdown from 3 led by me and we are off again, I am in front most of the time, but Thure beats me towards the end, I just can't seem to be going any faster. The random guy shouts out “Why yes of course” during the sprint and explains that Thure won due to his running economy and the fact that he maintained a vertical posture in the beginning whereas I was flat out sprinting leaned forward the entire time. I look at him intensely as he seems to know what he is talking about and say to Thure “Again!” we prepare for another sprint. I wake up.

    Being stuck on a tropical island as I had to go back to get my clothes.
    My mum was there as well.
    Told her I was going insane.
    She told me it was because of grandma we were there as longs as we were.
    A broken toilet, tried to fix it, disgusting!
    Finding various pieces of old clothes I don't know where are now.

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    On Bornholm, somehow it is in a different climate branch than usual.
    Driving on muddy biking paths, running too.
    There are crocodiles on all sides of the paths.
    Driving in a golf buggy, bikers in the way, they don't seem to understand that I am not quite driving a car.
    I loose my shoe, which is really a fish and it gets eaten by a baby croc.
    This means I have to run through mud and crocs bare footed.


    I am in Africa, on a shore.
    In a documentary where they are showing ancient hunting techniques and how they have discovered that they are different to what previously assumed.
    They are hunting crocs, and preserving them making sure they don't over hunt.
    At a point I have to run across the shore on difficult cave terrain and stamp the crocs out of their caves.
    I am a bit scared.
    I end up knocking loose a big shield shaped rock, this defines the old king as remainging the king although he was just challenged by his son.
    He gives me a set of 3 ancient (or not that ancient) mugs as a thanks.

    Sisse is coming down the street on a bike.
    She tells me about how her mum is cutting up materials and making shirts.
    She would like to sell this in Thailand.
    I tell her I can help.
    Something about Facebook.

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