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    Meditation to improve recal?l - Succes

    by , 10-13-2010 at 07:23 AM (475 Views)
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    13-10-10 Meditated before going to bed yesterday, which seemed to have a profound impact on recall and gave a couple of the dreams a spiritual direction. No lucids bar a couple of seconds long dream during a WILD attempt in the morning I don't count (I only managed to realise I was free of my physical body and the scene had somewhat stabilised (there was only a ball to begin with). I ended up at a handball game in a theatre, where the referee's table was cheating, before I was slammed back awake >.<)

    I am at a dinner party with the family, it is a birthday or Christmas or something similar. I am in the kitchen and as people are leaving the kitchen I notice my grandmother on my father's side at the cooker putting something in the oven. As she is dead this comes as quite a surprise for me. So I address her by her name. “Gerda, is that you?” she confirms this and in a mixture of happiness and stunned surprise I ask her if I am insane. “Yes” she say. My grandfather comes in and starts talking to her. We look at each other and my grandfather proclaims “I knew I wasn't crazy, if you can see her too”. We walk into the living room and she disappears, however we call upon her and as she comes forward more of the family can see her as well. Some are happy others refuse to go in the living room, one proclaim “it smells rotten” which makes me worried if it is a good thing or not. At some point I try and ask her why she still remains, she tells me my grandfather needs her.

    Many of my dreams were set in a tropical setting so it is a bit difficult to tell where one ends and another begins.

    I am on a tropical island and we are walking down hill. It seems to be roughly the same group we went to Thailand. I am on the lookout for things that deserve to get their picture taken. Not for myself, I don't have a camera and the ones I have had always break. All of a sudden we are surrounded by weird architecture. It looks somewhat medieval, but has a bit more of a modern tinge to it. At the same time it looks like it belongs there. In retrospect I believe the architecture was impossible in the physical world, but in the dream I just look at it. Some younger fearless children start walking on the walls surrounding the building and the walls I see are fairly thin, this scares me. I stop and think to myself if I have reached the age where I am starting to fear injurries from falling. Normally I would join the children (in my other dreams the place would have been perfect for some parcour).

    Calle is feeling ill, I am not sure where we are going, but we are travelling somewhere. He is sweating and bright red in his face. I try and calm him down and ask if he has been drinking water, he gives a vague confirmation and doesn't sound convincing. I tell him to keep drinking water, regardless of what it is. I suspect it is either dehydration or panic anxiety. His daughter or wife agrees that he should drink more water.

    Again on a tropical island that resemble the one with the magnificent architecture. Though I believe we are at the top of the island. Bruce Willis is there, can't remember if he was in character or just himself. He goes on a rampage after becoming angry about something. In the end either me (in 3rd person view) or someone else who lures him into a room and lock the doors. “You understand I had to do this don't you?” Bruce acknowledge without a grudge. Me/him goes into the room, wearing old school divers suits both of them (you know the ones where a fuck off large metal helmet and a tube needed to be attached at the collar of the suit).

    Bruce seems to accept that he is to be punished and for some reason a beacon of light that I had not noticed prior shifts and find a girl/woman in the forest, she seems surprised by this. He says something about that me/him has to watch over his light that is needed elsewhere now. The last thing he wants to do is listen to some recordings of a dead language while he reads a translation (thus making the language not dead, but anyways) of the text. He starts chanting and I realise that he is trying to learn the language. This is significant to me in some ways, at least I think it is because I have heard a voice in my head that might be in this language. Should I be able to learn this language maybe I could interpret what is said. I feel an energy building around and inside me.

    This energy remains vibrating in my body as I wake up (nope wasn't a FA)

    I am at some sort of party in the town I grew up. I go somewhere and when I go back I take a path behind the roads. This is very narrow and filled with trees. I have taken off my shoes as I feel like hardening my feet. In the beginning I have my shoes in my hands, but I drop them at some point. The path is difficult to walk bare footed and some times I end up crawling over trees in order to get forward. I sense someone behind me and look down and it is a guy from the town that I am normally disassociated with, but we seem to be friends in the dream and he is at the party as well. He is on a bike and he question what I am doing. I explain the shoe situation and he says “Ah you have no shoes” He gives me a ride (for some reason the path is easily traversable to bikes O.o). I am careful not getting my bare feet stuck in the wheel of the bike although I am close at one point. We get to a shop, he is supposed to pick something up. I say damn, I am sure I had my shoes with me to begin with. I check my pockets, but only a pair of sandals is in my blazer pocket (I am wearing a blazer now, with sandals in the pocket WTF!?). He assures me that he will drive back and get them for me if they are still there, it isn't a long drive. He encourage me to go back to the party.

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