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    Multi POVs, Chases in the dark with retribution, random bass stuff

    by , 08-12-2011 at 10:38 AM (485 Views)
    12-08-11 I am in a kitchen or a wall-less home in the area of the kitchen, the house doesn't seem to have a roof. I keep fading in and out of this scenario so I don't quite think I am dreaming, but I am aware of the subjective nature of my reality. I wouldn't quite call myself lucid as that term normally implies that you have a sense of self and a sense of the world, but I am lacking a sense of self. Again I am sort of experiencing the scenario from multiple point of views. Or no point of views. Until I am given something that could either be described as a piece of jewellery or a dream catcher. The design is really simple. A series of circles has been placed in an inner circle and they are overlapping each other, giving rise to a classical flower picture. I wonder if this is the sign that someone is sharing this. I try and head for Chichen Itza, but this mentation is far too fragile and it immediately destabilise the dream.

    Lasse F is with me in my flat at night time. We hear some sounds outside on the road and I move to the kitchen to find out what is happening. It would appear that two cops are struggling to retain a noisy drunk citizen. Upon closer inspection I see that I know this person. His name is Rasmus H.

    He manage to get free of the policemen, though I would wish he wouldn't. He is just drunk and they will just take him in overnight, wouldn't even be noted on his criminal record. But he doesn't.

    I shout out to him “Rasmus” he doesn't really respond. Later I shout again and this time he tells me his name is Jesper.

    Lasse F is somehow jumping out the kitchen window in fear and start running up the street to get away, and all of a sudden a mob of people is chasing him and they manage to trip him over up by a car and they swarm him. I don't know if they will be safe.

    (this may be from a separate dream, but) There are two people standing by my window armed with bats and knives sort of preventing me going outside.

    I manage to get out and into a bus where I borrow the drivers phone in order to call the police. I do so and the bus driver seems to follow the mob up the road. We end at a construction site where loads of digging machinery is parked. It is morning now.

    The mob of people is there, lounging themselves on the hood of their cars. I see a couple I recognise and Rasmus's younger brother pulls in, he was there during the night as well.

    I first of all tell the police that I was dreaming some of the time, but I know what I saw (I suppose I shouldn't have said that really)

    I explain to the police what happened and I start pointing out people. They are my friends so it is a bit difficult. When I point at Thomas H he immediately responds that he was somewhere else, so he couldn't possibly have been there.

    Murmurs take place about my sanity “he is sick in the head” I hear Rasmus tell the lady on his left. I briefly wonder if they are right, I mean after all I did dream most of this up, so maybe I am mistaken.

    I wake up.

    Following dream has a lot of scene shifts, and I am having trouble reconstructing it chronologically so will present it as fragments.

    There is a concert and Lars is playing the bass. He hasn't been doing it for that long, but he is awesome. During a solo he is killing the groove, while still adding some (pardon my musical ineptitude, but I believe the correct word is) harmonics to the bass melody.

    I find myself holding my bass and playing along and to my surprise I aint all bad. I am not playing a lot of different nodes, mainly the four strings themselves and a few selections. It doesn't always go well, but as I said it isn't bad.

    Towards the end of the number they are playing I put my bass down and point up at Lars to let him know he rocks! The speaker is announcing some special surprise and I hope he hasn't seen me playing along on the bass, cause I would suck on stage.

    But he calls out a woman's name and I feel relieved. However my cousin is lounging it on the couch and I believe a good surprise would be for him to go on stage and have a bass off (that is a linguistically awesome sounding concept btw! ^^). So I nod the announcer a bit, but he doesn't seem responsive.

    I speak a bit to my cousin and he cheekily smiles and calls me his salesman. I don't mind, was sort of what I was doing, but I truly believe it would have been a marvel to behold those two.


    I am in a big playroom of sorts and we are supposed to play this game. It is a highly modified version of connect four that I don't particularly understand now or in the dream. The point of it is to somehow escape the frame. but you have to hide your coins behind various cardboard cards with an assortment of motifs on them.

    Later on the game develops and it becomes apparent that it is also a 2 teams versus each other one of the teams just consisting of one person, because the position that person takes is designed from the game to be stronger.

    Oh and it also turns into a Tetris (spelling) type game where you have to use your colours versus the black ones to block the path of the opponent catching up. It is highly weird and I think the only reason I partially get it is due to me being on team with my cousin and someone else.


    I am walking down the street on a morning (though the lighting looks like it is set in the afternoon) and I am walking towards Kaiser's parents house, though I am expecting him to be there. I find him outside on the road doing something with a water hose.

    I approach him in conversation and he starts talking about my cousin, who visited him last night. He gave him this list of stuff to think about written in orange ink on white paper. The only thing I remember of the 9 point list is that we are all supposed to do the same thing on September 3rd though I remember the event in the dream I don't now.

    There is so much more in the dream involving some women that may or may not be partially random at least. Nothing sexual though.

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