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    Nap Notes

    by , 09-16-2011 at 07:27 AM (510 Views)
    14-09-11 House, include parts of basement under water, we swim there, there is a woman with extreme long blonde hair, Gwynneth Paltrow style, swim into a section where the water is cold “They are swimming in the cold”, grey/white walls, breathe water exhale “blood” seems a healing effect, exit at back room, she seems like waiting for her lover, I want to be that lover, stroke her hip under water, pink/purple bikini bottoms, “we are playing a game of “...” where we open a cupboard on the wall multiple times. something is written on the cupboard doors. Frustration, goes to the neighbour, has apparently been bought out without consent by a Nancy Botwain, The woman I now feel is my mom, she is senile, my dad comes to get me tells me that I should come and join the family in the house, my mum would like to see me, I explain that she is senile and won't notice me, he disagrees and gets slightly angry with me, my grandfather comes over and tells me that I should come to the house and that once my mum was very fond of spending time there.

    At teachers party, old high school people there.
    Bærentsen there as well
    Have to leave for PI.
    Look around the building.
    High five Rasmus while I leave.
    I am drunk, walking down the street in a meditative state.
    Pleased having finaly found the ability to do it while engaged in normal activity
    Headed for the intersection, when I reach it I get on bike
    I drive but can't seem to find my turn.
    I end up down pedestrian zone, driving past Jacob Haugaard (old satirical representative for the election.
    He is dressed as a mexican advertising free food for the restaurant he is stood outside.
    Onwords I barely get past “Fætter BR” and some other fairly massive costumed mascot.
    Magrethe Vestager is stood by the church explaining that she doesn't necessarily believe the official 911 report, but she isn't convinced, as the youth is, that it is a government coverup, but she is awaiting further investigation.
    I drive past 4-6 police officers is loose armour
    I drive on a pedestrian zone, but decide to fuck it and just drive slow and careful.
    The police don't bother me, but a semi fat (he seems somewhat retarded) tries walking into me though I have clearly indicated that I will go to his left in the tunnel
    He tells me I am an idiot for doing it in the pedestrian zone and I am only doing it because there is so much television around in connection with the election.
    The turn I have to take seem to shrink and look impossible (physically the perspective is completely off) to pass.

    Eva comes to the house and goes into labour after having explained that she was due 2-3 days ago.
    I get her in the bath room, we have already called a car, which was part of a discussion Eva partook in before she started.
    My aunt and Niece comes including my own niece I think and they get Eva into the car.
    Eva pretty much already has her new child out

    Something about me having put ups some bars across the facade of housing and the owners decided to stop the project on a couple of buildings as they found it too expensive.

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