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    Observational - No self - Construction, heroin and Kids

    by , 08-01-2011 at 10:44 AM (326 Views)
    01-08-11 I am not really there. In the dream I have a pure observational role, which happens rarely to me.

    There is a man hanging head down from a construction site. He is hanging from either ropes or elastic bands used for jumping. Below him his a city scene. There is a square of grass surrounded by a road on either side. Trees are surrounding the square between the grass and the roads.

    The man is holding a crowbar, a black one. It is unspecific daytime. The man drops the crowbar, not deliberately, but he does so to laughing amusement from his co workers and himself.

    I wait and listen out for the metallic clunk from the crowbar hitting the pavement. It doesn't happen. The view is zoomed towards the ground where a kid wearing skater clothes is angry. He isn't hit, but he is holding the crowbar in his hands and he kicks out towards cars.

    Next up also on the ground is the man's son. Who is no more than 3-5 years old, skinny and wearing white underwear. He tells the camera (my point of view) that he is just heading over to the heroin tent. As he turns around and start walking over there he explains that it is the lunch area of the construction workers including his dad.

    His dad and co-workers actually explains that there is nothing like a heroin shot during break times.

    Notes: Really strange not being in a dream, but only observing.

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