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    Party, in a movie with Stratham, WTF

    by , 07-16-2011 at 10:56 AM (373 Views)
    16-07-11 I am on a strange beige sand coloured fort on an island, while one there it becomes apparent that there are two opposing teams. We are going down to see the dungeon and we get locked in there while someone set the thing on fire. We can't get out although we need to get neil to the bottom as he can't handle the smoke, he looks a bit like Orlando Bloom. The funny thing about this fire is that down in the bottom of the place it is actually flooded. I see Neil in the shape of Orlando Bloom hugging someone and although he is the one in the most danger he actually seems to be calming the girl down he is embrasing telling her it will be alright.

    The two teams are lead one side by the major the other side by Jason Stratham and his girldfriend who also works for the major maybe in some sort of prostitution role. This is discovered when the dream take on the first part of the film and you see stratham appearing on the island with a big mustage and guns ready to go.

    I am with Mark Rahbek and we are actually looking at this particular fort. We are on the island, but at the same time we are in Hornslet. I tell him that it is the fort they used in the recent stratham film and that we should go take a look at it. He seems to be willing enough for that.

    I am at stoppestedet, except the entrance is towards ALDI this time and Åse is still owner and manager of the place. I am with my father and my sister and we are wearing working clothes, in particular painting outfits as we are getting ready to paint the bar. As we arrive people come out to greet us and you can hear Åse in the background with her charactaristic laugh, then Tenna makes an appearance and she comes to me. I remember she is pregnant (she isn't) and I hug her lovingly and stroke her back. She embrace it and hugs me back, and is really pleased with the warmnes of my hug. I ask her if she shouldn't be relaxing a bit being pregnant and all, she smiles and agrees, but tells me something aboiut she had to come here.

    Another person comes out and tells me the council is ready for me. I suddenly remember that i have to stand trial before a Dresden style white council of wizards, thiough I know there to be only 4 senior members. I also wonder about the fact that I could forget about such an important thing. I Tell my dad that this council business is uber important and that I will have to go an attend to it before I can help paint. He is really supportive and tells me to do what I have to do. I get a feeling that I don't quite know if I will be coming out alive from that council.

    I have some sort of lead role in organising a party. The party seems to take place at Kaiser's parrents' place although it is also a big school with a couple of sports facilities. This particular dream is all over the place, fuckloads of location changes and characters.

    We are getting drunk at Kaiser's place and I give my keys to his mother, just to keep them safe till the morning when I will come and pick them up. I end up leaving everything there, wallet, mobile even my iPod.

    During the night I meet up with a couple of black guys who are somehow related to me. They play a fairly significant part of the dream, but I remember little of the actual interactions between us, though it was always oriented around the family theme.

    Towards the end of the side story with these guys we end up driving out to the guys' place and having some dinner. I tell my cousins that the only thing they can get to eat there would be mushrooms so they might as well just start thinking about how they want them.
    She spots me on the way over there and although I expect her to be mad she is quite happy. She informs me that I had asked her to keep hold of my keys the night before and gives them back to me. She then accompany around the house to gather the remaining lost objects of mine.

    We meet up with Kaiser who is also helping out with the cleaning. He looks around and tells us that it will probably take a couple of days before they are actually finished with tidying.

    We make some holes in the floor (bear in mind I think these holes are actually made in a dream prior to this I can't remember) and some of the holes are a bit difficult to get across. At the time when I see the holes in the floor again, my mother is there and there is a woman there who I think is the one who has rented out the facilities, and she isn't happy. Hpowever my mum just engage her in conversation and tells her that it is neither her, nor our problem. When I look at these floors again though they seem to be easier to get by and a lot deeper than I remember them.

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