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    Random Family event

    by , 02-14-2011 at 03:21 AM (362 Views)
    14/02/11 I am in some sort of apartment complex that is nothing like the one I live in. Although I live there. Daniel and Mick are going to join in for some wow. I telle them I will take them through some instances to boost them a bit.

    I wake up, I realise I have slept little more than 5 minutes, I cannot understand that and I ask Thure if it is the next day or something. I am getting a bit ill. I take an apple and go back to bed.

    I am at a bus stop, some woman is asking me to look after her kid who is not far away at the stop as well.

    I find him and make sure he is within my sphere of attention. I look across the street and see Maria, Swedish Maria from EIMS, and give her a brief nod.

    She nods back and looks at me in a funny way.

    I start dancing down the street, in a particular way I end up spinning around impossibly leaned backwards being held up by the momentum, until the point where I have to break it off because I am headed into a tree.

    This gets her attention and she is now laughing, I compliment her on her hair. Inge is walking by and apparently they are headed towards the same pub for a dinner arrangement.

    I walk with them in and at this dinner arrangement turns out to be my entire family. I shake hands with a lot of them and exchange compulsory pleasantries, but I am headed for the door.

    I get stuck between a huge man, called Marius who apparently is the new boyfriend of Nancy (who died recently).

    I sit down, and my grandfather on my mothers side asks me if I would like to start us off, whereupon he can continue talking about “Peder-something”. I have no idea why I am there, but start off with explaining I might be difficult to hear.

    I then make some linguistic fuck up, by mixing Danish and English and explain that I do that a lot, and that probably my grandfather, on my father's side could help me out with that.

    Then I start speaking about the things I have learned from my other grandfather, my mom starts laughing as if she could read my mind about the joke I am about to tell. That I have learned how to drink Schnaps from him.

    There is more I want to tell, but I wake up before I get there.

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    Tags: eims, family, wow
    non-lucid , memorable