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    Remake Spidey, Vamp hunting in a ruins maze, cuddling amongst ruins

    by , 08-08-2011 at 11:36 AM (320 Views)
    08-08-11 Spiderman remake, more dark side and set In jungle like scenario. Villain mimics his moves, with ropes out of his hands. Still Tobie playing PP. after having seen some action from spidey, primarily jumping off a building and starting using his web shooters, but also a rather impressive speed punch and dodging the ropes from Darkey McRope Guy, we take off into the forest in a “Non-frictional traction APV” that apparently generates quite some speed and manoeuvrability.

    In a dressing room with Kaiser. It would seem I have left my keys and a significant proportion of my training gear at home.

    I notice however I have some leftover stuff in another locker so I ask Kaiser if I can borrow some of his space. At first he aint too happy, but when I elaborate on the fact that I have towel and such and don't need to actually borrow some of his gear he relax a bit.

    Besides it looks like he has got a double-locker anyhow. It is twice as wide as any of the two I have had my stuff in. He does seem to be using up that space as well though.

    I am hovering behind the enemy team as they are about to embark into the maze. They have futuristic weaponry, but they are lacking the fighting experience of my team. The setting is amongst ruins and within the maze they are about to enter lurks vampires. I am not specifically told what type of vampires, but they send out the same shrieks to paralyse a sentient being in fear, as the red court vampires of the Dresden files. Considering the scenery it would make sense.

    They are afraid, as they should be. I follow them the first couple of steps into the maze, but my memory is really blurry about events unfolding. I remember the hunting scream from the vamp. A guy might get pulled into a hole in the wall.

    I am again in a similar setting with ruins, but this time it is contemporary and we are quite a lot of people there from primary school.

    Krimi, Skovborg and Hjort are definitely there.

    We have been playing a sport and seeing as I live in Århus first TH is offering driving me home so my mum won't have to. The offer is placed by Skovborg instead as he actually lives in the city and it will be less trouble for him.

    We are eating from a large bowl of fruit prepared by my mum. To begin with it contains a mixture of fruit, but towards the bottom there is mainly large chunks of Kiwi. Actually the chunks are so big that they remind one more of large melon slices than Kiwi.

    I tell this to a girl next to me. “How did they get the Kiwis so big? It is hard to think that it isn't melon you are eating.”

    A game of volleyball is being played, or rather it is a tournament that could be between different classes of our high school. At some point Skovborg and/or Krimi hears a victory rush and proclaims that he believes their team just won the game or maybe the entire finals.

    We debate a bit about this.

    There has been some application forms involved where you have to select a couple of traits that you could bring to a potential team.

    One of them is “strong thinker” and there is another trait you can select that implicates a test you have to take to verify if you actually posses the trait.

    I pass the first test, but have to redo the form and the next test is rather difficult for me. Something about holding down “b” on the keyboard for an amount of time, then do some counting and decide where the curser is.

    I can't remember the second test, but I do recall considering both as highly illogical and nigh impossible.

    After the test I am standing outside and the weather is sunny. My cousin (Michael) comes up to me and tells me that he considered the first test fairly simple, but he struggled with the second one. He explains how he figured it out.

    A girl comes up and tells how she easily solved both of them. The second had to be solved by pulling a man that was drawn on the paper away so you would get information revealed that was underneath him.

    I feel stupid for not having realised this.


    We are back upstairs where the fruit eating took place and we are lying in a big bed. There are a couple of people there and my mum, who is somehow looking over us is behind me in a corner of her own, also asleep.

    The girl from before is wearing some red hot pants and a white tank top. We snuggle on the bed, not kissing, not anything else but just hugging up sort of using each other as blankets and teddy bears. I stroke her legs every now and again, sometimes by fluke sometimes a mixture of luck and intentions. I am very careful not to come on to strong, think mainly because I am shy and don't want to push her away. I am really enjoying this moment.

    I also know that the moment is about to end. I haven't gotten changed yet and Skovborg will call me shortly to hear if I am coming or not. I don't really want the moment to end, but I am aware that it is the easiest way for me getting back home.

    When he calls I answer the phone and of course I have to answer the question “Where are you” with “I fell asleep, I am on my way I'll just have a shower when I get back home”, “Do you need 5 minutes?” “Not really I am on my way”. I don't want to leave the girl, but we depart.

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