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    Rich'n'Famous, Budapest

    by , 07-31-2011 at 01:01 PM (353 Views)
    31-07-11 I am at a fancy house, seems like one of those houses from a I-used-to-be-rich-and-famous-but-both-are-diminishing-so-I-could-do-with-a-media-boost show. The plot is that the dad has an upcoming 30 year birthday and one of his younger daughters is getting married, but she has left the household and is now sending small items or gifts back home.

    The dad is getting pissed off because he won't see his daughter for this “big” birthday. All the while this happy therapist/psychologist/con artist is walking around the house commentating on the actions from his daughter, actions she herself has asked her to carry out.

    One of these is to send back a lot of colourful items, which I believe is nail polish as well as coloured matches. Someone (a step mum or a sister) takes this as an insult and gets severely pissed off, which obviously is the point.

    My role in the dream is fairly passive I just walk around taking it all in, might listen to some of the people every now and again.

    Think this may be a continuation of previous dream. I am lying in a bed and J and Kaiser joins in. J is happy and she snuggles close up to Kaiser or allow him to snuggle close up to her. The setting is a large double bed in bright surroundings, daytime.

    She moves closer to me, and verbalise that she likes it. We lie like that for a short while until J decides to put her hands in my pants and start masturbating me. Kaiser doesn't seem to like this, but he doesn't say anything.

    I don't like it and she only does it for about a second before I pull away. I wonder if she even got to reach it as I didn't really feel anything, so I look down and see the tip sticking out of my trousers.

    The reason I didn't like it was that she did it only for fun, without any actual feelings involved.

    I am in Budapest, although lots of time in the dream is spent discovering this. There are a lot of friendly Hungarians around. Even when we are out shopping I never seem to not have a cookie or other piece of bakery and a coffee in my hands.

    The second cup of coffee I receive I struggle a bit with. The small white lid doesn't seem willing to go on and I have to put it on a table to get it to stick.

    I believe we have arrived there by train and there is a guide with us.

    We go wandering Lasse, myself and a fellow traveller. As we are walking up a flight of stairs, very wide in a central public place that reminds me of any stairs in large train stations, Mystery traveller asks if there isn't something about Budapest, the Hagia Sofia or something. I have been thinking about that and tell him I believe it is here (I am aware of its actual location in Istanbul, though I double checked it after the dream ^^).

    I proclaim that I should like to see that so we go out searching for it. We walk across a market, it is dark and the primary source of light is rather industrial from the shops around set in white tents.

    I haven't yet seen anything that reminds me of Hagia Sofia, but at one point I see the charactaristic spires fairly far apart. I start running in this direction.

    I realise that there is little reason to run, but I am just so god damn excited so I slow down and talk to Mystery Traveller. “I get easily excited” I say “I noticed” he replies.

    So we are navigating the maze of the market and at one point we loose one of our companions. As we look back to find him he is doing push ups over by a little street salesman sat on the pavement. I quickly get the feeling that he has been somehow compelled to do it and I am careful walking back over there.

    As we walk back all of a sudden everyone drops down and starts doing push-ups. The salesman put put on a military tone and says “give me ten!” But the tone is playful and I realise that he has a game that makes people do push-ups.

    I feel an electric shock in my feet, though without the painful element, but it isn't quite a tickle. And also I, though knowing his trick am forced to do push-ups.

    After I am done I check the underside of my shoes and find little green splinters from the game so I take them out and toss them back to the salesman. He doesn't say anything, but somehow compliment me on discovering his trick so quickly.

    Lasse explains that the price is about a Billion “Euro-something” which after a quick calculation amounts to 15 DKK, which is extremely cheap.

    I am in Thure's parents house. He has emptied the kitchen cupboard I notice as I go looking for cookies and fruit biscuits.

    Outside Thure is trying to stack everything he owns, bed, sofa, mattress on towards the plants of the house. It looks like Ruth's house outside the door.

    His top mattress falls down and half of it is wet. I tell him he should re-arrange it as it is wet already and it will be lying in a pool of water if it starts raining.

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