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    Riot Escapes, Monster Fighting parties, walks in the forest

    by , 08-26-2011 at 12:32 PM (433 Views)
    16-08-11 At Annegrethe's birthday I notice a song from Thure that involves doing something with quite a lot of fruit. On the sheet of paper it proclaims that he is my flat mate and 17 years old, which surprises me in a couple of ways.

    First off I don't recall there being a song from Thure at that actual party, second of all Thure is older than 17 years old. But as I start to question these things my mum interrupts and asks if the song is from Thure, and how awfully nice that is of him.

    I am in what seems like an American city on fire. There is a background commentary on this is now we are seeing the results of the last decade's extensive use of violent computer games.

    The city is in ruins, there is rubble all over the place and where ever you see people they are carrying either hand guns or rifles. The scenario is simple kill or be killed. Shoot on sight, humanity has lost it.

    I stop myself gun in hand. I decide to throw it away and start walking around the city with caution, as far as I am aware I am the only one to get the idea that killing is baaad mkaay.

    I am standing in a driveway under a tree. It is morning time and I am speaking to someone. I soon identify the source of the voices as coming from the camper parked in the driveway.

    It takes a bit of time to convince the voices from inside the camper that I have decided to take up the path of non-killing. They decide to trust me and let me in, however I have to enter the code myself.

    This turns out trickier than just entering a combination into a key pad. The combination is to be entered under the door to the camper. There is a slit wherein a series of motives have been carved in the wood. These are not visible though, so you have to feel out for them. I can't remember all of them, but one is a freaking samurai warrior to give some hints of the difficulty.

    I am however getting verbal assistance so I make it, though I am also told during the process that the code is a work in progress as one of the voices keeps cutting new ones.

    I finally get in. To my surprise the voices of the men I have been talking to doesn't belong to two grown up men. Rather the people in the camper are all packed in a little wooden box. The voices are from the two eldest fetuses (feti?). They are lying face to face in the box with tubings running down by their bodies helping them survive in some sense. The tubes continue upwards to the top right corner of the box where there is an assortment of smaller fetuses, though these aren't sentient as the two largest ones.

    I go outside again and through the branches and sticks of the tree in the driveway I spot a woman. She looks at me and there is a small hint of fear upon her face. I hold up my hands palms outward to signal that I aint carrying and I have no intentions of hurting her, she looks quickly away and back at me.

    I don't know if this woman ends up joining the cause, but when I get to the van there is a woman, I think I met before (just noticed I didn't, but that was how the dream explained her presence). And another one that has approached her from the street, intent on non-violence as well.

    We get in the van preparing ourselves for the ride to get out of Hell Town. We take off and I am driving. I give a rats ass about red lights or otherwise traffic regulating signaling, under the assumption that if I was to adhere to these remnants of legality I would be the only one and stand out. Besides a moving target is always trickier to hit.

    When I take a right and run through a red light under an approach way to the higher free way system I hear sirens behind me. I have a cop on my tail.

    I take a right out over the harbour, except that it is a pedestrian system and the roads I am driving on are narrow as fuck. Multiple times one or two wheels of the van are in the water. I pull the handbrake and spin around and start driving back.

    The diversion worked the cop continue straight ahead and I don't allow for much time to pass before I drive out into traffic again.

    I am at a party in a two story building. On the deck below there is the bar and speaker system. The speaker system is set up a little bit weird as it is pretty much central on the floor, with satellites on the walls.

    I think Mikkel L is there (which would make sense seeing as my family and I talked about him that evening). He is somehow involved with running the party and the sound system.

    I think it might actually be my room for a short while, because someone mentions the good quality of the speaker system and I tell them that what my flat mate has next door is a hell of a lot better.


    I am now upstairs and it is a freaking nightmare. There are mainly two types of monsters up there and I believe I can only take on one at the time.

    The monsters are pretty stationary or slow. The stationary ones have a long energy tongue that looks like a vortex or wormhole if you look down it. The problem with the scenario is that if I decide to take on the monsters on their turf I am always in range of the tongue bitches.

    However I have an ability. I have some kind of rope or tentacle myself that I can shoot out of my chest that will then pull me towards my designated target. So my strategy becomes run in and get attacked from multiple sides, then hook onto a target get close and pull it to the corner I have already cleared.

    On the last trip in I am getting sucked at from 3 directions and the target I have selected is on a shelf above me, plus there is some sort of big ass cable across the ground I will have to get over. I get over the cable and take a shot at tentacle tosser, but miss. I am now standing taking hits from all over so I have to do something quickly.

    I run under the shelf of the target and wait there, now out of range from the other monsters in the room. As I expected soon enough the target peaks out over the edge in order to take a couple of swings at me. Bad move, mofo! I now have a route to shoot at and though I aint exactly confident that my own tentacle (that seems more of a mechanical thing) is strong enough to pull it down I come out on top. I then rush to the cleared corner with the monster and kill it. I have taken up a rather unusual way of killing these monsters, I think I am actually biting vital chunks off of them.


    In the same room on the same floor I keep doing these labs, It might be during my monster hunt that I decide to take a break from the heroic parts of a heroic tale.

    There are women there. And they are have the hots for me. I notice one of these women and start making out with her. I do another lap, this time intend on finding something a bit more exotic (read nude and willing to get close to me) and find her on the next lab at the same corner I used to drag monsters to.

    I am already naked myself and I put my arms around her waist and spin her around so she has her back to me. She doesn't resist, in fact she reacts completely opposite.

    I wake up.

    Pre-sleep: I sense a numbing sensation in my body as I wake up and decide to sleep again. The hypnagoic imagery is of a helicopter view of tree tops that slowly form into an encompassing forest.

    Soon enough the sun appears to give the entire scene some lighting. I try and act and I wake up.

    I remain calm and soon enough a similar scenario arise, trees slowly moving by until the scenario is that of a forest.

    This time the sun is ahead of me and causing some extraordinary visual effects as I am looking at outlines of trees in the background as well as some dark shrubbery off to my right.

    The evolution of the dream continues till the point where I am walking with two mates a bit ahead of me. We are having a conversation and they start mocking me for not exerting control although it is my dream.

    I start explaining that the reason I aint doing anything is for the dream to stabilize, but the fuckers have tricked me into destroying it, by talking, and the scenery vanishes and I see the back of my eyelids and wake up.

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