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    Severe headaches no recall?

    by , 07-11-2011 at 08:22 AM (551 Views)
    11-07-11 I was lying in bed trying to remeber any dream. Couldn't recall anything, could the severe headaches and illness be the cause of this?

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    Tags: headache, illness
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    1. angie746's Avatar
      Hey there..I recently had hysterectomy and due to me now having to take hormone tablets i have been having quite a few headaches and guess what..my dry spell of dream recall started then, so i think it does seem to have some effect on recall...i am off my tablets at the minute and the headaches have lessened and my dream recall is coming back slowly but i think having headaches can certainly fog the mind when it comes to dream recall
    2. Vesterguard's Avatar
      Thx for commenting, going to the doctor tomorrow, Normally I don't do pain killers, but the migraine turned so bad I had to. It even seems to get worse after sleeping, well napping at least. Thx again for the info