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    Sex should not be used as a RC!

    by , 08-26-2011 at 12:40 PM (447 Views)
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    14-08-11 Nap: I am in a house a big one. I walk towards the large living room where Ida and Ruth are talking. I sneak close and they don't notice me. The only reason I do this is to see if I can, which I can.

    I decide to go through the kitchen on my left to another room, just to sneak around the house while they don't know I am doing it. When I get to the kitchen I stop sneaking as much and take some larger leaps, which makes the floor squeak a bit. But since I am further away now I know they won't hear me.

    When I get to the other room I start realizing I am dreaming, the situation reminds me of my last attempt where I think I started taking control too soon and sort of pulled myself out of the dream.

    I need to check though and now Ida and Ruth have arrived and they are looking at each other on a sofa. Ruth is wearing some pink top and loose bottoms. I decide to make them kiss each other and she starts leaning up towards Ida, who has a slightly higher ground wearing gray. Ruth puts out her tongue and Ida teases a bit but doesn't seem to mind it, though she seems a bit surprised that they are actually doing this.

    Wow I am good, I think to myself, I can make two women make out in front of me as foreplay for when I join in. Too bad two women together doesn't do it for me.

    I decide to just go with it. The dream has stabilised a bit and I can move around easier now. So I grab Ida from behind and drag her to the window. She starts mentioning that we have discussed this and she wasn't interested. I explain that maybe if I had been a bit more like this, taking what I want she would have liked it. Besides, my dream, my rules.

    The dream quickly starts fading, but I recover, this is why I took her to the window to try and focus on the scenery while at it. I try and remove her trousers, but this proves difficult as they are very tight jeans. I imagine her to be wearing a summer skirt instead which eases the process.

    The dream is starting to wobble in and out and I have to exert a lot of focus on the surroundings to keep it stable.

    Though I manage to get her pants off, when I am “out” they have reappeared again as some big scary granny panties so I just flick them aside and manage to get a couple of thrusts in before the dream fades.

    Notes: Stupid sexual dreams, not a good RC at all, what a waste of a lucid.

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