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    Short Lucid (FA) - > Tolerance Champion

    by , 10-05-2010 at 09:46 AM (543 Views)
    non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

    05-10-10 I am in Bournemouth and I think in the beginning I am conducting some sort of important official business, I am in a position of power. There is a change in the dream where I meet up with Elliot and Mark Phelps for a chat about old days and Elliot is persistent in his persuasion of getting me to test out my golf swing so he can see it for old times sake. In the beginning I am focusing on my grip and my hand is turned so far around (anatomically impossible) and I tell him that it is the way I grip the club. He gives me some sort of metal object, which could be a torn off car antenna, as he doesn't believe me and sure enough my grip is different when trying it out on the antenna. I start focusing on my thumbs and interlocking my fingers, and testing out the grip without the interlocking. I am talking about some sort of baseball style grip, as someone is telling me that the new official tee off swing requires a run up, Happy Gilmore style. I test my stance and some sort of short fellow corrects my shoulders and feet to get me into something that reminds me more of a Quigong stance. I try my swing a couple of times and then he asks if any of us ever wondered about going pro. I reply I toyed with the idea but gave up as I such too much and 26 is too old to take up any professional line of sports. Elliot questions me about this. I seem to remember something about the road lay out, but it is practically non-recallable, will edit if it comes to me.

    FA. I am in my bed in sunny surroundings and my mother asks me if I dreamt about being someone important. I ask her why and she explains that I was talking in my sleep. All she and I say are blurry words but I remember that it was indeed from my official business in the first part of the dream. I say I was a minister (the governmental position, not a religious one). Then Ulrike appears appears and we talk about me still dreaming about people from EIMS and I explain that I, probably more than others got highly emotionally attached to the place. She tells me she is sorry that I still have to dream about that place and at this point I start becoming suspicious, primarily because she is also a person from EIMS. I notice a false memory appearing about her leaving a year or so back and she makes it clear that she does not dream about it ever. I close my eyes to go to sleep again, but she keeps harassing me with some sort of important piece of work she is conducting with Dennis from China. I say sure you are.
    I close my eyes again and I seem unable to speak so I try telepathically to reach out for Mitzu (A woman that appeared in one of my lucids, while I was on holiday, who came when I requested to meet my dream guide, still have the dream in note form, need to get around getting all those posted. Thinking about it, I probably should have tried texting her for the TOTM). When I open my eyes and walk out of bed I pat Ulrike on the back and check my fingers that at first are blurry, and when I check again, has an additional finger in the middle of the hand. I notice the woman is dressed as Mitzu was the first time I saw her, but I have no presence of mind to actually check who it is, my first point on the agenda is to stabilise the dream. In the dream I sort of just expect it to be Ulrike, so if it was Mitzu let me express my awaken apologies. I start paying attention to my senses and rub my hands, I draw in a huge breath from my nose in order to notice any smells. I notice I am now in a much tidier state of my room and the sunny surroundings and my mum have disappeared. instead of the dining table next to my bed there is a smaller coffee table and my jersey is hanging on the wall where the telly normally is. This is all I experience from the dream as everything goes black and I find myself firmly rooted behind my eyelids in the physical world.

    Note to self: I am finding myself getting lucid more often, but also that they end quickly and abruptly. There may be an idea in checking up on DEILD methods, as I find myself able to lie perfectly still, until I can truly get the initial stabilisation under my belt.

    Also. Buy an alarm clock so I can start working on the WILD project again!

    I am in a house by the river in a tropical setting. There are many Stygian dolls, and for those not familiar with the Diablo 2 environment, these are the animated skeletons of small people about 1-2 feet tall that have a nasty sting and explode when they die, which they do easily. Anyways killing is not on the agenda, the dolls' habitat is threatened due to advances of humans into the forest and in the end the dolls get washed down the river and I end up making peace with them and help them establish a settlement by the shore. Longer up the beach more tourist resorts and residence housing is established and these people are afraid of the dolls (think because they are skeletons and somewhat unnatural), but they dare not openly attack them while I am mediating the hostile relationship. At one point I go the dolls on a rainy day and they end up stabbing me in sheer excitement, they are not trying to hurt me, they just can't help themselves (aren't they cute ^^). I also have lengthy conversations with the humans about them detesting me communicating as I do with the dolls. Somewhere in the back of my mind I have a feeling that the situation is quite familiar (I am always championing the position of tolerance and attempting to understand different religions and cultures, in my somewhat racist and fear-of-the-unknown oriented family. However I am not considering immigrants in Denmark on the level of Stygian dolls ^^)

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