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    Some fragments

    by , 09-23-2011 at 07:48 AM (616 Views)
    23-09-11 Sexual dream, almost completion, then I discover it is my sister and she goes and fetch me a sandwich or something from the fridge, I awake deeply embarrassed.

    Drew, in Bournemouth, that route that is stunning to walk, pick up some weed and smoke quite a lot, walk back to the house, stumble into Janni, hug, somewhat paranoid, but not much, sleep through and wake up to him having rolled quite the amount of spliffs for me, he is gone, walk outside in the field.

    Diabloesque thing, walk to first level, loads of books and stuff supposed to be filled with spirits and ghosts, it isn't, demon in next level, calls up and tells me to bring the police, there is a crime scene, I look through the door and throw a cleaver into the body lying in a bed, there is a demon I can see through the walls, I think he kills my partner.

    Hiding behind some bushes to catch a killer, it is all set up by the police.

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