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    Strip Cruise, Another Vader confrontation, 2nd Attempt at confidence issues

    by , 08-03-2011 at 12:14 PM (423 Views)
    non-lucid - Notes - lucid

    03-08-11 I am on a big ass boat. There is supposed to be some frisky entertainment going on, but it doesn't really cut it and people are getting impatient and annoyed.

    That is until three ladies decide to take matters into their own hands. They decide to start stripping. I know two of them. Carmen Electra, Goldie Hawn and a small slim woman who I don't know and doesn't generate as much attention.

    We are all (on the boat) sat in the main dining/entertainment room. And it is when the apparent lack of entertainment becomes clear that Goldie decides to go on stage wearing a white, fairly elegant dress, and start becoming naked.

    After this the dream turn into a montage of stripping sessions, bar the third woman doesn't really ever show anything. Carmen Electra has huge nuts (no surprise really)´, but Goldie isn't far off and has a certain spark in her eyes.

    At one point she is sat at the end of the stage crouching down with her breasts out looking out over the crowd fairly happy.

    At the end of the dream all three of them are on stage wearing some stripping uniforms receiving an award from someone important that might have something to do with the ship, due to their commitment and brilliance in delivering the shows.

    Carmen is the first to pop a balloon, due her wearing something on her nipples that make them look a foot long and pointy. At first I think it is just her nipples, but after seeing this I notice they all are wearing these.

    My point of view shift so I am now staring at the nipples from the front and here they start looking really absurd and bizarre. They sort of still look like nipples, but it also seems like penises are coming out of these long pointy things.

    I wake up.

    (Thank you whoever arranged for that!)

    I am in Hornslet and I am talking to Mikkel N. He is sat on the floor watching telly and tells me I am supposed to go and pick up Anders. I remember this and call Anders.

    He answers his phone though he sounds horrible, really ill and this has some sort of implication on when and where I can actually pick him up, though he is still intending on coming, which I didn't expect when first I heard him.

    I don't have a car so I am going to have to find alternative sources of transport. I hop in a trailer driven by a tractor. The driver appears and it tuns out to be none other than Darth Vader himself driving, though he has lost all of his terror since the last time I beat him.

    Now he is just a grumpy old man (in full Vader suit however!!) driving a tractor. We head for the road and I try to keep my head down in order not to get noticed by Darth Tractor. I don't want to get thrown off. I briefly wonder if I am even sure to go in the right direction seeing as I am not in control of the vehicle, but I decide to faith it.

    On the way out I am trying to fix up this fishing rod. I have already gotten the line through the rings the first time, now I just need them to go through a second (Huh!?). It is my old fishing rod, red and black.

    After a while on the larger country side roads we get to some narrow town streets. Here it turns a bit hairy as Darth Tractor has to avoid certain obstacles, such as road side stairs sign and people. He keeps looking over his back as if he has seen me, though it could be because he wants to see if the trailer is acting OK.

    At one point I know he notice me and he is obviously not happy to have me on board seeing as he puts his tractor into reverse and drive the trailer AND tractor through a concrete stairs standing on the side walk.

    I go straight through and Darth Tractor ends up looking the fool as he is still sat in the rubble of the stairs (the frame still surrounding him, relatively untouched) unable to move.

    I pick up a glass oven tray, think it still has food bits left in it, walk over to DT and smack him in the face with it. He is stunned for a while as I try to remove his mask to hit him a bit harder. I end up getting the back piece off, but can't remember if I manage to hit him before he sinks into the ground.

    I follow him down and there is a hide out of sorts where the overall layout is designed as our old basement from 1993. There is more furniture though and it is designed as a place to live, not just a basement.

    There are two guys there goofing around. One of them is Jack Black and he obviously feels like he isn't getting enough attention so he storms off and comes back wearing some trousers that allow him to hook himself on to rails of stairs and escalators (it is an escalator leading down to the hideout) and ride them down or up at incredible speeds.

    We calm him down and tell him that he nearly got himself killed, due to wanting attention.

    I am supposed to go to Northern Denmark, and I don't particularly fancy driving with my parents so I decide to drive up there on the bike.

    The problem is that I don't have a drivers license for bikes and I need that to drive the particular bike I have in mind.

    I contemplate driving up there anyway under a veil (a magical cloaking veil, Dresden style, not a bride style veil), but don't know if the veil will be powerful enough or if I can even drive the bike, which looks fairly high tech, red and extremely fast.

    I am visiting Marie (I think) and I am sleeping on a couch under the window. I keep drifting back and forth between the bed and packing my stuff to leave. In other words probably 3-4 FAs.

    In one of these I am walking down some stairs listening to a Danish rap band. They are rapping about Gyro Gearloose as a metaphor for students not really doing anything productive in society as well as the benefits for western culture to finally have hooked up with China.

    I sort of like the band, though I am personally a bit offended about the Gearloose part, but decide to investigate. I find out that the band is called “Anus” and that a CD is currently playing. The CD and cover is completely black.

    I wonder to myself why a band that actually has some decent lyrics decide to call themselves “Anus”, but then again I don't understand modern Rap culture that well.

    Another FA. I wake up and see two identical copies of my wallet lying about. I need both of them as they contain cards I need, both in general and the upcoming travel. I try and consolidate the contents into one.

    Another FA. I wake up and start looking around. The bed is in the wrong place and the windows are on the wrong side compared to where I was sleeping before. I am dreaming. My sister is standing by one of the windows and I sort of do the commentary to her.

    I realise I am naked and I look at her and point my hands towards waist and proclaim “clothes”. I don't particularly feel like something appear, but I decide not to look and just believe enough in the pair of shorts I have wished for.

    I tell my sister “Now let me show you something cool!” and jump backwards towards the roof window. I close my eyes as I am about to fly through and I bump my head against the window. “Now that is uncool” I laugh and try again this time keeping my eyes open and fly through. My sister seems to be smiling all the time without actually saying anything.

    At the apex of my flight I extend my arms and envision a forest behind me. Then I turn around and to my surprise it is actually there, though not as “piny” as I had imagined.

    I start falling, the sensation starts scaring me a bit as I keep falling, but I remind myself it is a dream and I can't get hurt. At some point I shout “stop!” and I stop falling.

    The dream is dark and the only light I really have is the moon hovering just over the horizon straight ahead. I start flying over the forest and ask for help with dealing with my confidence issues (not in dreams, but waking life). Nothing particular happens, except a road appears a bit ahead of me.

    I start becoming annoyed about the lack of visual details and light. I shout out “Increase brightness” nothing really happens except some bright spots appear further up the road on both sides.

    I land by the road and is a bit annoyed of the lack of people. A car drives past me and I decide to stop the next car that is coming towards me so I walk out onto the road and look to my left.

    Soon enough a car appears, and I hold out my left hand in a stop gesture and verbalise the command as well. I decide to try out something fun I visualised prior to going to bed. I push down the hood telekinetic and the car starts flipping over, though compared to my visualisation it is trying to get around me and I don't have it in a firm grip.

    The car turns over and as I try to grip it towards me I can't really. However in the back ground I see shadows of motorcycles starting to fly somewhat towards me somewhat out over a forest.

    The car, which is yellow does hover over the ground a bit, but not enough to say I had control over it.

    A bit later a woman appears walking from the car wreck. I start making my way to her and ask her name. She is wearing a turquoise top and she is smiling. She tells her name is Anne and she doesn't seem to concerned about me wrecking her car.

    I feel the pulling sensation of my physical self
    (My dream body being pulled by the position I am lying in physically, until they match and the dream has disappeared) and I awake.

    Notes: I didn't spend much time stabilising the dream or engaging my senses. I was always afraid of my ability to sustain the dream as well as slightly sceptical of my abilities of within dream control. The dream mimics my life in a sense that I am in a hurry all the time because I perceive a limit of time much closer than it necessarily is, which frightens me and makes me impatient. Second attempt at dealing with confidence issues went really bad, next time spend time really stabilising the dream before making any such attempts.

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