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    Tenerife, Holland, Cash collecting

    by , 07-30-2011 at 12:58 PM (410 Views)
    30-07-11 I am on a trip in Holland. First of all Holland has turned in to an archipelago connected with numerous bridges each island effectively having some degree of autonomous control.

    I rent a quad bike to go driving along the coast lines of these islands to really see Holland. I brag to my cousin about this.

    I go driving, sometimes close to an edge where there is a long fall down. The horizon seems limited or narrowed in at these times. It is dark.

    I sometimes make extreme jumps out on to the bridges, these bridges are something else. Long narrow (very narrow) wooden suspension bridges (you know, Indiana Jones style). Brief fearfulness of missing is ever present, but I never do.

    At one point I make a jump over an edge and land on another island. I am immediately warned that I am trespassing and only people owning 7 bicycles can pass or stay on the island. I get fined.

    I drive back to safe territory and speak with Ruth, who is at work and Ida is there with her. After explaining the situation she sends me an email with what I am to write to the organisation that manages these situations (It is the same she is in). First in Dutch, then English, so I do that. It explains that I am living with her at the minute and was unaware.

    I am on Tenerife and the weather is sunny and bright. I am being guided by a Mediterranean guy who is trying to close the gap between fundamental Muslims, Christians and the general population. He is telling me about these circular buildings on top of walls that we go visit.

    The roof of these buildings can actually be taken off to let in the light. The complexes themselves seems filled with people wearing turbans drinking coffee and smoking pipes.

    As we exit one of them he is talking and talking explaining something, but I don't really listen. I pretend and feel that I should tell him something like; Listen I want to hear you, but since I missed the start it is difficult. I just let him talk.

    At one point we come to a church like structure (we later come to what the guide refers to as “the church”) I feel really happy when I see the spires, which are excessively tall and twisted towards the top, they look beautiful.

    We then come to “the church” and my guide starts laughing unable to stop himself. He explains that the only thing they actually use their church for nowadays is the bus station and he points at a small black shed, currently empty where you would order your tickets.

    I go towards the area I presume the buses would be in and start looking up the amazing twisting spire. For some reason I become almost euphoric at the sight.

    Some mates of mine from elementary school come to greet me. It is all the people a year above me I first became friends with after school. I am pleased to see Lars S doesn't hold a grudge from our last encounter. N is there. Reza is bullying a bit, but I decide that now we are all grown up and I am significantly larger than back then I give him some back and he soon lays off.

    Lars starts singing. I go to the rooftop of an adjacent building to marvel at the spire from higher up. I then hear Lars continue the singing. He is singing about cookies, coca cola and alcohol and water in the tune to “Beauty school drop out” from Grease, sometimes in tune with the melody other times as an extended talk about cookies that doesn't fit the melody unless you listen to the entire rant. I am laughing, but I somehow struggle laughing because I find it funnier than my body is actually expressing.

    Lisa is there and we talk a bit about how things are going and I think it is her that asks me if I am seeing someone.

    I am at a house. I walk out and press the doorbell. It is blue and I have an instinctual hunch that I will get money from pressing it. Someone appears in the window and I explain my hunch. She gives me money by letting the light on the doorbell button light up.

    My friend express admiration for my foresight.

    The entire dream is about me walking around looking out for blue things, including a quite wondrous specimen of blue flowers, plastic from the inside of fizzy drink caps and any other bluish colouring of the surroundings.

    In the end I find myself staring down a road looking at the incoming rain. It is mild at first but gain in strength, I am looking at the drops as they bounce from the road. The space between them become less and less.

    A wind start sweeping in from the left. and I start making my way back towards the village counting the blue caps I have collected so far, after first having just stood and just felt the rain and wind for a while.

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    1. maboroshi's Avatar
      Hi Vesterguard. Cool dreams. I really like the church dream. The imagery is pretty great, and the "Beauty School Dropout" candy song is hilarious.