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    1. 08-04-16 Killing the Waiter/Manager making a pass at mom

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:37 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I find myself in a lounge like area of a restaurant, that has more of a private living room vibe to it. The illumination is quaintly dark, looks like it is illuminated by torches on the wall or dimmed lighting. I am sat in a sofa setting, two square coffee tables in front of me, with someone one my side I am unfamiliar with or can't remember. The sofas are rather large and comfortable, made of dark brownish leather.

      On the opposite side in the other sofa is my mother, and she is holding the menu. We are laughing at one another, but it is a laugh of irritation and irony. The menu is rather limited – and their certainly isn't any vegan options. We look for the wine list, but find out in some manner, maybe just intuitive knowledge that there isn't anything to select from.

      The manager comes over, he is also our waiter or maybe a waitress has called him over because we have complained. He starts explaining that of course there are options and that this is the menu he is running, completely ignoring our complaints. At the same time he is making an obvious pass at my mom, and I think “cheeky fucker” - reading that he is using his sexual advances to avoid dealing with our problems.

      He is your typical short, hairy and somewhat greasy Italian or Greek stereotype, speaking in an Italian accent. He starts out being stocky and somewhat round but over the course of the dream turns extremely skinny, though he maintains his open and deep cut shirt and full dark moustache.

      After a short while with him constantly leaning in towards my mother trying to get close to snatch a kiss and overload her sensual senses I have had enough. I get angry. I stand up knock the menu off the table with a backhanded slap, so it goes skittering across the dark redish/ochre tiled floor, towards the entrance where real dining tables are placed. It comes to a halt by one of these tables. There are two or three waitresses standing over there looking anxiously towards me, if not quite in shock – they are dressed in a typical white blouse, black skirt and apron outfits.

      The manager gets up and he is now much thinner and smaller than I. I go and grab him by the throat and pull him towards the area with the dining tables. I start strangling him, anger rushing up through my stomach like a volcano spewing out Lava. I don't recall if I say anything to him, though I have a feeling that I tell him of my dissatisfaction with him using sexual/romantic advances in order to avoid dealing with the valid complaints about the place we have.

      I let him go briefly and pick up one of Karens's t-shirts – a light purple coloured one – and wrap it around his throat and pull tightly together. I notice that none of the people around me are trying to stop me despite me being in the process of killing the owner.

      Immediate Interpretation: Killing the waiter, who is making a pass at my mum could represent that I am frustrated with my own preoccupation with engaging in a sexual and romantic relation with Karen, which I have seen have the capacity to pull me away from writing my thesis. Alternatively it could be representing an intuitive fear I have that she is somehow “playing” her sexuality at me instead of dealing with the emotional problem I feel she is experiencing, when she is simultaneously pushing me away and also want me closer. It could also represent that I am aware of a manipulative aspect within myself, where I am using my own sexual advances in order to avoid dealing with an emotional issue I am experiencing myself – which makes sense as this 2 day non-communication deal has stirred up some anger and confusion.
    2. Nofink!

      by , 10-14-2011 at 11:20 AM
      No recall.. fairly drunk
    3. Girls, Guns and heorism, Altered Bus plans

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:59 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      20-09-11 Fell asleep at about 01:00 GMT +1 (woke up at 07:30) after having burned through some neurology pages, intending on meeting up with Kaomea.

      Shoot Out: Save the girl!

      We are in a warehouse and we are aware that there are armed men. My female companion take point and take out a couple of guards on the way into the warehouse. We

      We are wielding M16s, the woman goes in shoots the first and the second, but gets hit. I am at the point of view behind the shooter and I see that where she gets hit isn't lethal, rather on the hands or arms.

      I think I have changed into Fox Moulder and I get really upset at the bastards taking down my partner. I empty the clip into the bad guy, maybe a bit more vindictive than I need be. I take point, I make contact with the little girl behind the desk, there is a fair amount of light coming through the windows.

      I think we might be in there for the girl, I try and establish if there are more bad guys, don't think there is.

      Alternative Bus Route

      I am on the bus on my way to Århus, think Ramskov or another of my friends are with me, in fact I think I have to punch in for him. I have to run across the street in order to catch the bus, and the driver seems anoyed (probably because I run out in front of him, breaking his take off) but he decides to stop and let me on board.

      We have to take an alternative route, our driver seems pissed off as he doesn't like the neighbourhood he has to go through. It becomes apparent for a couple of reasons, first off al there are a lot of narrow corners and sharp turns that is almost impossible to make for a bus and secondly there are a lot of middle eastern people in the streets unwilling to move.

      We end up having to go through a garage where all of us bar the driver has to get out of the bus in order to go under some wall. While in the garage a kid is acting up and I end up giving him a slap before I go back in the bus, he seems a bit upset by that and he has some friendly communication with the bus driver and I give him a remark that he should come and work at Falck when he comes of age as he clearly has some mechanical skills, he seems happy at this.

      Tiny Tennis Game

      I am standing at a gas station or similar, think I might be chatting to someone when all of a sudden a tennis ball come flying over a fence across the road to where me/we are standing. I run a bit in order to throw the ball back in, but before I can reach it I see a little girl in, I believe, a pink dress/tennis outfit.

      I throw the ball across the street and I see that it bounces slightly off the wall and starts running down the hill. I sure hope it won't get out on the road too much, but at least now she won't have to cross the entire road endangering herself.

      Ruminations of the waking state activation

      I am falling asleep and waking up quite a lot in the beginning of the night and my thoughts are on the way my brain is activated. It shifts from being a blue rectangular area to a larger red (not sure of the shape) area. Unfortunately I can't remember which state was witch though I think the larger activation area was the sleeping state.

      Notes: Tanks to Kaomea and Nephanim for the new and enhanced dream format.
    4. School reunion, brazilian boat in the back serving up Ayahuasca

      by , 09-16-2011 at 07:25 AM
      15-09-11 School reunion party, Sine's brother is there he accidentally pulls up a bag of coke, Sine looks disturbed, but tells him she wants some, get really hammered, end up at Bo's place, drinks get spilled, people say they went to bed at around 3, though I have no memory after noon (15 hour gap hooray). People are drinking, I am staying over.


      The reason I am staying over, go out the back, down to the river, in an Amazonian rainforest, by the actual Amazon river, there is a house boat with two people in it, an older and younger man. The younger man seems to have fluorescent yellow/green skin and doesn't actually look indigenous. The older man is very hostile towards different cultures, so is the younger to be fair. They have a pot of Ayahuasca brewing and I really wanna try that, but they don't trust me, so I ask if I can bring some sort of gift to prove that I am friendly, he wants paper and batteries and I tell him I can get that in a heartbeat

      Notes: Soooo pissed off I didn't return to this, this has become a main lucid goal for now though!

      At Bo's place, Djana comes up and sits in my lap, which I consider strange, she drops some ear rings in my left palm, and I get a vague memory of being with her the night before (during my 15 hour memory lapse), she got those ear rings from Bo, she asks me “don't you agree that it is about time for us to leave?”, which I do, but I am hanging around for some reason, but I seem to have forgotten the purpose. I look in the freezer and it is filled with beer, I try and take one, but fail.

      Something about the car.
    5. Weeds and 911

      by , 09-06-2011 at 01:05 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      06-09-11 Weeds/911 mix up. There has been a plane crash out in a field, though the Boing that has crashed seems fit for take off and I think there may still be people in it.

      There is a smaller jet headed for the Boing, which will destroy it. I see this twice.

      The Second time around Andy tells Doug to get in the plane and take off in order to save lives. I take on the perspective of Doug and walk into the cockpit. I start taking off, which is slightly difficult as the road is blocked a bit down the road, but luckily the plane doesn't need much run way to take off and I, Doug, am capable of pulling it up at a fairly steep angle.

      A bit up in the air I have a near collision with another Boing, but manage to avoid it barely. I even wonder how I missed with the wings and all.


      Doug is flying around some strange buildings trying to avoid the mid air passageways between towers. Quite the achievement.

      I am in a team race of sorts in a pyramid.

      I am teamed up with my dad and the way the race works is that you have to undergo a series of challenges depending on what colour trail you draw. Each trail consists of 5 sub challenges.

      I draw red (Fire), which is a difficult one. We have to go through a small rectangular hole that seems filled with urine in order to get to our drawn trail.

      The first step of my challenge involve guiding a metal golem down a ramp through some boulders that keeps running across this in order to trip it. It reminds me of the classical game where you have to adjust the floor in order to guide a metal ball through a maze of traps, except that it is with a golem and there is a sea of lava at the bottom.

      I manage to get the golem through but I am having second thoughts about jumping into the lava, so I ask the surroundings if it is safe to do so, to which I get the response that it is perfectly safe.

      I jump into the lava and there is a similar configuration of boulders cutting across our path towards the goal.

      I realise that I am dreaming and I pick up the golem, now transformed into a small marble sized metallic ball, still with the same dark metal grey and ruby colourings, telekinetic, as it will be easier to transport.

      I dodge the balls and “fly” through the lava on the right hand side of the ditch thereby avoiding the angry red heads of Søren Pilmark (Danish actor) coming out of the left hand side on sticks.

      I reach a rope that I pull that immediately starts taking my dad (who has now reappeared) up of the lava trench.

      We exit through a well where I rise singing “lucid dreaming”, to a tune I have now forgotten, over and over again.

      Steffen from my primary school class is there and he explains that he only managed 4 challenges and concedes that lucid dreaming have probably given my team the edge. (At this point my lucidity is rapidly declining, and I have no access to memory of tasks I wanted to carry out).

      Fragments: At a garden party with the entire Weeds crew and a few more.

      Silas is in a plane that has crashed and is getting filled with water he is trying to get people out of the plane through a tunnel into the house.

      There is a “future” vision of him being pulled up the tunnel screaming because his girlfriend is still in the plane.

      skip back

      We are going through the procedure of evacuating people, there now seems to be more than initially expected. Besides there being more people they seem utterly oblivious to the danger they are in.

      I take on Silas' perspective and start running to get people to the tunnel one by one. Some of them just don't get it, but seem more interested in the fruit buffet that is in a room in the back. So I grab some people and start crushing fruit against their heads and making them look out the window so they can see the plane is sinking.


      I am in the garden jumping from tree to tree rather agile, like a monkey.


      Andy has bought a new boat that gets placed on the law. There is a woman in it, but Doug arrives and figures out that Andy is going to Thailand and after a moments consideration Andy kicks out the woman who seems a bit disappointed, but tries to tackle the situation by putting on a smile and explaining that she isn't mad. Sounds almost like she is trying to convince herself that she thinks it OK.
    6. Nofink!

      by , 09-02-2011 at 09:49 AM
      02-09-11 Tabula Rasa
    7. Nofink!

      by , 08-30-2011 at 10:41 AM
      30-08-11 Tabula Rasa
      Tags: no recall
    8. Multi POVs, Chases in the dark with retribution, random bass stuff

      by , 08-12-2011 at 10:38 AM
      12-08-11 I am in a kitchen or a wall-less home in the area of the kitchen, the house doesn't seem to have a roof. I keep fading in and out of this scenario so I don't quite think I am dreaming, but I am aware of the subjective nature of my reality. I wouldn't quite call myself lucid as that term normally implies that you have a sense of self and a sense of the world, but I am lacking a sense of self. Again I am sort of experiencing the scenario from multiple point of views. Or no point of views. Until I am given something that could either be described as a piece of jewellery or a dream catcher. The design is really simple. A series of circles has been placed in an inner circle and they are overlapping each other, giving rise to a classical flower picture. I wonder if this is the sign that someone is sharing this. I try and head for Chichen Itza, but this mentation is far too fragile and it immediately destabilise the dream.

      Lasse F is with me in my flat at night time. We hear some sounds outside on the road and I move to the kitchen to find out what is happening. It would appear that two cops are struggling to retain a noisy drunk citizen. Upon closer inspection I see that I know this person. His name is Rasmus H.

      He manage to get free of the policemen, though I would wish he wouldn't. He is just drunk and they will just take him in overnight, wouldn't even be noted on his criminal record. But he doesn't.

      I shout out to him “Rasmus” he doesn't really respond. Later I shout again and this time he tells me his name is Jesper.

      Lasse F is somehow jumping out the kitchen window in fear and start running up the street to get away, and all of a sudden a mob of people is chasing him and they manage to trip him over up by a car and they swarm him. I don't know if they will be safe.

      (this may be from a separate dream, but) There are two people standing by my window armed with bats and knives sort of preventing me going outside.

      I manage to get out and into a bus where I borrow the drivers phone in order to call the police. I do so and the bus driver seems to follow the mob up the road. We end at a construction site where loads of digging machinery is parked. It is morning now.

      The mob of people is there, lounging themselves on the hood of their cars. I see a couple I recognise and Rasmus's younger brother pulls in, he was there during the night as well.

      I first of all tell the police that I was dreaming some of the time, but I know what I saw (I suppose I shouldn't have said that really)

      I explain to the police what happened and I start pointing out people. They are my friends so it is a bit difficult. When I point at Thomas H he immediately responds that he was somewhere else, so he couldn't possibly have been there.

      Murmurs take place about my sanity “he is sick in the head” I hear Rasmus tell the lady on his left. I briefly wonder if they are right, I mean after all I did dream most of this up, so maybe I am mistaken.

      I wake up.

      Following dream has a lot of scene shifts, and I am having trouble reconstructing it chronologically so will present it as fragments.

      There is a concert and Lars is playing the bass. He hasn't been doing it for that long, but he is awesome. During a solo he is killing the groove, while still adding some (pardon my musical ineptitude, but I believe the correct word is) harmonics to the bass melody.

      I find myself holding my bass and playing along and to my surprise I aint all bad. I am not playing a lot of different nodes, mainly the four strings themselves and a few selections. It doesn't always go well, but as I said it isn't bad.

      Towards the end of the number they are playing I put my bass down and point up at Lars to let him know he rocks! The speaker is announcing some special surprise and I hope he hasn't seen me playing along on the bass, cause I would suck on stage.

      But he calls out a woman's name and I feel relieved. However my cousin is lounging it on the couch and I believe a good surprise would be for him to go on stage and have a bass off (that is a linguistically awesome sounding concept btw! ^^). So I nod the announcer a bit, but he doesn't seem responsive.

      I speak a bit to my cousin and he cheekily smiles and calls me his salesman. I don't mind, was sort of what I was doing, but I truly believe it would have been a marvel to behold those two.


      I am in a big playroom of sorts and we are supposed to play this game. It is a highly modified version of connect four that I don't particularly understand now or in the dream. The point of it is to somehow escape the frame. but you have to hide your coins behind various cardboard cards with an assortment of motifs on them.

      Later on the game develops and it becomes apparent that it is also a 2 teams versus each other one of the teams just consisting of one person, because the position that person takes is designed from the game to be stronger.

      Oh and it also turns into a Tetris (spelling) type game where you have to use your colours versus the black ones to block the path of the opponent catching up. It is highly weird and I think the only reason I partially get it is due to me being on team with my cousin and someone else.


      I am walking down the street on a morning (though the lighting looks like it is set in the afternoon) and I am walking towards Kaiser's parents house, though I am expecting him to be there. I find him outside on the road doing something with a water hose.

      I approach him in conversation and he starts talking about my cousin, who visited him last night. He gave him this list of stuff to think about written in orange ink on white paper. The only thing I remember of the 9 point list is that we are all supposed to do the same thing on September 3rd though I remember the event in the dream I don't now.

      There is so much more in the dream involving some women that may or may not be partially random at least. Nothing sexual though.
    9. No recall.. again

      by , 07-17-2011 at 12:26 PM
      17-07-11 No recall, getting pissed in Rotterdam till 4 in the morning will get the blame for that!
      Tags: no recall
    10. 2 WILDs with little effort

      by , 01-26-2011 at 12:06 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      26/01/11 I was with Ronja and realised I was dreaming, I take the chance and turn the dream sexual. She is glad I have finally made a move and take me outside.

      She is teasing me and as we walk over a lawn she asks me if we should make love in open air or in a tent conveniently located on the yard in question.

      I wake up and go back to sleep, after a couple of seconds images start appearing and I turn on my senses to stabilise.

      I start flying through windows and floors. I encounter a few issues, but quickly gain confidence to overcome these and the problems are no more.

      I start experimenting and manage to evocate a tornado under my control. I also make lightning flash in the background and feel pretty satisfied.

      I also manage to summon 2 water elementals, that later start looking like water balloons in humanoid shapes.

      Notes: I had natural awakenings prior to the dreams and I didn't even have to try to initiate them. One is probably more a DEILD, which is a first for me, so all in all a productive evening!
    11. Sharktooth

      by , 12-09-2010 at 12:48 AM
    12. Champion of Change in Roman society [non-lucid]

      by , 10-12-2010 at 06:50 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      12-10-10 I was in the time of the Romans, although there were a few inconsistencies in the form of a present time English pub, military humvees and shotguns. I cannot recall the chronological playout of the episodes entirely, but then again I didn't write it down as I had the dream.

      It starts off in a city rising to prosperity through the means of enslavement, which is considered normal and fair. Not to me. There are few rich people who exploit the rest of the population by paying them way under the standard (so I suppose they are not technically slaves, but still). There are two people I get to know who is participating in town establishment projects. One is a black man off the streets of Rio (yep, I am sure that Rio existed in the time of the Romans!) who's job was to infiltrate the criminal circles in uncivilised settlements to keep them in order. He was assisted by a white military man, who was supposed to slowly introduce Roman law enforcement and rule.

      In the pub there is always a young man reading the paper (Oh yes, the printing press was invented by the Romans “nods”) preaching change and revolution, but never actually doing anything. I believe it is here I get to speak with the patron who is exploiting my friends and where I discover who serious this exploit is. Something that would be equivalent to 1 cent per 500€ earned by the patron is paid off to the worker (meaning that when the worker himself has made 500€ he gets one cent, not when a project has earned 500€) so pretty serious exploitation.

      As I got to like these people I went to visit them as they were removed from the city I was in to establish a new Roman town. They were on a tropical beach somewhere and as I got there I met the white man staggering confused (confused enough so his condition warranted clinical treatment) and I struggled to make much sense of what he was saying. I didn't get to see the black guy, but in the end the white guy managed to convey that he had received an honourable promotion. I was not satisfied however as I knew he was still receiving nothing compared to the rich patron hiring them to the job, sitting safely at home doing nothing. I promised them a change!

      I confront the patron, might have killed his guards (this part is unclear), what I do know is I kick the living crap out of him and tell him that he will learn to respect people and at least provide a 10-20 % pay rise (which in the dream seemed significant), which was meant as a starting point for equalising the differences. He doesn't like it and come to see me in the pub later on. He doesn't know exactly who to find, but have been given three names of revolutionaries. He checks the first two and comes to my name (which might be Skreetcher or something).

      I can't recall how we get there but I am in the view of the patron and a goon pursuing Skreetcher in a humvee. They manage to run him over just before he gets behind a tree (his name is above his head battlefield 1942 style). Satisfied with himself the patron starts looking out over the lands. Skreetcher gets up chokes him from behind, whispers something in his ear, before he blows his head clean off with a shotgun.
    13. Dreams, short novel style

      by , 10-03-2010 at 08:04 AM
      Back from a two week vacation, which to my surprise and amusement ended both my dryspell, improved recall and provided 4 (albeit short) lucids.. I will get to writing these down at some point as they are currently in paper form. To begin with here are the dreams of this night all non-lucid

      02-10-10 Starwars film, interactive, end scene driving cars doing ridiculous stunts, facebook integrated, in order to get an achievement you had to play a flash game on facebook, thinking it was weird that there were cars, but only when I introduced it to my friend, some sort of massive showdown in the end where everyone had to unite to defeat something.

      Someone arranging an orgy on a boat if there is one in the crowd that dares just picking one, someone does she picks the girl who made the challenge, who then goes down on her, she likes it, for some reason I feel shunned as though I am not invited, I hate that.

      Something about playing a mini world cup soccer match on a boat, we score many free kick goals, there are some old or new guys in defence that we need to pay attention to if we are not to let in any goals.

      I am in a computer game of sorts on a beach in misty fog, there are loads of zombies that needs killing, I forget to pick up a weapon and spend a lot of time trying to find it, I am playing co op with a friend and he is way ahead of me in score, I get the feeling that I have played the game before and can't quite understand how I suck as I do

      I am in my flat and outside my door the hallway and kitchen has been cleaned, I feel bad for not having helped out or done some of it myself, I didn't expect Thure home for another day, He comes back in as the front door has been opened and says that the spare room (there is no spare room) needs to be repaired for moist in the walls that has damaged the floors, that is why there are two doors on the hinges to the bathroom (>.<).

      The orgy setting is coming to conclusion and apparently has come to play out in a school yard, there are talks about where and when the next one is to be thrown, I say eagerly that it can be done at my place, since I am supposed to throw a house warming party anyhows, nothing better to warm the house than an orgy! The remaining sexual exploits involve a mix between Madonna and a friend of mine who is with a man in drag, as I look to see if I can spot his penis (I conclude that he is indeed a man) she asks if I want in (I'll spare the graphical and adult language on this site) to which I agree.
    14. Three dreams, a failed WILD that lead to amazing recall (non-lucid)

      by , 08-26-2010 at 12:50 PM
      26-08-10 Pre DVA: Something about milk cartons hanging from trees, they were cold and delicious.

      post DVA. M playing up to have sex, really having it with K/Random guy. I get invited to a party through someone else. We are hunting 4 specific monsters that makes their victims go insane by presenting themselves as hallucinations. When M completely rejects my approach, first by saying my left hand is disgusting and cold she gets really mean and says she will only spend her last time with someone remotely good looking like K and the guy from the party. The searches for the monsters is really thorough, Sam and Dean Winchester are also there. We are hunting the day after the party, when I see the first apparition appear I am amazed at how she just appears, there is a slight electrical buzzy sound to the scenario as well. After we are done hunting the guy that have invited to the party needs a towel I go get one, and he tells me he owes me an apology for being a dick, especially since some random guy he met a couple of years back is quicker to help out than his friends. “No sweat” I say “No really” he goes on “Never a chore” I finish the argument. On my way home I am in a bus and I notice that the weather is really bad, in fact it is so bad that a tornado is on the horizon, there are huge electrical storms (Wait, hang on a minute wasn't there something I was supposed to do if I saw an electrical storm?) I knock the thought in order to capture the tornado on a picture. It is too late we are practically under it now. The bus starts shaking and some glass break, I am remarkably calm for this and go to the middle of the floor on the second floor and lye down between the seats protecting my head. We spin around the booming thunder is ear sundering. We get past and I look around outside the windows that the tornado has cause quite the damage. There are some small dogs involved in the dream and before I go on the bus the guy that threw the party befriends me on facebook, He does some odd moves and changes status all the time, in the end he is abandoning the ship by sending 2 green dragons/wyrms out over a waterfall and a 3rd creature is close by to create the black whole that will destroy the entire landscape (this seems like a computer game).

      26-10-08 I was in a very tall building, I came in and went to the lifts, all of a sudden there is a really strong smell of cannabis. I wonder why this is and I look at the floor and next to the lift is a backpack and right on the floor there is a small plastic bag with some weed in it. I pick it up and head for the lifts, I have to wait a bit and I keep pushing the button. As I enter the lift, there are two lifts right next to each other I see another backpack which makes me think that there are more than one person and that they will be coming back for their weed: I go up, I am amazed to find that I don't quite remember what floor I live on but something tells me it must be the 44th, I remember it as being 4th but the numbers don't go that low (!). I go to the very top and as I travel I keep dropping lower and lower numbers, sort of remembering where I am going. I realise that the lift will be stopping at multiple floors, which scares me because I want to keep the weed and if I run into the guys I will have to give it back to them due to my moral code. Almost at the top the lift comes to a hold and the two lifts merge into one, which at the time doesn't seem strange at all. I go out and decided to take the stairs down to where I am supposed to live. When I get to the floor all of a sudden I realise I don't live there any more “thats right I moved in with Drew” I laugh to myself. I then go to a bathroom that for some reason has holes in the floors all the way down to the main floor. I start easy enough by jumping from one sink to another, but it gets progressively more challenging at one point I have to sit down in order to hang from the sink as the drop from standing position is too big. I feel intense fear as there is almost no room to sit down compared to the other drops. I decide to step into the sink (as opposed to on the table next to it) to get a better foothold to get to the hanging by the arms position, I am successful. I drop down and am now naked (dream sign missed) but I quickly find a towel to wrap around my waist. I go towards the lobby I believe I am in the showers associated with the gym of the building. As I go out I realise the lights are out and the gym must be closing as I go through a set of glass doors I see the keys are still in the door and I quickly think that with those keys I have access to the entire building. I leave them in the door, it isn't my style, and a short while later a manager of the building comes out, look at me and says “Ah another one of those” not sure I entirely understand what she means I just say “yeah” and smile. No reason to make her suspicious about my doing in the bathroom and how I got there. I carry on and in the lobby there is a man, played by the same character that play Zacharia in Supernatural, who starts yabbing on about the quality of the gym. I decided to tell him the truth about my adventure in there after commenting “Very high to the ceiling”. He explains that he admires that and let me go.

      As I walk I see a woman talking to an older woman, she tells her “no matter what you are going to die in that accident, not even he can help you” she looks at me and I am now a character played by Hoit (spelling) from true blood. I get a really strong sensation of deja vu, I have seen this before. A car is going to loose control and crash through the window killing the woman. I pay little attention to it and carry on. As I walk the scene starts playing out and I see the woman has tried to get out of the building quickly. She sees the car and tries to run back, but her and a crowd of people are held back by two police officers. As the car approaches it kills the crowd, but I am thinking to myself constantly “lie down” as it will make the car fly over her (sort of spiderman style) and she does so averting death. I rush to her shouting commands to people to call an ambulance. The woman is still conscious and I tell her not to move as she might be injured she moves around a little and hugs me, I fully embrace it although I try not squeezing her too much in case something will get broken.

      There is a shift I am now back to my old self and I walk into a place where my parents, Kaiser and two older friends of mine (don't know them IRL) are. My friends are talking about getting some hash, and I say I have some from earlier although it is weed and I don't have a lot, I have no intentions of smoking it due to the paranoia I tend to feel when smoking cannabis in a crowd of people so they can have it. As I pull it out of my pocket and backpack simultaneously (!) it goes everywhere and I realise it wasn't a plastic bag, but rather a transparent smoking maker. I apologise and start scouring through my backpack and to my amazement there is loads of weed on long sticks in there not even in a bag. My friends get excited and Kaiser asks if I bought it when Ronja and I went to Amsterdam, I explain that only Ronja brought some back and in no way near that quantity, the truth is I have no idea about how it got there, not even a false memory. My parents somehow note that we might have to have a chat about my interests, but I ignore it and finally realise that I shouldn't let my choices be influenced by them. I pass out the dope and starts bagging it. We start a conversation about the woman situation and how Kaisers dad had an important role to play as the writer (prophet more like) of the setting, and there is some debate whether he was actually a consultant or the writer. I decide that he was the writer, although he sometimes does consultancy (as he does IRL).

      I am walking across the street of the building, where previously a scene with the woman from the accident with a guy that worships her has played out. There is supposed to be something between the two, but nothing yet. As I walk across the street I have a strong feeling she will be there and I am dying to see her again. I walk in and she is in therapy with a shrink and the guy from before. The main part of the conversation seems to be between the guy and the therapist and the woman is by the side on a chair in morning robes. I walk over to her and she smiles fantastically to me when she sees me. She has to be reminded that it was I who helped her after the accident (for some reason I am now me, not someone else). We talk and joke a lot, we hug, and through the entire exchange I keep stroking her on the outside of her upper legs. At a point the therapist and the other guy looks over and the therapist tells me that her patients are supposed to rest and be protected. The woman looks at her “he is cool” and returns her attention to me. Are you happy I ask, she looks at me does a joke about how she just needs to sort something painful out in her upper back, hugs me and then says “there, perfectly happy”.
    15. The great train wrecking scheme

      by , 08-25-2010 at 10:01 AM
      25-08-10 There were three particular characters who each had to derail a train. One was an Angel in the shape of Ryan Kwantee, another some freaky psychic, who could remove trains with her mind or turn them into trucks. I might have been the third, or hoping that the third player would enter the stage quickly as I wouldn't know how to do it and the time was approaching. Ryans plan was to jam a pack of insulation in the track changing system, it somehow wasn't his own plan He might have had it handed to him. Won't pretend to even understand if there was a plan behind the way the psychic was chased into the fields by a runaway possessed train until she decides to mentally teleport it back to the tracks. I check the wheels and they are tires, but it is driving the tracks now behaving like a good little train. As for the 3rd Train I remember slamming my body into it as it was in motion a couple of times without much success.

      In a somewhat related setting I am driving a car and I swing past the school area sort of expecting someone there that needs a ride. There is a girl who has to go somewhere quite out of my may, but I decide to give her a ride. She keeps saying something I can't quite understand so in the end I ask her to just direct me as we go along. This becomes a pain later on when Thure and Pil decides to join in the party and keeps shouting where to go. This becomes worse when I decide to make some turns that I have planned, but that they don't understand. In the end I pull in a petrol station, turn around Look at Pil directly and at the same time in the rear-view mirror (yep, missed that one ^^) I shout “You get to say it only 2 times more” implying that on the second he will get kicked out. He doesn't believe me and pulls two straight away. I stop the car (again ) open the door go out and pull him out of the car.

      There are some kids in a train, they are all dressed like fictional characters, many of them have poorly painted moustaches. They talk about how people pretend to be them, as in a reversal of the actual situation, where the superheroes are pretending. They seem powerful, but not in them having the powers of the heroes... different. Scares me a little, quite freaky!
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