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    Walls closing in, lift style! (2 fragments and a WILD)

    by , 09-01-2010 at 07:53 AM (3050 Views)
    notes - non-lucid - lucid

    01-09-10 I am making pancakes, I forget to add flour and the result is obviously not great. I tell my mum that I forgot flour, she still thinks it will fail (thanks mum >.<). I didn't care I knew I could do it.

    This might be a continuation or a separate dream

    I have spent the night at my parents. The key to my flat is being taken to the owner of the building, which means I have to stay in Hornslet, this annoys me so I decide to eat some cereal on my parents expense. I tell my mum that I am disappointed, not in exact words but by repeating what she said in a depressed tone of voice. She says all I have to do is go to the shop and meet Lars who will have the key, I repeat this mentally to myself and then Lars appears, no one is saying anything to him and he is wearing a stupid hat plus not all of his hair is grey, I find this odd, but not enough to induce. He drops the keys on the table and write something on a piece of paper, I check out the piece and it is a “to/from” card normally associated with Christmas. This is weird, I grab the note and start writing my own stuff. The funny thing is that Lars and his wife have just repeatedly written “to” and “from” throughout the months (note: it was written in Danish, one of the rare times I dream in my native language). I realise it is a weird game he is playing with his wife, I don't want to interfere, so I erase what I have written on it and put the paper back on the wall. Mental note I had written Caroline in one of the boxes.

    (WILD) I wake up, I am lying on my back, I am positively sure I just fell asleep on my stomach. Damn what if I am waking myself up here. I quickly open my eyes, I am lying on my sofa. Come again!? The sensation of SP is gone, I know I am lying on my stomach in my bed, sod it I'll risk it I open my eyes and check my fingers, Ooooohh seven fingers on one hand, surely that is a record. Hang on the scenery is amazingly vivid, this actually looks like my flat as it does in real life. Telekinesis is off, are you sure that you are dreaming? Check the hand again you fool! Ah, two of my fingers are merging, good still dreaming. Vester you are an idiot, would you just accept the god damn fact that you are dreaming, trust your powers and fly out the window already!?

    I fly out the window, the buildings in the streets have changed instead of being constructed of red bricks they now have grey grained surfaces. Interesting I think, they look amazingly real. I decide to fly right this time, then up I look at a parking lot with a lot of cars making sure I really use my senses in order to stabilise the dream as much as possible. I turn around and start flying left, I need to find something I can do, how about finding a small hotel, surely that has a lift in it. I take a left and see a small bar, it looks like it could have been a hotel at some point so I decided that it will be my target. I land in front of it and as I see a man sitting outside drinking a beer I decided to take a quick detour and ask him my dream name. I ask, after a bit of a break he replies “I really don't know”. Gah never mind I have other things to play around with, I walk through the bar expecting to find a lift. I get a bit of a brain freeze from thinking about if the dream will recognise if I use the word lift or elevator and what meaning it will have on the task, but decided that it is irrelevant. I walk through the corridors and in the end come to an old looking metal door, here we go! I walk in in a strange shaped room, the floor is covered in a carpet typical of lifts/elevators. There is no controls, but a manage to summon 1 button on the wall. “One is good enough I only have one destination anyways, atomic world it is!” I press the button.

    The lift start moving, really slowly, come on Vester can't you make this thing move quicker!? nope, no go, damn I really need to practice dream control, especially the whole manipulation of my surroundings part. As I think about how I want to spot the holes in atoms so I can surf the particles in wave form I notice that the walls of the lift are starting to close in on me. I think to myself “great you moron so, the way you decide to go to the atomic world is by having a freaking lift squeeze you to the size of one!?” I stand there for some time, but I then see that the patterns of the walls become blurry, the dream is destabilising, I touch them, make sure I really focus on them, rub my hands, however nothing works and I wake up.

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