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    Xavier the maker + random stuff

    by , 09-07-2011 at 09:45 AM (586 Views)
    07-09-11 I am in an airport with a woman on a raised walkway that leads out to the gates. It is nighttime and the walkway we are on is very narrow and not surrounded by railings, which disturbs me and makes me wonder slightly.

    I am in a car with a woman. She is a vampire and has hostile intentions either towards me or someone else and I plan on stopping her. However I have some sort of relationship to her and don't want to hurt her.

    She might be Pam off True Blood. The way I subdue her by holding her by the neck but she refuse to lay off. In the end I start calling out for Xavier, who is her maker, telepathically for him to come and pick her up.

    I manage to get hold of him, which is a weird conversation taking place in utter darkness inside my head. He comes to pick her up and as he does so he stuffs the car full of duvets and mattresses and then procedes to shove her in.

    I am in a house unpacking speaking with my dad. As we are unpacking my parents' neighbour's cats emerge and start making themselves comfortable.

    They don't particularly want to go back to their owner though they are supposed to. Castello, though a darker and leaner version of himself, start climbing up a closet.

    Clyde is lying on the floor under a table.

    Speaking with my dad, he is drunk and he is talking about the amount of stuff Freddy bought in a shop.

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