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    Head trip traveler.

    by , 09-27-2011 at 06:29 PM (476 Views)
    I might make a habit of typing in here frequently. Either way welcome to my journal, I hope you have amazing dreams.

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    1. VexedVagabond's Avatar
      Last night at around 11:40pm I took one pill of vitamin B-6 and some melatonin. As of now I'm only taking B-6 once a week and so far have had interesting results.
      I'm gonna try to type out how my old pen and paper journals were.
      Dream 1: Took place in my apartment bedroom.
      Theme: Smoking like crazy.
      Characters: Myself only.
      Dialogue: None.
      Summary: I woke up inside bed still but with my work clothes on. The blankets were off me and tucked against the wall. On my desk was a pack of cigarettes. I removed my work clothes, sat alone in my bedroom, and smoked nearly the whole pack. I estimate it felt like a 10 minute dream. I haven't purchased cigarettes in quiet a while, I usually only accept an offer from close friends at a party. I used to channel a lot of self destructive feelings through the habit.

      Dream 2: Took place in a series of dungeons.
      Theme: Spirit animals and D&D.
      Characters: Ricky (Bear), Jacob (Black Sheep), and myself (Albino Raccoon.)
      Dialogue: Very little. None I can remember.
      Summary: Lately I've been using animal symbolism to characterize my friends. I used to D&D a lot and made several intricate campaigns with full plots, all this hosting time has worked wonders in my dreams. My best friend Ricky was wearing a bear hide coat and used a tomahawk, Jacob wore a black wool hoody and cast spells, I wore a backpack with a white raccoon tail hanging off the back and used a short sword with gauntlets. My dream world just randomly spawned a bunch of random encounters and we traveled through endless rooms for what felt like hours. Enemies ranged from giant spider/scorpions, skeletons, lynches, dinosaurs, elemental creatures, and high school teachers.

      I had several dreams, only tried too many times to fall back a sleep and forgot the jist of a few.
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