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    The Secret Life of Demons

    Hell is in an Uproar

    by , 06-11-2017 at 04:40 PM (1152 Views)

    In an office building, looking around. Actually, feeling a bit lost and uncertain of what I'm looking for. While here I see my mom in one of the offices. I wait in the hallway for her to come out and pretend to appear surprised when she calls my name. I turn around and we chat for a moment about nothing specific. I can feel that she's happy to see me... I'm less pleased to see her. I love her and think she's great. It's just unfortunate she's working in Hell and it's this aspect that saddens me. They treat her decently and it's a mutually beneficial arrangement, it's just unfortunate. She has to get back to work so I tell her I'm just running errands and I'll see her later.


    I'm still in Hell, but now I'm pushing a cart with a few supplies in it. I need to take it somewhere. A man is escorting me; I'm rather fond of him for no particular reason. He seems warm. We arrive at an elevator and I'm hesitant to ride with the other riders. They are surrounded by darkness and I can't tell where the darkness is originating from; whether it's the elevator itself, an individual inside the elevator, or the collective within the elevator. I know enough to hesitate, and my escort informs me we'll take the next one. I exhale a sigh of relief. I didn't really want to explain my preference to wait, so I'm relieved he reads me exceptionally well.

    We wait, then I enter the empty elevator. My escort has vanished and I'm with two women. Once we enter, a secondary door forms. I walk through the elevator and start laughing. I'm on another level without having to go up or down, just around. The two women I'm with are confused, so I explain we're on the right level. They're still confused. They don't seem very adaptive to changing reality. I explore on my own.

    Starving Demons

    I'm observing a group of three women eating at an exclusive restaurant. Still in Hell. They are visibly disgruntled and I realize they've run out of money. They can't afford to eat more than an appetizer. A fourth woman arrives and I'm staring at her beige colored necklace around her neck, it's quite interesting--looks like a belt. The fourth woman offers to pay for their meal. The three women, as it turns out, had planned poorly resulting in their current unfortunate series of events. The fourth woman had prepared by being more than evil (though I still believe she's a demon, not all demons are created equal). The fourth woman had been kind to others, regardless of origin (she was nice to the non-demons), and as the world changed she was able to change with it. The other three had not been kind and now they are unable to sustain themselves (food source went away).


    I'm observing a pair of demons outside. One is normal and nice. The other demon is possessed by hatred. Understandable. The nice one is trying to convince the other one to abandon the hatred as it's consuming her and will eventually claim her life. The nice one retrieves what appears to be the child of the possessed demon. Makes sense as family bonds are a decent method to tame emotional hatred. This doesn't work and the possessed demon is on the verge of attacking its offspring. It's very unfortunate to see things have escalated to this degree. I'm considering stepping into the body of the possessed in order to pull it out of that state. It just needs a gentle tug--but I never get to see the outcome as it's time for me to wake.


    My dreams have always involved Hell being the winning political party. I've been a permanent resident of Hell, but I've also resided in lighter areas too. As I grew up I traveled vast distances and met many wonderful beings, all over. I came to understand that origin and residency don't necessarily make individuals good or bad. Individuals choose who they want to be. There are demons in Heaven, just as there are angels in Hell. It's a horrific race war, even on the spiritual planes. Now that Heaven has the upper hand due to recent events, the demons are struggling to adapt. Their food source has been severely diminished and their hunting methods and way of life must change or they will perish. I'm here to ensure the demons survive. Why? Because demons are spirits too. Life should be protected and everyone deserves the opportunity to live. Personally, I find it hilarious to see demons miserable. It's a nice change of pace.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      As I read I couldn't tell when you meant literal or figurative hell but even though some of our views are different I still think its interesting how we have a similar view point about demons being respected as well. But if possession or demons are existent I don't think they would be starving in a physical sense since their spirits.(Don't know how they feel after possessing a hungry animal though) However, they would have needs too like wanting a home and emotional needs. The thing I never understood though is why they would choose to leave God's side without talking to him about what was on their mind and if they did talk to him, did they give themselves enough time to understand what it was that they wanted or needed? Personally I don't see a reason for having two sides when you have an understanding God who could help guide you but I could see the fear that would come after leaving his side and committing a horrible sin. That must be why its so complex.
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    2. rebeccaprophet's Avatar
      felt like this was a warning dream
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    3. Viatorem's Avatar
      It's both a literal and figurative hell. It's a place where people are suffering and there's a lack of compassion and kindness. I don't really believe in the religious Hell though, I just believe there are places where people are inconsiderate of life and those places are a kind of Hell. I like what you said and agree, demons probably want a home and have emotional needs too.

      I completely agree with what you're saying: religion is so utterly complex that even leaders of our nations have failed to discover a solution to the dividing nature of religion. God is the savior, but man must be open to seeing that we are all worthy of life. A simple example: many religions won't accept LGBT communities--some believe LGBT to be a sin and exclude those people. I sorta think that's what happened with Heaven and Hell--some people in Heaven didn't like other people in Heaven and kicked them out.... and those people started Hell--some became worse, and some remained somewhere in-between. They're not "bad", just different. Just like Heaven can have saints, but not everyone in Heaven is a saint. There are all types of people in both realms.

      Religion is weird xD
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    4. Viatorem's Avatar
      Rebecca, it could be. A warning for what though?
    5. Nefets's Avatar
      Something sinister to come
    6. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Oh okay. I understand now.It seems like we have the same view of Hell than. ^^ I don't think those who weren't pure in heart and mind would occupy heaven though. I mean, God would have to look into each angel/person and I doubt they'd be able to hide something from him. Unless you meant it like those pretending to be saints on Earth.That's a good example and to be honest i don't fully understand it. If I could have a conversation with God about it I would but that's not going to happen. But thinking about what I already know Humans were created to show love in an intimate way.They were also meant to be with the opposite sex according to God. If the problem is that the same sex want to be together, would it have been better if people all just stayed as close friends? Even though that would mean babies would have to be created a different way. I only see it this way cause I know God has created his creations with a purpose in mind but if the problem is that people want to be with the different sex, why have it be that way at all? It would probably have stopped some of our other problems too.However, I can see how some would miss or appreciate being in a relat ionship. But if its so complicated I rather have fairness and peace.

      I also agree with what you say about them just being different. Yeah, religion is weird and complicated to understand at times
      Updated 06-11-2017 at 11:30 PM by DawnEye11