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    The Secret Life of Demons

    Observation Deck

    by , 06-08-2017 at 07:51 PM (628 Views)
    Train Platform (nl/ld)

    I'm hovering as I'm searching for something I'm not well aware. The dream in front of me, which I've stuck my head into, reveals a train platform. I observe a man and woman step out onto the platform from out of nowhere (they looked like they entered via invisible door). The pair are rushing, a man already on the platform looks as though he's expecting the pair. He stops them though and gestures to the water. I see that he's telling them they can't go this way. The man appears frustrated and rushed, holding onto the woman while assessing the water as though he's considerating a creative option. I'm now gazing at the water too which is entirely flooding the earth and is about to rise to cover the platform. Not much time left, they better get off that...

    The couple exits in the same manner they arrived.

    Stealing from a Baby (nl)

    I'm somewhere, still searching for something. This time I'm less searching and more exploring. While doing this I get hungry and some black woman has a car, with a cooler, and delicious snacks inside. I see her retrieve something for herself and I invite myself to her stash of edibles. She's selfishly generous and while she grants me access, I can tell she's unhappy about sharing. What she fails to realize is that I don't give a fuck what she thinks. I continue my exploration as I enjoy a banana yogurt combination thing. I reach a bridge, with that cup of heaven in hand, but begin waking before I can get a foot onto it.


    For whatever unknown reason the train platform reminded me of Shred, Asuka, and Data--not that I'm very educated on any of them, it just felt like them.
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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      Interesting. I remember a dream at a bus terminal with this annoying girl. Quite different from your dream.
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