• Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

    Why Dream?

    The short version:
    Dreams allow the conscious mind to access the spirit.

    What can one do with spirit?
    Consciousness and evolution of the spirit enable an individual to access a collective knowledgebase of data.

    What can one do with data?
    Knowledge is power. With power over the self, one becomes capable of wielding power. Manifesting and manipulating reality becomes a more efficient process.

    Is there an efficient process to dream development?
    Absolutely not. Take the Montessori approach: do what you feel drawn to do. Everyone is skilled in various ways. Develop in ways you enjoy, then expand from there. There is a process though: learn, practice, and repeat. When you get exhausted, take breaks. Never feel guilty about those breaks; come back to dreaming when you're ready. Think of dreaming as spirit development...sometimes life gets busy and if we can't handle life, we sure as hell won't handle anything else.

    Should I make friends with other things or spirits I meet in dreams?
    That's up to you. My suggestion is to spend time with people you enjoy, encourage those whose path you cross, and contribute to their progress. There will be people who do the same for you. Pass it on. No one wants to be the captain of a sinking ship--share openly and freely.

    Are Templars real?
    Hahaha, yes and no. Yes, templars symbolize selfish individuals undermining the growth of consciousness. No, they don't really look like their stereotype. Demons are also real but don't judge a book by its cover. Just like there black and white ethnicities, there are light and dark spiritual beings. Don't punish a person based on their origins; treat people as individuals and see them.

    I'm bored with dreaming, what else can I do in dreams?
    Join the great You can live in solitude to avoid the assholes of the universe... or... you can join a group to serve a greater purpose by contributing to the development of something beyond your wildest dreams. Dreaming is the greatest mindfuck you'll ever encounter. Keep pushing, see what falls out. If you want specific suggestions for direction, ask me. I know where the wild things live and have no issue pointing people in their direction.