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    The Secret Life of Demons

    Sad Cell and Entertaining Exchanges

    by , 06-10-2017 at 04:40 PM (986 Views)
    Cell Fragment of Sad Place (nl)

    I'm viewing an odd-shaped hairless humanoid figure sitting in a cell. It is sad. A man is with it and he's concerned about her wellbeing. Few thoughts in my head: is that me? why is it sad? what happened to cause this? was she locked up? am I being emotionally distant or is this really someone who is not me?

    Some moments later after intense and focused staring I conclude that the person is not me, that it was locked up and now it's not, and that likely the person only feels trapped and the cell is a creation of its mind to demonstrate internal emotions. There is some sadness from me for it; imagine being free but not feeling free, that must suck. That is worth feeling sad about.

    Neither seems to notice me and I don't want to interrupt their exchange so I slip out, seemingly unnoticed.

    Bed Play (ld)

    I'm in some room that I don't recognize. Rectangular, nothing noteworthy. I'm trying to make it a comfortable environment to sleep, but there's no curtains, too large an entry point, it's just ... not conducive to my sleeping preferences. A bed appears I lay on it to sleep. A man appears from nowhere and belly flops on me. He laughs. He's definitely not a threat, but his goofiness is almost contagious and I need to stop this emotion before it gets out of hand. After shoving him off, he flops on me; more laughter....and the comforter is blocking my annoyed facial expression and I don't say anything because I don't talk a lot. I send him thought-daggers instead because somehow that makes more sense to me. He's still trying to wrestle so I manifest a secondary bed and head in that direction, but the dream shifts instead.

    Woman (DawnEye?) (ld)

    I'm with a woman I've never seen before, but she's adorable. We're at the mall, I think, and she wants to shop for shoes. I'm not doing anything in dreaming and I guess the bed wrestling wasn't worth managing, so--shoe shopping it is. I try on some shoes while she and I chat about stupid stuff. It's not really stupid stuff, it's important to her to communicate and talk and this sort of talk is easy. She reminds me of a younger sister; a simple and enjoyable relationship where the only pressure is to hang out and laugh.

    I put a pair of platform shoes on--they're surprisingly comfortable. She approves but isn't excited. I don't even think she's shopping for shoes as she's just sitting beside me watching me put on pairs, haha. This is HER dream, she wants to dream of being in a shoe store but has no interest in trying shoes on. How weird is that? I'm not shopping for shoes either, but if we're going to be in a shoe store, I can't escape putting shoes on my feet. I take off the platform pair then reach for a pair she's sitting in front of. A colorful butterfly sequin pair. They're quite beautiful, but not as shoes. I point to them as I raise my eyebrows at her, clearly asking for her opinion on the pair. She giggles and I can tell she's trying to be polite by not saying they're hideous. Her concealment is hilarious and eventually, she leaves.

    There's a small fragment with her where I think we're also looking at keyrings but I can't remember what we were saying about them. Basically, I think she was moving the conversation into an interesting direction as she was holding a couple of keyrings. I don't remember if the dilemma was about the keyrings themselves or if they reminded her of something. We chatted a bit about it though. She was pleasant; an easy person to talk with.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That feeling of being trapped does suck but on the bright side she had someone who was there for her. ^^

      XD hehe The bed play dream was funny to read. Wrestling is pretty fun though.

      I'm not sure if the woman with you was me or not, I don't recall dreaming of shoe shopping but it kind of sounds how I would act or how others describe me. X3 I've also had the feeling to go shoe shopping lately cause I haven't in a while but if it was me I don't think I would want to dream about it. Also, I wonder how those butterfly sequin shoes looked like. They can be very pretty but maybe the colors clashed.> w <" The keyrings part is interesting too since I tend to pick out the ones that not just look cute but mean something.But than again, could have been someone else.
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    2. Viatorem's Avatar
      You're right, that is a silver lining that she had company from someone who genuinely cared for her well-being. Many aren't so fortunate, it's nice you saw that.

      Wrestling can certainly be fun if you're into flirting lol. I think part of my issue was I try to keep a distance to ensure I don't overreact to any emotional exchange. I tend to catch emotions from others (sounds silly, I know). A stable environment is necessary to ensure I don't fuck dreaming up.

      Thanks for the feedback about you, that's interesting to know. I like to find meaning in keyrings too; a month ago I bought a keyring in a gas station of a dove with a sun on one wing, the moon on the other, the earth on the body, and an olive branch from its mouth. To me, it meant hope for the world. Something I like to be reminded of often.
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Oh, I can see how having self control would keep stability. Catching people's emotions doesn't sound that weird though. It reminds me how when sometimes you see a person laugh you laugh or when you see them cry you feel like crying.Is it like that? Your welcome and aw, that meaning you got from looking at the keychain is sweet. Its good to be a hopeful person too. This world would be hard to live in it without it
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    4. Viatorem's Avatar
      Yes, for me catching emotions is exactly like how you described. I feel emotions from others very easily and I try to distance myself those who aren't emotionally grounded because I have a tendency to pull others into my energy (unintentionally). It's unfair to others to be around them, to make them feel unfairly manipulated just because I have a unique energetic pull (if that makes any sense). For those people, I try to give them space if I notice I'm shifting them...and ideally they learn to balance their awareness to tolerate being around me to a greater degree. Though, that's a lot to ask of those people--so I leave it up to them to decide when and if they're ready.

      Weird right? I wish I'd stop being like a dark energetic cloud for some people. It's crazy and unfortunate that happens for some. I don't really have friends to help me figure out how that happens either, so I'm just stuck with hoping it doesn't happen xD Thanks for listening, I don't get to vent very often about this.