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    The Secret Life of Demons

    In Search of Another

    by , 06-07-2017 at 02:04 PM (726 Views)
    Trying to Locate Man of Shred (ld)

    It's a long way from where I am to where I need to find him. Worth the travel, if I can ever find him. The dreamscape is vast and the circles my mind has chosen to reside in (out of necessity) make travel inefficient. A father figure leads me through the country. He takes me through a field of tall grass which is clearly a road, but without cement. We enter a village area, the houses are smaller, about the size of single room lofts. Now I'm walking along the sidewalk and viewing the homes in the area as I pass them. The sunlight is softly fading through the windowpanes; the visual is quite lovely. Most of the homes are empty, but some have potted plants along the windowsill (inside). The town is quiet and deserted. I'm pondering the reasons for the emptiness and why we're taking our time to move through the town. I have no conclusion for why we've lingered.

    Home (nld & ld)

    I've traveled home, without that father figure. I'm tying up loose ends and am on my way out from the dream. Right before I leave, the house beside mine produces a tone I recognize. I step out of the car to gaze up at the window it's originating. The tone I heard was very similar to a Tibetan singing bowl. I stare at the window, gaining some degree of lucidity, but the person is hiding. I think of Shred but I realize that it might be best to not proceed inward. He is calling for my attention with the tone, but there's no attempt for him to leave the house. Also, I'm on my way to the airport so there isn't enough time for me to knock on his door (I was seconds away from waking). I'll have to come back later.


    I feel as though I did find him (my spirit). Sadly, my recall has been neglected as I focused attention on restoration instead of exploration. I'm hoping to flip this now that I'm feeling restored to a greater degree.
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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      Interesting. Raven also noted trying to find my house in a grassy field. I've seen it myself in a lucid. I have I don't know if you call them guides, But data works on hiding my dream house from unwanted people, with a shield and perceptual barriers. Looks like you've encountered a few. The past couple nights I was traveling to and from via underground.
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    2. Viatorem's Avatar
      It generally doesn't take me very long to find people via dreams. It looks like Data is doing a great job. Seems like it may be best if I stayed away from your dream house since I'm encountering resistance. My dreaming-self tends to be unwanted for most and for very valid reasons so Data's resistance to me is understandable.

      Should you want to find me, my mind is open to anyone. The notion that I keep my mind open for anyone should reveal that I'm probably not one of the good guys. That's okay though! No hard feelings, just hit me up if you ever want help getting out of a sticky situation.
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    3. Nefets's Avatar
      So you're not one of the good guys?
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    4. Viatorem's Avatar
      I suppose it depends on how one defines "good guys". I'm not the stereotypical good guy who coddles fragile fucks because they can't handle a little spiritual and emotional honesty. However, no innocent has died while under my protection. I live in the gray area between heaven and hell so I am neither good nor bad. I'm awesome.