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    First DJ Entry 05/08/2013

    by , 05-08-2013 at 10:21 AM (365 Views)
    Dream 1: I remember only the end part, but at least I remembered most of it.

    I was in our pool, playnig tag with my cousins, but our people was different. There was these platforms at sides of our pool, it was of a black metal. It stretched about 1 metre from the side over the pool, still at ground level. It had railings, same metal as the platform, It had vertical bars of metal and a metal cylinder fused at the top for grip. The cylinder had these black switches, it looked like black light switches found in your house. All of them where marked numerically "R1, R2, R3, R5 etc". Each switch teleports you somewhere in the pool or on the platform. While in the dream I thought if they were safe, like you wouldn't teleport onto something, then I thought, obviously it is, if it isn't he would never have them. I used these switched to teleport away from my cousin who was IT. At the last moment my cousin stripped her of her clothes and ran around on the platfrom as if we where still playing. Then I woke up.

    I could've DEILD easily, but it never came to mind. When I awoke I was pefectly still with my eyes closed. I thought about what the hell I just dreamed about. Soon I fell asleep again.

    Dream 2: I was on a large space ship, I was infront a heavy door. This was a video game, I could feel they Playstation controller in my hands, but I looked at no screen, I was watching in third person normally like in the game. I played as the four penguinsd from madagascar, I could switch control of of the current penguin to the next. Before opening the door I switched control among them and tried out their attacks separately. I decided to stay Kowalski (or however you spell it) and I opened the door. On the other side was a mini hall with another heavy door closed at the other end. The hall was packed with enemies. THey looked like a mechanical goo type thing, the lesser enemies had a green glowing disc for an eye, the middle was black like it's skin, it had these green circuit lines glowing across their bodies. Thei had no arms and had penguin-like feet. The larger enemies looks about the same but looked more shark-like. It stood on two legs and aslo had such a disc eye. It appeared to aslo have a fin on it's back. It bulked like a cartoon shark standing on legs. They also had teeth, though I can't remember how it looked. I used normal attacks like X and Square on the controller, they blocked it easily, then I pressed Triangle to see what happens. It was a much more faster attack, Kowalski used nunchucks in this attack. I easily swatted them it, ocassionally kowalski punched their nerves and flipped them upside down orogami style. While some lay vunerable like this I stabbed Triangle in quick succesion. On the bottom of my 'screen' I could see the Triangle siggn appearing like an combo, then it showed to go forward-down and press Triangle. I did this huge nerve punching and orogami folding-flipping move on one of them. Then I just whacked them all with rthe nunchucks untill their dead. I approached the door on the other side, with the other penguins following me. For some reason the penguins ahd horrible model quality put the enemies had these amazing quality. One of the shark creatures was stuck in the door, it had closed while he tried entering. He said,"Mind helping me?" I opened the door. "Thanks! you can go further on..I'll just follow closely behind." He sounded a bit shy but not at all evil. I moved left to another corridor. One of the lesser enemies scampered past me forwards. It had a yellow glowing halo above his head, though i could see a extension of something taped to it's back holding it up. I was curious to know what these things were. So I open the menu, It looked like Mass Effect's menu. I opened the codex and started searching from the bottom. I came across something else that looked interesting, though I thoughtt that those things would be in there. It said somethnig about Galaxy, I can't remember. I saw 3 things, first one I opened (can't remember all their names.) It showed a small explosion in space(it only showed a video, now narrative or description), but it soon became larger and eventually our galaxy's tendrils spread out from it and shaped our galaxy. For some reason this was overwhelming and I quickly switched to the next. I can't remember what the other two was, but I remember, after watching the other two videos I scrolled up to find the creature's file. I didn't have the chance to find it because my dad woke me up. Back on the road we go...

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    1. Zoth's Avatar
      Now that's something unusual: dreaming about playing a penguin game ^^ I think I never dreamed about penguins, but I wouldn't mind to hear the command "Ricco!" or "Just smile and wave boys!"
    2. Vindictam's Avatar
      That's true, too bad my dreams are mostly soundless
    3. Vindictam's Avatar
      Holy crap I really couldn't spent 5 minutes to grammar check.

      Damn I was cringe worthy 4 years ago xD