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    1. Lucid Dream: Enter the Book Portal

      by , 12-19-2017 at 11:51 PM
      This was my second time testing out the Galantamine/Choline combo. The first time, a week ago, I took 500 mg Choline and 4 mg Galantamine. I definitely noticed a difference in the vividness and memory retention of my dreams, and I had a short DILD after being inside a dream for some time. I woke almost as soon as I got lucid, though.

      This morning, when I did my WBTB at 6 a.m., I decided to try 8 mg. of Galantamine, keeping the Choline dose the same.

      I had a pretty long and vivid non-lucid dream, which I won't go into because it's superfluous.

      I woke in bed and immediately tried a nose pinch reality check. Nope, couldn't breathe through my nose. But somehow I was sure that this was a false awakening, so I got up and tried a finger-stretching reality check. It didn't stretch. This was rather odd, because I was certain I was dreaming, but my reality checks kept trying to tell me I was awake. So I tried my third usual reality check, which never fails if I'm really paying attention-- a gravity check. I jumped up and down a few times, feeling the buoyancy of a dream, and finally confirmed that I was definitely not awake.

      I had been wanting to do some sensory observation exercises when I became lucid, but I really, really wanted to leave the house first, so I went downstairs and out the front door. It was quiet in the house, nobody up yet.

      Once outside, I decided to try to find an object that I could use as a sensory focus. "I will find a beautiful rock over there," I said, and pointed to the far corner of my front yard, near the street. On my hands and knees, I felt around in the grass where I had intended the rock, and found it quickly. It was a chunk of rock threaded with red quartz-- not very pretty, but visually and texturally interesting enough that I decided to use it. Standing up, I held it in my hand and studied it, touching it. It was smooth in places and had a rough, coarse, almost spiky texture in others. After I finished looking at it, I put it in my pocket.

      I began to levitate in preparation to fly, and decided to continue my sensory exercises by engaging my sense of taste. I searched my pockets for a piece of candy, and felt around a bunch of different objects until I found a mint. I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth, but then decided that something fruity might be a better choice, so I decided that I would find a Jolly Rancher in my pocket. I did so, unwrapped it, and popped it in my mouth along with the mint. Then I realized that the two of them didn't really work together, so I spit out the mint. The Jolly Rancher was slightly fruity, but was kind of small and thin, as if it had already been shrunk down. I began to fly.

      I began to wake up, my vision going dark. I could still vaguely feel myself flying through the air, rather like a vivid daydream, and I wanted to stay in the dream so I focused on the sensation of soaring through the air. I gained altitude as I flew down my street, and my vision slowly faded back in.

      Ahead of me, hovering in the sky, I saw something remarkable: an enormous, antique book, its pages yellowing vellum, filled with elegant lettering and gold leaf illumination. The book gave off a sense that reminded me of the Arabian Nights, though I wasn't sure what the actual book was. It was as big as a small house.

      I decided to try flying into its pages as a way to enter its world.

      I flew forward, reached the book, and there was a sort of soft, golden sensation as I passed into the page. I found myself in a labyrinthine, walled garden, flying low over a cobbled walkway, peering through tiny, open-air windows set in ancient stone walls. Around me grew an Eden of green, luscious plants. By this time, I forgot to really engage my senses, and was caught up in the idea that if I got out of this enclosure, I'd be in the book's world. But I couldn't find a window large enough to pass through.

      I flew around the labyrinth for several minutes until I woke up, discovering my right arm was hurting from lying on it. I rolled over and tried to re-enter the dream again, but by then I was too far awake, so I got up.
    2. This Morning's Lucid Dream

      by , 11-22-2017 at 11:24 PM
      It has been ages since I've posted here, but I figured I'd do so since I had a lucid dream this morning and have been lurking around the forum again recently. November has actually been a fairly productive lucid dreaming month for me so far, with 5 WILDs (4 of which all happened in one morning) and 2 DILDs, including this morning's. I've been doing fairly well with my various clarity, focus, and awareness exercises for the most part this month, until this morning, when I completely spaced on doing them in-dream.

      I'll just do a copy/paste from my private Lucid Dreaming journal on Dreamwidth. It's pretty long because I'm trying to get in as much detail as I can, as well as gauging my progress.

      This one was a semi-accidental (I'm actually not going to call this accidental, since I did induce it with a MILD technique) lucid dream. I say semi because before I went to bed, I decided to try something with my melatonin by holding it in my hand and telling it that it was a lucid dreaming aid, that it would give me intensely vivid dreams, that it would make me remember my dreams, and that it would make me become lucid. I essentially created a placebo from it, though melatonin also has been known to give me vivid dreams anyway. I did this for a few moments before taking it, then went to bed normally, reading a novel for awhile before turning out the light. I think I may have done an affirmation before going to sleep, but I don't really remember. My intention was to use WBTB in the morning, which I ended up doing anyway after I woke from this DILD, but didn't have a lucid dream after-- although I nearly became lucid in one of my later-morning dreams, actually trying (unsuccessfully) to WILD from a dream in which I was sitting in a cafe with a friend. So it was still on my mind.

      Anyway, around six a.m. or so, I had a DILD. I don't remember when or how I got lucid in it, but it started out in a hospital. I left and flew to the street my current house is on. It was nighttime. I was lucid by this time, and I decided I wanted to try some horseback riding in my dream. I wasn't sure how I could find a horse and get it saddled up in time to actually ride it, so I contemplated this for a moment before deciding on a strategy. I reached into my pocket with the expectation of finding a cell phone, and when I found it, I dialed with the expectation of speaking to a stable hand, who I named on the spot (I don't remember what I named him). He answered, and I said, "Hello, ______! Can you get Mystic saddled up and ready to go for me?" I also named the horse on the spot. The stable hand was amenable, so I hung up the phone and proceeded to attempt a teleportation to the stable. I was quite proud of how I had created the scenario.

      Here's where I went wrong, though-- I didn't have a clear image of the stable in my mind. When I just sort of half-ass the visualizations, they don't work. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize to teleport, but I wound up back in the hospital I'd been in during the beginning of my dream. I decided to try to find out why my subconscious was taking me there instead of where I wanted to go, so I walked around a bit, looking for dream characters who might be able to tell me.

      I came on an elderly man sitting in a chair. A red-haired nurse, a little plump and maybe in her late thirties, was standing next to him. The man looked very familiar, to I took that as a sign that I should speak to him.

      I asked him if he was a dream guide. "Of a sort," he said. The nurse acted a bit huffy, but in a lighthearted, teasing sort of way, that I was ignoring her.

      I apologized to her and asked their names. The man's name was Agnus, and the red-haired nurse gave her name too but I don't remember it. It *might* have been Cora or Carol or something starting with a C. Agnus explained that in real life, they were tied to a chair.

      "Tied...to...a... chair..." I echoed, bemused. He didn't elaborate, though. I woke soon after.

      Overall clarity/awareness/mindfulness: 4 or 5. I didn't do any of my clarity exercises, having not prepared properly beforehand. However, I was lucid enough to do some problem-solving, working out a way to create a horse saddled and ready to ride, which worked until I failed at the teleportation.

      Vividness: Between 5 and 7. It wasn't exceptionally vivid, in the hyper-realistic sense, partly because my lucidity was fairly low-level. But it was pretty sharp and realistic.

      Real life memory within dream:
      3, only because I remembered that I lived on my current street rather than the one I grew up on, which has a tendency to recur in my dreams. I didn't remember any of my exercises or goals, with the exception of a passing thought about a dream guide when I was talking to Agnus.

      Situational awareness ("this doesn't usually happen in reality"): 7 maybe. I knew I was dreaming, knew everything I was experiencing and everyone I was talking to were generated by my dreaming mind. But I didn't really do any compare/contrast work.

      Control: I'd say it was at 9 during the cell phone call, but it dropped to a 1 when I tried to teleport. I seem to have mixed results with teleportation still, and it depends on how vividly I can visualize something.

      Dream length: 6. A bit longer since I was more deeply asleep.

      Dream memory when waking: Between 6 and 7. My memory was patchy at first as I lay in bed trying to recall it, but when I started writing it down in my bedside dream journal more details surfaced.

      Additional notes: With the exception of forgetting to do any clarity exercises at all, I'd consider this a pretty successful and interesting DILD. I didn't work on any of my pre-ordained goals, but I just wanted to have a little fun, so that was okay. I'll be working on visualizing things while awake more often. I'll also more firmly set my goals before I go to bed at night (including my clarity exercises) so I can work with them if I go lucid without WBTB. Also, one of my ultimate goals is to succeed with traveling to persistent realms. (That link is amazing and so inspiring!) I really need to work on my clarity though.
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    3. This Morning's Lucid Dream

      by , 08-16-2017 at 05:01 PM
      Well, I've neglected this site a bit, mostly just posting about LD stuff to my personal blog. But I figured I'd drop by since I had a lucid dream this morning.

      I've actually had three lucid dreams since my last post here (in addition to this morning's). They were very, very short (one of them was so brief it hardly bears mentioning), but they were still lucid. I do need to work on some stabilization exercises, it seems.

      My intention was to do WBTB this morning, but I wound up becoming lucid without it.

      I don't remember the specifics of the non-lucid portion of the dream, except that I was in this current house and my mother was there. At some point, I decided to do a RC. I don't remember what triggered it-- it may have just been that the habit is finally forming. I did a finger-stretch RC, which I've been using more often lately than the levitation one because it's quicker, easier, and can be done subtly without people seeing it and wondering what the hell you're doing. It's also a lot easier to stretch my finger than to levitate in dreams, so there's less of a chance of a false positive.

      The reality check failed, meaning of course that I was able to stretch my finger easily, and for some reason I decided the thing to do was to go around the house and show people my freaky, stretching finger, to get a reaction out of them. I knew I was dreaming, but I wasn't overly aware. I went into D's room, where some EMTs were waiting to take him somewhere. I showed one of them my stretchy finger and he looked suitably astonished. I then decided I wanted to go outside and fly.

      I walked through the living room towards the front door, and told Mom, "I'm going outside!" She said something in reply, probably trying to get me to stay and do something for her, but I had shifted my focus away from her because I knew she was a dream, and didn't really hear what she said. I went outside and easily flew up into the air.

      As I was rising into the air, I finally remembered my sensory exercises, and started with sight, stating, "See..." as I began to focus my vision. Suddenly everything around me turned to a dense, grey, chilled fog. I could taste the moisture of it on my tongue. I couldn't see anything but the fog, and started getting annoyed, and then felt the dream slipping away. I struggled to hold onto the dream (but didn't use any stabilization techniques for it) but I woke a moment later. By then it was too late to go back to bed, so I just got up.

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    4. Close to WILD Again

      by , 07-19-2017 at 06:26 PM
      This morning I came close to successfully WILDing. I had a moment of hypnogogic imagery where I was trying to sit up in bed and "separate" from my body, which is how my perception always experiences WILDs. It was a bit vague and fleeting, but it was definitely there.

      I've noticed in the past that when I have little signs like this, I tend to have full success in the next day or two of attempts. So fingers crossed.
    5. 2 Non-Lucids

      by , 07-18-2017 at 08:21 PM
      1. I returned to California and my old job in the housekeeping department at a resort. I was about to go to work, talking with a dream character roommate, when I remembered that I wasn't able to do that job anymore due to health issues. I wondered how I was going to be able to do it, decided I would have to start slow to keep from ending up in the hospital again.

      2. Still in California, but the dream shifted. I was a companion of the Doctor-- Tom Baker era. I had witnessed or heard something in some building (I don't remember what), and told him about it. He said he believed me and we began traveling all over the world to investigate: first Venezuela, then London, and finally Galveston, TX. We traveled in a car, but the car was able to instantaneously arrive at our destinations.
    6. (Non-Lucid) Friend and I in Semi-Truck

      by , 07-17-2017 at 06:41 PM
      My friend L and I were in the back of a semi that didn't have the storage/truck part hooked up. The inside of the semi looked like a large van with several seat rows; we were all the way in the back. I think we'd been traveling and had stopped to rest. The semi was apparently hooked to a computer with an AI interface, and the AI suddenly took over and started driving the truck, erratically and dangerously. I clambered over rows of seats towards the front of the truck in order to try to get control, but woke up before I could get there.