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    This Morning's Lucid Dream

    by , 08-16-2017 at 05:01 PM (333 Views)
    Well, I've neglected this site a bit, mostly just posting about LD stuff to my personal blog. But I figured I'd drop by since I had a lucid dream this morning.

    I've actually had three lucid dreams since my last post here (in addition to this morning's). They were very, very short (one of them was so brief it hardly bears mentioning), but they were still lucid. I do need to work on some stabilization exercises, it seems.

    My intention was to do WBTB this morning, but I wound up becoming lucid without it.

    I don't remember the specifics of the non-lucid portion of the dream, except that I was in this current house and my mother was there. At some point, I decided to do a RC. I don't remember what triggered it-- it may have just been that the habit is finally forming. I did a finger-stretch RC, which I've been using more often lately than the levitation one because it's quicker, easier, and can be done subtly without people seeing it and wondering what the hell you're doing. It's also a lot easier to stretch my finger than to levitate in dreams, so there's less of a chance of a false positive.

    The reality check failed, meaning of course that I was able to stretch my finger easily, and for some reason I decided the thing to do was to go around the house and show people my freaky, stretching finger, to get a reaction out of them. I knew I was dreaming, but I wasn't overly aware. I went into D's room, where some EMTs were waiting to take him somewhere. I showed one of them my stretchy finger and he looked suitably astonished. I then decided I wanted to go outside and fly.

    I walked through the living room towards the front door, and told Mom, "I'm going outside!" She said something in reply, probably trying to get me to stay and do something for her, but I had shifted my focus away from her because I knew she was a dream, and didn't really hear what she said. I went outside and easily flew up into the air.

    As I was rising into the air, I finally remembered my sensory exercises, and started with sight, stating, "See..." as I began to focus my vision. Suddenly everything around me turned to a dense, grey, chilled fog. I could taste the moisture of it on my tongue. I couldn't see anything but the fog, and started getting annoyed, and then felt the dream slipping away. I struggled to hold onto the dream (but didn't use any stabilization techniques for it) but I woke a moment later. By then it was too late to go back to bed, so I just got up.

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