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    This Morning's Lucid Dream

    by , 11-22-2017 at 11:24 PM (391 Views)
    It has been ages since I've posted here, but I figured I'd do so since I had a lucid dream this morning and have been lurking around the forum again recently. November has actually been a fairly productive lucid dreaming month for me so far, with 5 WILDs (4 of which all happened in one morning) and 2 DILDs, including this morning's. I've been doing fairly well with my various clarity, focus, and awareness exercises for the most part this month, until this morning, when I completely spaced on doing them in-dream.

    I'll just do a copy/paste from my private Lucid Dreaming journal on Dreamwidth. It's pretty long because I'm trying to get in as much detail as I can, as well as gauging my progress.

    This one was a semi-accidental (I'm actually not going to call this accidental, since I did induce it with a MILD technique) lucid dream. I say semi because before I went to bed, I decided to try something with my melatonin by holding it in my hand and telling it that it was a lucid dreaming aid, that it would give me intensely vivid dreams, that it would make me remember my dreams, and that it would make me become lucid. I essentially created a placebo from it, though melatonin also has been known to give me vivid dreams anyway. I did this for a few moments before taking it, then went to bed normally, reading a novel for awhile before turning out the light. I think I may have done an affirmation before going to sleep, but I don't really remember. My intention was to use WBTB in the morning, which I ended up doing anyway after I woke from this DILD, but didn't have a lucid dream after-- although I nearly became lucid in one of my later-morning dreams, actually trying (unsuccessfully) to WILD from a dream in which I was sitting in a cafe with a friend. So it was still on my mind.

    Anyway, around six a.m. or so, I had a DILD. I don't remember when or how I got lucid in it, but it started out in a hospital. I left and flew to the street my current house is on. It was nighttime. I was lucid by this time, and I decided I wanted to try some horseback riding in my dream. I wasn't sure how I could find a horse and get it saddled up in time to actually ride it, so I contemplated this for a moment before deciding on a strategy. I reached into my pocket with the expectation of finding a cell phone, and when I found it, I dialed with the expectation of speaking to a stable hand, who I named on the spot (I don't remember what I named him). He answered, and I said, "Hello, ______! Can you get Mystic saddled up and ready to go for me?" I also named the horse on the spot. The stable hand was amenable, so I hung up the phone and proceeded to attempt a teleportation to the stable. I was quite proud of how I had created the scenario.

    Here's where I went wrong, though-- I didn't have a clear image of the stable in my mind. When I just sort of half-ass the visualizations, they don't work. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize to teleport, but I wound up back in the hospital I'd been in during the beginning of my dream. I decided to try to find out why my subconscious was taking me there instead of where I wanted to go, so I walked around a bit, looking for dream characters who might be able to tell me.

    I came on an elderly man sitting in a chair. A red-haired nurse, a little plump and maybe in her late thirties, was standing next to him. The man looked very familiar, to I took that as a sign that I should speak to him.

    I asked him if he was a dream guide. "Of a sort," he said. The nurse acted a bit huffy, but in a lighthearted, teasing sort of way, that I was ignoring her.

    I apologized to her and asked their names. The man's name was Agnus, and the red-haired nurse gave her name too but I don't remember it. It *might* have been Cora or Carol or something starting with a C. Agnus explained that in real life, they were tied to a chair.

    "Tied...to...a... chair..." I echoed, bemused. He didn't elaborate, though. I woke soon after.

    Overall clarity/awareness/mindfulness: 4 or 5. I didn't do any of my clarity exercises, having not prepared properly beforehand. However, I was lucid enough to do some problem-solving, working out a way to create a horse saddled and ready to ride, which worked until I failed at the teleportation.

    Vividness: Between 5 and 7. It wasn't exceptionally vivid, in the hyper-realistic sense, partly because my lucidity was fairly low-level. But it was pretty sharp and realistic.

    Real life memory within dream:
    3, only because I remembered that I lived on my current street rather than the one I grew up on, which has a tendency to recur in my dreams. I didn't remember any of my exercises or goals, with the exception of a passing thought about a dream guide when I was talking to Agnus.

    Situational awareness ("this doesn't usually happen in reality"): 7 maybe. I knew I was dreaming, knew everything I was experiencing and everyone I was talking to were generated by my dreaming mind. But I didn't really do any compare/contrast work.

    Control: I'd say it was at 9 during the cell phone call, but it dropped to a 1 when I tried to teleport. I seem to have mixed results with teleportation still, and it depends on how vividly I can visualize something.

    Dream length: 6. A bit longer since I was more deeply asleep.

    Dream memory when waking: Between 6 and 7. My memory was patchy at first as I lay in bed trying to recall it, but when I started writing it down in my bedside dream journal more details surfaced.

    Additional notes: With the exception of forgetting to do any clarity exercises at all, I'd consider this a pretty successful and interesting DILD. I didn't work on any of my pre-ordained goals, but I just wanted to have a little fun, so that was okay. I'll be working on visualizing things while awake more often. I'll also more firmly set my goals before I go to bed at night (including my clarity exercises) so I can work with them if I go lucid without WBTB. Also, one of my ultimate goals is to succeed with traveling to persistent realms. (That link is amazing and so inspiring!) I really need to work on my clarity though.

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