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    Strange video, more finals anxiety

    by , 01-17-2011 at 08:52 PM (329 Views)
    I am making a video for a school assignment, when suddenly I am in the screen and the video is actually happening.
    I am sitting cross-legged on the floor of a classroom with a final exam on a board in my lap. I am anxious. The exam is for my writing class, but the questions are all very silly, with equally silly answers. I consider each question carefully before selecting an answer, and wonder why I thought this exam would be so hard. A puppet frog (similar to Kermit but not exactly the same, smaller) keeps trying to distract me. I answer the last question, then raise my hand to get the teacher's attention.
    Suddenly, everything changes into a commercial for a brand of beer called Happy Birthday. Everyone, myself included, is drinking beer and singing Weird Al's Happy Birthday song. It's a huge party. Someone spills beer on me, but I don't care.
    The screen changes again and I am in a soap opera. Someone brings in a tray with the frog from before in it, but it is dead and has a bent hypodermic needle sticking out of its back. "Who would do such a thing?" the guy holding the tray says, and somewhere, a woman starts crying. I am angry. I killed the frog because it would not leave me alone, but I cannot tell them that. I know if I keep my mouth shut, I can get away with it.
    Now I am out of the screen and watching again. Adam Sandler comes on the screen, then looks directly at me (or the camera, however you want to see it) and asks, "Will you drink a Happy Birthday with me?" I realize that there is a beer in my hand, and I drink, celebrating that finals are over.

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