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    Past dream: Log 4 - Adventure park

    by , 04-13-2016 at 09:46 PM (222 Views)
    This past dream was definitely lucid, I remember a lot of contemplation in the dream as to what I should do next.

    It was all inside a place very much like an adventure/explore park. Like Conkers in England. It was a large claiming frame area and jungle themed with lots of dark wood and vines being used in both decoration and play equipment. There were false animals attached to walls and poles and various other places.

    I remember one portion of the dream where I walked across the top layer of the park and found myself in a water park area (again with the water... wonder what that is?). There was a large pool, divided into two by a 2 meter wide bridge which I later found to reach down into the water somewhat. One side it was kiddy-pool shallow and the other side grew deeper as you went further away from the centre bridge. It eventually led into a waterslide, everyone had red inner-tubes.

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