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    by , 02-20-2022 at 06:40 PM (463 Views)

    My dream this night involved being in a building which I had no difficulty entering but great difficulty leaving.

    I found a gathering of friendly people – some whom I knew - in the building and the atmosphere was jovial. I was attempting to find my mothers phone number and was frustrated because it wasn’t where I thought I had placed it – and I kept scrolling through my notes with no success.
    Then my brother arrived and was able to give me my mothers phone number, which I was happy about, but still miffed that the number was mysteriously missing from my own notes.
    In using a word-value algorithm on the string “Mysteriously missing” these WSV [word string values] were in my data base
    Mysteriously missing = 291
    A machine for solving problems = 291
    Making the best of a bad situation = 291

    The irony therein is that the machine I was using to try and locate my mother phone number, was not helpful in solving my problem …

    My Dream experience showed me that – while I get annoyed in situations where things are not going as I think they should unfold – I do not allow this to unhinge me to a point where the annoyance becomes anger…I stay reasonably calm…however…

    It is worthwhile to my growth that I treat my DE as showing me that there is still room for improvement in that – to engage with untangling from and entangled situation, I would be better not to let myself even become annoyed by it – but accept it and eventually it will work itself out – as in – my brother turned up and gave me the information I was looking for.

    Still – persevere - but drop the emotion of "being annoyed" about doing so.

    Persevere = 113
    Chamber Of Self
    The Moment
    Apocalypse [uncover, disclose, reveal]

    Being annoyed = 115

    In Training
    Other way
    Inside I cry

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