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    The Eternal Authority

    by , 08-15-2022 at 07:33 PM (332 Views)
    I think you are missing the point about my Jungian exegesis here, VVilliam, and I do think your point is not valid in the slightest.
    VVilliam pokes at the fire and ponders upon what Summerlander tells him...and he reaches into the depths of his Cloak, he withdraws his Journal Experience Tablet.
    Activating the JET, he then places the word "okay" through the word-value algorithm and adds the result to his data-base...he then reads the results aloud, looking up from the screen and observing for any reaction from summerlander, after saying each word


    Yes. There it is...VVilliam is not surprised

    VViliam thinks of the six heart virtues...Wingmakers are never far from the action...
    VVilliam wonders if something similar might be what Job said to his God

    VVilliam thinks of the meme "I'm not saying it was Aliens" and smiles to himself...he looks up at the night sky and feels like he is sharing in a rather elaborate - well concealed - cosmic prank...

    I don't see the Biblical parables as objective realities, I see them as psychological events.
    VVilliam wonders if Summerlander is taking the micky with his remark re "psychological events" He searches for meaning in the word and gets two hits.
    One reads "of, affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person." and the other "(of an ailment or problem) having a mental rather than a physical cause."

    He finds the Word-Value and adds it to the list.

    Possible Clues...
    The Spirit of The Earth
    Well That Settles It
    Ian and William Play chess
    Shallow is Unknown
    Neruda Interview Five
    The Plateau of The Same Page
    Present over perfect
    Psychological events

    Job precisely came to the realisation that just being a good person isn't sufficient!
    VVilliam continues to do Word-Values as Summerlander talks. The results are interesting.

    A drop of consciousness in an ocean of tears
    Just being a good person isn't sufficient

    He matured from a phase where he thought just being good before an invisible/imaginary heavenly father would be enough to impress to a more realistic and pragmatic outlook about the world where the goods to be reaped from the land aren't going to sow themselves, so to speak—and he was happier for it as evidenced by the tenfold prosperity that unraveled post-realisation. His experience precisely made him develop a thicker skin after the calamitous events (proverbially, Satan's input) in his life and he only got 'closer to God' in the sense that he improved his relationship with the world around him (as it is said, 'God is everywhere').

    Summerlander pauses and VVilliam takes the opportunity to speak.

    VVilliam: Job realizes the God is real but not in the way he had previously imagined.

    Perhaps Job realized that The God he was interacting with, was the planet itself?

    Or perhaps only we in today’s world can really get a bead on that, since we now have pictures of the planet, from a spaceman’s perspective.

    In reality the journey continues because none of us really know The God sufficiently outside of our own imaginations.

    At least the Earth is real enough – never to mind the rest of the universe…

    I see that you've smuggled in 'lack of empathy' as if it's anywhere near the same ballpark as 'developing a thick skin'—it isn't.
    VVilliam carries on with his calculations

    Astral Guides
    Etched mirror
    Healing The Beast
    Contact With
    Three In A Row
    Small Steps
    Divine Sound
    A rock and a hard place
    Balance of power
    In the moment
    Heaven on Earth
    'Lack of empathy'

    Just because someone is an atheist doesn't mean he or she lacks empathy any more than being a Muslim automatically aligns your beliefs with the intolerant and psychotic ISIS ideology. In fact, many serial killers exhibit religious beliefs and yet lack empathy for everybody else.

    Ancient Grey Entity
    If In Doubt Let It Sit
    Nazi Space Program Agenda
    Independent from what?
    Conspiracy theory
    Monkey See Monkey Do
    When things fall apart
    The Undiscovered Self
    'Developing a thick skin'

    Do you honestly believe that all atheists necessarily lack empathy and that they are all crying at the prospect of death being final?
    VVilliam clears his throat and then answers.

    VVilliam: I honestly do not know what all atheists are doing…the ones I have met seem to be as unique to their own sense of self as all the non-atheists are.

    Identify any ‘atheist’ in the story? Certainly not The Devil!

    More calculations - additional data

    Anticipating that this will prove to be helpful to the science
    Perhaps we can deconstruct some of these pernicious views.
    Identify any ‘atheist’ in the story? Certainly not The Devil!

    Bearing in mind what happened to Job, I'd like you to picture such scenario happening to you, only you discover that the disease you've been infected with and the torture and murder of some of the people you love and care about were the result of a bet that your father had with some nefarious agent. You confront your father and demand answers only to hear him say that you weren't around when he made a home for you and your siblings and that you are not wise enough to comprehend his actions.

    Would you bow down to your father and call his actions caring?
    VVilliam doesn't hesitate with answering summerlanders question.

    VVilliam: I would respect his position immensely and bow to that – the 'bowing' would be symbolized within the actions of showing respect.
    I would also have further questions... Questions as such a Son might be permitted to ask and be graced with answers.

    What is a poor boy to do, faced with such factuality?

    I might also ask “how thick do you want my skin to be?” but would be smiling as I did so…

    VVilliam places another log on the fire and takes a sip of his cooled-down brew. Then he taps on his tablet screen, busy adding results to his JET.
    Love Life
    Being Born
    An Elder Race
    Stone Age
    ...of said agenda...
    Lift your gaze from the fire
    The Human Form as a Means to an End
    Memorandum of Understanding
    ...but would be smiling as I did so…
    Reminding one of how it all started and the different stages one goes through.
    Questions as such a Son might be permitted to ask and be graced with answers

    Somewhere in the small grove of trees, Te Ruru calls...and the sound brings a smile to VVilliams thick-skined face...

    I think you are missing the point about my Jungian exegesis here, VVilliam, and I do think your point is not valid in the slightest.
    The point I am focused upon is at the very center of the Mandala, summerlander.

    Quote Originally Posted by GM
    What Fun We Have!
    The Hub Of Hologram Dimensions

    I Think
    Connecting The Dots

    Manifest Destiny
    Discussing the data
    Where are we getting our news from?
    Galactic Encompassment
    The Hub Of Hologram Dimensions

    Every Conceivable Detail
    To Add to That
    Resident of The Hub Of Hologram Dimensions
    Ghost In The Machine
    The Point
    Encouraging Indication

    Through The Unconscious Mind
    Opening Doors

    Source Codes
    Everything is a Message

    Source Reality
    Every Conceivable Detail
    A Vital Purpose
    Source Intelligence
    Mothers Milk
    Galactic Encompassment
    Be they seeds or suns, or be it that suns are seeds, it is all part of the universe, and everything that we acknowledge as the universe, came from a tiny seed.
    Teaching Music
    Source Intelligence and Lyricus facilitate the process throughout the Grand Universe

    The Imagination
    You Have An Invisible Friend
    That's Powerful!
    Wise beyond ones years

    First Source:
    I Will
    Do Something About It
    Delightful Anticipation

    The Source of All Creation
    From The Source
    For A Particular Reason

    Micro Reflections of a Macro Reality
    I love you
    First Source:
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