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    Meeting The Ex

    by , 02-23-2022 at 04:03 PM (319 Views)
    This dream took shape at a public park where many people were out having family fun.

    I saw my ex and she said something to me, which I can’t remember, but was pleasant enough.
    It may have been an invite back to her folk’s house because the dream moved from the park to my brother and I driving to her folk’s place, which was a home I have never been to in dream or awake mode.
    During the visit – they wanted to hear me play some of my music,– I was paying attention to the time because I had a gig to play later.
    I had to get something out of the truck and walked down the path out the back but couldn’t find the truck. On the way back I was carrying a puppy.
    After getting back to the house I was surprised that my microphones were set up – and my ex’s friend asked me if I could play a Bob Dylan song for her…I don’t recall what song it was, but I knew it, and told her I would be happy to perform it.
    As with all my music-playing dreams – I never actually performed – they always revolve around setting the gear up – often with frustrating delays and looking for stuff – but end before the actual performance.

    My brother and I also went to look for something we needed which my ex’s dad said we would find in his car. We looked but did not find whatever it was we were looking for.
    What I did notice was that the upholstery was completed shredded, and I assumed that it was dogs which had done this.
    When I returned, I noticed some documentation on a computer screen, which had to do with my ex - and as I was halfway through reading it, I suddenly thought that I shouldn't be doing so and moved away from the computer. As I moved away, the computer fell on the floor.

    At one point soon after this, I saw a cat knock my piano keyboard off a table – at first, I was annoyed but then I remembered that this was a typical cat thing. I picked the cat up and – after giving it a belly rub - put it outside.
    Dreams of my ex and her family are not uncommon for me. Most of the time they are pleasant enough.
    After awakening, and writing this down, I had flashes of memories of other dreams involving the ex and family - dreams which I know I had many years ago.

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