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    The man behind the slaughter

    by , 09-19-2022 at 03:44 PM (95 Views)
    i was walking down a street with a friend, it was night and to my left was a concrete ruin. half collapsed, the parts that were still standing had fires in the windows. we walked in to investigate, and i put my hands on over head in case something fell on me, this destruction happened recently and i could hear parts crumbling. we walked through a roofed segment to the other side which was open, but also incredibly dark.

    my friend went somewhere but i couldn't see where, it was too dark. there was a working LED screen on a bit of standing wall, i moved to that for some light. i heard an animal behind me, i turned around and saw something moving back and forth, growling. i thought it might be a bear but it was still too dark to make out. i stood still, not knowing what to do, until i went back to where i came.

    a bald shirtless guy with tattoos and a goatee was standing there(looked like the guy from american history X) with a fake dog on a stiff leash while dipping its tail back and forth into a mug full of water he had in his other hand while laughing at me. he had played a joke on me, he was the bear.

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