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    Friday recap, Golden Penis, Weird Jedi (lucid), Cough Drops

    by , 09-13-2010 at 06:56 AM (944 Views)
    Didn't post yesterday cause I had a school cross country meet, its fine b/c I also had to get up early for it which meant zero recall (I didn't have time to write in my DJ and forgot whatever I may have remembered).

    This morning was an entirely different story.

    First thing I remember is a fragment from what I know was a much larger dream... a golden penis.

    That's it, lul. Moving on.

    Next dream was a natural LD. I was a Jedi hunting a fleeing rogue Jedi through the wilderness. I ended up in the bay of a starship, whose inside seemed a bit like a French kitchenware store. I had fun using telekinesis to levitate and rotate plates and cups and stuff, much to the entertainment of my DCs. One DC was my nemesis... she was another Jedi, she carried a five-pronged lightwhip (like a ninetails but with 5 tails that all had knots on the end with metal around them from which a lightasaber blade could emerge) whereas I had only a one-pronged lightwhip (just a whip with the thing at the end). Suddenly, my telekinesis abilities all but disappeared. The most I could do was make a champagne glass wobble slightly. It happened to all of the other Jedis on board (DCs) too... like someone had flipped on a Force-jammer or something. I performed the hand RC to bolster my confidence in the fact that it was a dream, but even when it failed, all of my will still wouldn't't make stuff move more than a wobble. Then I went down some hatch doors with two male DCs and played out a real-life version of Star Wars Battlefront, moving through a labyrinth that was down there and killing droids and Jawas and stuff, when I cleared the stage the dream ended.

    I'm very displeased with this dream and mad at myself because I neglected to do any of my current lucid goals (Task of the Month, Serial Dream RPG, find a certain DC, try to dreamshare with my friend, etc...), I didn't even bother to try and remember any of them

    Anyways, next dream... I have all the details written but I'll summarize it since time is not on my side tonight.

    My grandparents were with me and my family in the car, we drove up to this weird constant wave off the coast, then we all went to the shopping district of the city we were in, my grandpa thought I had a sore throat so we teleported to what was apparently his apartment and he gave me this nasty gooey yellow cough drop which I refused, then told me how he had some other cough drops that he had been saving for 10-15 years, then the dream ended.

    And that's all for now... I'll go to bed as soon as I post this, and hopefully get some good material for tomorrow.

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    1. WakataDreamer's Avatar
      Levitre = levitate, Damn how do I edit... I typed out all of this on a smartphone, I'll be surprised if that's the only typo (fuck autocorrect >.>)

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